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Filtered Water for Your Fish but Not for You?


If you’ve ever had an aquarium, you know that a good water filtration system is one of the most important components to make sure that your fish have safe and comfortable lives in their tank. A good water filter keeps their tank water clean and prevents the build-up of chemicals such as ammonia.

Filtered Water for Your Fish but Not for You?

But have you ever wondered about having a similarly beneficial water filtration system for your water supply too? It could actually be very helpful to have a water filter in your home.

Why Should I Get a Water Filtration System? 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over 90% of US tap water is technically safe for consumption.

But, if you’re someone who lives in an area where that isn’t the case, you could drastically improve your quality of health by installing one.

Even if you live in a place where the water supply has been designated as relatively safe, it’s still possible that the individual water supply in your house or neighborhood could pose risks.

Possible Contamination

Many individual homes and neighborhoods, even in areas designated as generally having a safe water supply, all across the United States have been reported to contain an unusually high amount of lead, radon, arsenic, or nitrates.

Chromium 6 pollution is also a growing concern in the United States’ water supply, says the EPA, with over two-thirds of US households having been affected by the metal.

Another problem is that only recently studies have proven that contaminants such as chromium 6, which were previously thought to be harmless, actually do negatively affect people. So who knows how safe our water supply is in reality.

Long-Term Safety

So while there’s probably a reasonably good chance that you’ve only been minimally affected negatively by tainted water, it could still be a very smart health investment long-term to install a water filtration system at home.

This is especially so if you live anywhere near industrial or agricultural sites where the water quality is especially suspicious. Even if you’re confident in the quality of your water, a filtration system will add an extra layer of safety for you.

The Benefits of Water Filtration Systems 

A good water filtration system will not only save you from damage caused by drinking contaminated water, but it can also provide you with a host of other health and practical benefits:

1) Safe Drinking Water

Filtering out unwanted chemicals or heavy metals makes your water much safer to consume. If you’re someone with a compromised immune system or if you’re undergoing chemotherapy, having a water filter could drastically improve drinking water for you.

2) Safer Bathing Water 

Unwanted chemicals are not only dangerous when consumed with water but can also cause problems such as skin irritation if they make contact with your body when you’re bathing or showering.

3) Improved Plumbing

Often over time, small quantities of minerals will begin to accumulate in your pipes and restrict the flow of water. This can lead to an increase in water pressure in your pipes and cause damage.

Installing a whole house water filter can help avert this problem completely.

4) Longer-Lasting Kitchen Appliances

Unwanted minerals can also cause damage to your kitchen appliances because, over time, these minerals will begin to damage their internal components.

    If you install a good water filtration system, you could potentially extend the life of your kitchen appliances by several extra years.

    5) Environmental Benefits 

    Using filtered water at home is far safer for the environment than depending on bottled water if you live in an area where the water supply is contaminated.

    You can help reduce plastic pollution by turning to a water filter instead of repeatedly buying bottled water.

    Which Whole House Water Filtration System Should You Get? 

    Our recommendation is to opt for a whole house water filtration system that filters the water supply of an entire house.

    The benefit of getting one is that, as the name suggests, it improves your drinking water quality at your kitchen faucet and also the water you receive in your bathroom and laundry room, maximizing the benefits for you and minimizing the risk of contact with unwanted contaminants.

    The bottom line, a whole house water filter offers maximum benefits.

    You don’t want to have cleaning drinking water, but still, use unsafe water for bathing or doing laundry; no! You want all the water in your home to be safe for use.

    That makes full house water systems the best choice for you, and why we also recommend them.

    But which model to get exactly? This article by helps you choose one.


    Having the safest water quality in your home can go a long way to making sure that you’re free from unnecessary health risks. One of the best ways to improve the quality of water in your home is to purchase a full house water filtration system.

    A good filtration system will do everything from making the water in your kitchen safer for drinking to the water in your bathroom more suitable for bathing and even your laundry being done better.


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