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Tiger Barbs- Feeding, Breeding, Behavior Information

Tiger barbs are cyprinids with yellow/orange coloration and black stripes on their body. They are a schooling fish and are capable of surviving a wide range of water parameters. They are found in abundant supply in Thai and Malaysian waters. They are fast swimmers hence will need a tank with good depth, and incorporated with […]

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Yoyo Loach – Feeding, Breeding, and Diseases Information

Yoyo loach is an energetic schooling fish that has its species spread across the Middle East and Asia where they are seen inhabiting still or slow-moving waters. It has zebra-like coloration, and it can grow to a maximum length of 15cm. It is a hardy fish that can survive in slightly acidic to slightly alkaline […]

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Kuhli Loach- Feeding, Breeding and Tankmates information

Kuhli loaches are a group of small, peaceful, eel-like fish that are widely distributed slow-moving rivers of South-West Asia. They are nocturnal and can grow to a size of about 8 – 12 cm long in the wild. Their tank should be densely planted and should have a sandy substrate to have something close to […]

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Paradise Fish – Feeding, Breeding and Care guide

Paradise fish are vibrantly colored freshwater species that are native to Asia – from India to Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and so on. They are known to be exhibit incredible parental instinct as they are ‘bubble-nesters‘. The paradise fish loves being in the tank alone, and its tank should be integrated with a highly efficient filtration […]

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Cherry Barb- Feeding, Behavior, Breeding and Diseases.

Cherry barb is a schooling fish found in wide distribution in Sri-Lankan rivers. It is a small fish with an elongated body and a curved back. It is non-aggressive and easy to care for. It is a small fish, but for the fact,it is schooling fish, and an active swimmer that enjoys going about the […]

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Harlequin Rasboras- Appearance, feeding, Breeding and Tank mates

Harlequin rasboras are distinctively marked out from other cyprinids for their metallic color and black patch that covers nearly half of their body. They are undemanding, peaceful and thrive in a school of 6 –8. They are small in size, and a 20-litre should be perfect for keeping them. Their tank should be adequately furnished […]

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Glass Catfish: Care, Feed, Breeding and Diseases guide

Glass catfish are ray-finned freshwater species with a transparent body, meaning their internal organs are visible. They are one of the many wonders of Southeast Asian waters, and they are known to be very peaceful. They are active swimmers that love going about in a shoalaround the bottom and middle layers of the tank. They […]

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Sparkling Gourami: Feeding, Behavior, Care and Tank Set up guide

Sparkling gouramis are small, distinctively colored freshwater found in abundant supply in South-East Asian waters. They thrive in shallow, slow-flowing waters. They are typically peaceful though may show aggression in some instances. They love to inhabit heavily planted and dimly lit tanks. They are not fast swimmers, and their small size means that you will […]

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Dojo Loach: Care, Feeding and Breeding guide

Dojo loach is a freshwater fish with some unusual characteristics. It is native to Asian waters from Japan to Korea, China and Vietnam. It has an elongated body and can grow to a length of 25cm. Though the tank for keeping dojo loach may not be necessarily big; it has to have a good depth […]

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