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Benefits of keeping Tropical Fish in Aquarium

   Every person strives to surround themselves with things that provide spiritual harmony and help to maintain excellent health in any life situation. Such things undoubtedly include an aquarium; after all, a small piece of the vast underwater world does not just decorate the interior.   Creating a fantastic atmosphere in which a person feels […]

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Top Five Best Fishing Tips and Tricks for Amateurs

How to maximize your fishing fun and chances of catching gold? We are here to help you make both a reality! Our experts have bundled their recommendations in these 5 Fishing Tips & Tricks for Amateurs post. No matter if you have limited experience, with this practical advice, any angler can pass for a pro. […]

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What is a Koi pond and How to build one

Everyone loves a koi pond in their backyard to house the beautiful koi fishes and also keep homeowners engaged and entertained. It is such a thing that will not only keep you happy but also will prove to be of some help to the ecosystem as well. What is a Koi Pond? If you have […]

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What fish can live with Goldfish? 15 Goldfish tank mates

Goldfish are one of the most loved aquarium pets and that is probably due to their captivating appearance. They are available in several colorful varieties – from the fantails to black moors, comets, lion head, and so on – that will delightfully grace every tank they inhabit. While goldfish do not have any problem staying […]

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How to grow your Aquarium Business in 2020

The modern business demands that you be organized and have meticulous planning about everything, including updated technology in your industry. For instance, the aquarium business industry is evolving, and most national suppliers prefer selling fresh aquarium fishes and plants commercially to local aquarium shops instead of end-users. That includes using the best conventional reel for […]

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Nitrogen cycle in Aquarium:Easy steps for Beginners

Aquarium nitrogen cycle process

As a new aquarium owner, it is vital for you to know the significance of cycling your fish tank so that you can keep healthy livestock. The filtration process in fish tanks can be chemical, mechanical or biological. However, for a sustainable aquarium, healthy plant growth and effective biological filtration are essential. Tropical fishes, while […]

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Owning an Aquarium

Are you excited about trying out your new-found aquarist hobby? Having an aquarium at home is a dream come true that adds aesthetic beauty to your home. However, if you aren’t too careful, the idea might be short-lived as the fish might get ill and sadly pass away. When you acquire an aquarium, you need […]

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7 Ways to Lower pH in Aquarium

It is indeed a worthwhile experience to have your own fish aquarium. And, if you have an aquarium, then you should know that it’s a very carefully balanced and steady ecosystem that needs proper maintenance to keep the aquatic life healthy and active. All the beginner aquarists, who usually face issues in keeping their fishes […]

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