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Odessa Barb: Feeding, Breeding and Caring guide

OWith magnificent bright colours, Odessa Barb is surely an aquarium favourite. This boisterous Barb species can bring unique colour and grace to any freshwater aquarium. Scientifically known as Pethia padamya, this fish belongs to the family of Cyprinidae. Natural Habitat The Odessa Barb is sometimes referred to as the Scarlet Barb. This species stems from […]

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Types of Betta Fish: Inlandaquatics

Betta or Siamese fighting fish is considered as one of the most colourful and vibrant freshwater fish. Any hobbyists would like to keep this enchanting, colourful creature with voluminous fins. It’s incredible that there are around 100 kinds of betta. You can also differentiate betta fish types by species, tail type, the pattern of fins […]

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Angle Fish care guide: Habitat, Appearance, Behavior, Feeding Information

Overview Angelfish are remarkable creatures and one of the most perceived freshwater fishes among the beginner and long-time aquarists. The unusual shape and unique colouring have made this species extremely popular for freshwater aquariums. Additionally, they exhibit interesting personality traits and require little maintenance apart from water parameters and healthy feeding. Scientifically known as Pterophyllum, […]

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Dwarf crayfish: Feeding, Breeding, Behavior, Care and Tank Setup guide

The aquatic world is full of many beautiful creatures that prick the interest of anyone who takes pleasure in exploring nature. One of such creatures is the dwarf crayfish with the biological name,Cambarellusspp.There are many varieties of dwarf crayfish and it is majorly classified based on the size and color. Notable examples include C. ninae(brown-colored),C.montezumae(yellow-colored), […]

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