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How to Get Rid of Algae in Aquarium

Blue Green Algae

Algae in Aquarium Has your aquarium been developing a plant-like specimen? This might be another case of algae. For most aquarium owners, algae can be intensely repulsive. Knowledge is the best tool to counter this problem. There are many different types of algae, all of which behave differently. This article will equip the aquarium owner […]

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All You Need To Know About Koi

Koi Fish

Koi fish are a delight to pet and nurture. They are very vibrant in nature; with them around it’s never a down-moment. If you are looking to get new fish for your aquarium, please do read this. This article serves to show you all the wonderful attributes of this fish, basically, all you need to […]

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15 Most Popular Types of Goldfish For Your Home Aquarium

types of gold fish

Are you an aquarium hobbyist and fond of goldfish? Are you looking towards keeping different types of goldfish in your tank but not quite sure which ones to choose from? Might be you have bumped across the right page. Goldfish (Carassius auratus) is the best choice to keep in the fish tank since they are […]

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Elephant Nose Fish Feeding, Breeding and Aquarium Mates

Elephant Nose Fish

Elephant Nose Fish The Elephant Nose Fish, with its unique physical features, is sure to impress you a lot. However, even before you begin to learn more about this fish and taking care, here is an important note for you – this fish is quite complicated to maintain.  As an aquarist, you are on the […]

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Pictus Catfish Breeding, Feeding, Diseases Guide

pictus catfish

Pictus catfish Pictus catfish are popularly found in South American warm rivers. They are characterized by a silver-colored body with black spots spread all over. They possess barbels which are useful when searching for food and navigating certain terrains. FISH SIZE 5 inches TANK SIZE 44 gallons LIFE SPAN 8 years pH LEVEL 6-7.5 CARE […]

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12 Bottom Feeder Fishes Detailed Guide

Best bottom feeders for your fishtank

Fishes are classified based on the layer of water they pertain themselves to as top-feeders or surface feeders, middle water dwellers, bottom feeders and not to mention some fishes are compatible in any level of water. This article deals with the habitat, habits and many other informative facts about bottom feeder fishes. The best advantage […]

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