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SunSun External Canister Filter Review – Is this the right choice?


Every aquarium serving as an abode for pets or plants ought to be a system, and as we have come to understand, any functional system must have several components/accessories integrated into it. For the aquarium, accessories like the filter are unputdownable.

Shedding some light on selecting the right canister filter that would efficiently serve your aquarium, we have the SunSun Canister Filter review in focus today. As with any good aquarium filter, this piece is critical in ensuring that your pets inhabit a hygienic aquatic environment devoid of contaminating or toxic agents/substances.

Specifically speaking, the SunSun HW304 filter will effectively eliminate bacteria and algae spores from the aquarium. It helps rid the tank of chemicals that may cause a stench therein.

Consequent to the limitation of microbial growth and elimination of contaminants, the device immeasurably contributes to the clarity of the water thereby preserving a (stable) water pH – all these are fundamental to the maintenance of good water quality.

Installing the SunSun External HW304B canister Filter unto your aquarium (system) will help in creating a haven for your adorable aquatic pet(s) and the reasons are not far-fetched. Just read through this SunSun 304B review to have an insight into how this canister Filter may fit perfectly into the scheme of things as you hope to make your fish-keeping adventure a worthwhile experience.


Sunsun Canister Filter Review

The SunSun Canister Filter review shows that it ticks the right boxes when performance and quality are considered. Plus, being a 5-stage filtration system and having an ultraviolet sterilizer gives it an edge over some other filters.

It is even gratifying to note that buying [and installing] this device saves one from energy and time expended in doing water changes at regular intervals that might be uncustomary. We are certain that you will enjoy using this product.


  • Highly functional
  • Good Quality
  • Self-priming
  • 5-Stage filtration
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Impressive flow rate
  • Super silent
  • Fantastic price


  • It does not come with filter media.
  • Somewhat bulky
  • Durability issues

1. Look and Specification

The product has a simple design and is made from high-quality plastic materials. It is worthy to note that the SunSun External canister Filter is available in 2 different designs – the “HW-3” and “HW-7” series.

SunSun 304B has a 5-stage filtration system that includes biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration media, – there are however those with 3-stage and 4-stage filtration media. More so, it is made in such a way that additional media can be integrated for better/improved efficiency.

The SunSun External canister Filter is equipped with several features that advance its functionality; some of these (features) are stated thus:

  • Main Body: This is the housing that holds most of the canister filter’s functioning parts. It has a barrelhead cover as well as an ultraviolet sterilizer to which two buckles are attached for fastening purposes.
  • Draining Baskets: These are useful for ensuring the biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration of the aquarium water. They are responsible for holding up such media as bio-balls, activated carbons, and ceramic rings.
  •  Input and Output Discreteness: This set of openings is necessary for the filtration process – inflow and outflow of water – to take place.
  • UV Bulbs: The twin UV bulbs further promote the cleaning of the water as the emission they give off eliminates microbes and algal spores. This is, however, not available in the HW-302 version.

Also accompanying this canister filter are two hoses and several bars required to construct both the input and output curvy bar assemblages – this will be discussed in detail under the setup.

2. Specifications

There are six (6) different models of the SunSun Filter, and these differ in their capacities. Based on this, you can get one of these particular filters for your nano tank or large aquarium measuring up to 150 gallons.

    Furthermore, the power consumption and flow rate of each of these (models) differ. All these variations belong to one of the two design types that have been constructed.

    3. Set up

    After you must have sorted out the HW304-B model that is right for your aquarium and gone ahead to purchase a SunSun External canister Filter, the next thing on your mind is the installation procedure.

    First of all, bring out the components from the package. You should ensure that you are working [and setting up the filter] in a comfortable space.

    You should then identify these items: main body(housing), barrelhead(the cover), ultra-violet light tube, input & output discreteness, draining skep/baskets(along with its cover), sets of connected bars for both the input and output curvy bar assemblages, spray bar [and its cover], dirtiness entrance bar, joint of dirtiness entrance, input bar, input cover, input curvy bar, sucking discs and output curvy bar.

    4. Procedure


    • Unbuckle the barrelhead from the main body, and remove all the baskets. Now, place your media in the first basket without blocking the opening [carved unto the basket] and replace this (basket + media) into the housing. Note; the opening on the first basket should align with the orange-colored duct at the inside bottom of the housing. Insert the other media into the remaining baskets, and place the draining skep cover over the last one (basket).
      Now, carefully replace the barrelhead with the UV light tube aligned to the side – inwardly. Make sure the barrelhead is securely fitted.
    • Thereafter, gently take off the input and output discreteness [from the barrelhead] to insert the hoses – one into each of the openings on the discreteness. After this, securely affix the input & output discreteness to its former position.
    • Next, prepare the output curvy bar assembly and the input curvy bar assembly. First, the output curvy bar assembly; link the output curvy bar to the (smaller) connected bar, then join the L-shaped bar, followed by the two spray bars – one after the other – and fix the spray bar cover.
    • To the input curvy bar assembly; attach the joint of dirtiness entrance to the input curvy bar and then affix the (longer) connected bar to the joint of dirtiness entrance [on the horizontal end] and then insert the dirtiness entrance pipe. Now to the vertical end (of the joint of dirtiness entrance); attach the input bars and follow it up by connecting the input cover.
    •  Now, insert the input & output curvy bar assembly into the aquarium. The input curvy bar assembly positioned in a vertical orientation while the output curvy bar assembly takes a horizontal position.
    • You should now connect the hose end from the input discreteness to the input curvy bar assembly and the one from the output discreteness to the output curvy bar assembly. Ensure that the hose is tightly held to the point of attachment by screwing the nuts properly.
    • With all these done, and your aquarium filled [with water], your canister Filter is ready for use. Hard press the large button on the barrelhead to prime the device, switch it on and plug the cord into a power source.

    5. Performance

    The SunSun External canister Filter is an efficient device that would adequately keep your aquarium quality and a hygienic environment. That said, it is pertinent that has that you have the appropriate size for optimal performance.

    Ordinarily, the combination of biochemical cotton and UV sterilizer in this device makes it function at a commendable rate. Then, the possibility of integrating additional media means you have an A-class/high-performing canister filter on hand.

    The flow rate produced by the SunSun Filter is also something worth taking note of; with this filter incorporated into your aquarium, you are assured of impressive water circulation in the aquarium. As a result of this(circulation), your aquatic pets should not lack dissolved oxygen – for their survival – one bit. Plus, its near-noiseless operation and self-priming are great complements.

    On the account of reviews given by aquarists that have selected the right External canister Filter as their top pick; this is a device that has been valuable in clearing the mess in their aquariums, making it possible to have a healthy and thriving community [of species] within the tank.



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