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Electric Blue Acara : Care, Behaviour and Diet

Electric blue acara freshwater fish care information

The ‘electric’ that accompanies the moniker of the electric blue acara is not just another adjective; it tells of the fish’s striking appearance. This particular freshwater fish, which goes by the scientific name Andinoacarapulcher – note that it was formerly known as Aequidenspulcher – is native to the continent of South America particularly, Venezuela and […]

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Upside-Down Catfish Care, Size, Aquarium mates

Scientifically known as the Synodontis nigriventris, the Upside-Down Catfish are an unusual yet extremely famous species which have been admired by aquarists all across the globe. As the name entails, the extraordinary Upside-Down Catfish gracefully swims upside down with ease. The species exist from centuries, and you can find their images in many ancient Egyptian […]

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Elephant Nose Fish Feeding, Breeding and Aquarium Mates

Elephant Nose Fish The Elephant Nose Fish, with its unique physical features, is sure to impress you a lot. However, even before you begin to learn more about this fish and taking care, here is an important note for you – this fish is quite complicated to maintain.  As an aquarist, you are on the […]

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Peacock Gudgeon Aquarium Care Guide

Introduction Are you looking for a community fish that demands the least attention? Are you looking for a fish that has a vibrant color and at the same time are absolutely non-aggressive? If yes, then the fish we are going to discuss today might be of interest. The fish variety we are talking about is […]

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Ember Tetra Fish Feeding and Care Guide

The Ember Tetra is one of those fishes that are not only beautiful to look at, but also easy to maintain.  This is the main reason why they are perfectly suitable for newbie aquarists as well. If you are new to handling fishes but are passionate about the same, you could try your hands at […]

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Platy Fish Breeding, Feeding and Aquarium Mates Guide

Introduction The platy fish is a freshwater fish that belongs to the genus, Xiphophorus. It looks similar to the fishes that belong to the family of Poeciliidae, but are slightly different from them in terms of appearance and color. This is because there are different types of platy fish belonging to different regions. Their characteristics, […]

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Jack Dempsey fish Feeding, Care and Tank Parameters

It is not very often you will come across a freshwater fish that bears a human name, but if there is an Oscar, then the Jack Dempsey fish should not be a strange one. Known by the biological appellation, Rocio octofasciata, the fish gets its name for the fierce look and aggressive behavior – which […]

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