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Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light Review


Current USA marine orbit aquarium LED Light


LED lights are essential in every aquarium set-up. If I may chip in; an aquarium without one is not far from being boring or unattractive. Having a good LED light like the Current USA Orbit LED Light will, however, give the aquarium space a great lift. The device under review is specifically designed for marine aquariums. 

It will adequately brighten up varying sizes of aquariums – as it pertains to tank size. Being a full-spectrum LED light, it will not only appreciably highlight the features/inhabitants of your aquarium, but also add color to the interior, presenting a sight you will love to behold. The product listed among the top-rated led aquarium lighting for plants will reveal everything right from the surface to the substrate.

Additionally, for aquarists growing marine aquarium plants or take pleasure in keeping corals, the Current Orbit LED Light is a plus. The color spectrum it gives off helps promote photosynthesis. So, do you desire to create a vibrant aquarium? – Do not leave out this product.

Lest I forget; this LED light has a unique and additional function in that it can aid in regulating the flow rate of aquarium water – a multi-purpose gizmo is what this one has been made out to be.

In essence, if you have been battling or putting up with a poorly lit marine aquarium or struggling to recreate a blossoming flora within your tank, it may be high time you installed this wonderful LED light from the Current USA. 

You may not want to take my words for it just yet. I won’t also wish that you do so as there are other numerous reasons you will not and should not look away from this masterpiece – so, I hope you will spare some minutes to read through all that we have for you in this review.

Review Summary

There are not so many LED lights in the market that beat this high-performing product that the Current USA gifted to the world of aquatics. It trumps many other products in terms of quality, functionality, and design. The integrated features are simply top-notch and of huge effects. We make it bold to say that this is a technologically sound LED light crafted by the very best hands.

Beyond everything that has been said, it is thrilling to finally have a gadget that can adequately illuminate, regulates flow rate, and yet beautifies the aquarium – in one whole piece. It’s no wonder that this gizmo is presently enjoying rave reviews among customers.


  • Premium quality
  • Outstanding efficiency
  • Water-resistant capability
  • Versatile
  • Cut-rate price and quite economical
  • Easy to install and use
  • Solid construction and impressive design
  • Well accessorized LED light


  • The remote control may not stand the test of time

Look and Specification

The Current USA Orbit LED Light is well-made with varying sets of LEDs sitting inside a sturdy housing made of high-quality aluminum material. It has sets of highly powerful dual actinic, dual daylight, and RGB LEDs which are protected by an acrylic lens that offers some degree of water-resistant capability.

Apart from the aforementioned features, some other notable components connected to this Current Aquarium Light include:

  • Wave pump control: This is used for lowering or increasing the flow rate of water. This is an integral part of the Current USA patented LOOP system which links light with pumps in a single device. In addition to this, there is an LED display unit from where you can read the flow rate.
  • Infrared Sensor: This is vital for interpreting signals from the remote in light of carrying out a particular function. Aside from that, it can also read the color temperature.
  • Wireless infrared remote control: This makes the use of the LED light very easy; you do not have to get your hands wet to actualize your preferred setting.
  • Adjustable docking legs: With these, the LED light gets securely fitted unto your tank provided it is the right size for your tank.

Furthermore, the product also comes with an integrated circuit light manifold hub, one hub mounting bracket, and a UL-tested power supply.

Moving on to the specification; there are presently four different variations of this LED light with the length ranging from 16.8 – 46.8 inches while the width and depth are 3.5 inches and 0.44 inches respectively [for all 4 variations]. All the variations have an equal weight of 2.15 pounds.

    Concerning the aquarium’s size; there is an option for tanks measuring between 18 – 60 inches.

    The Setup

    Before you proceed with the set-up properly, you should make sure you have the perfect fit of the Current USA Orbit LED Light by sizing it up on your aquarium. 

    The installation is not so tasking; the first thing you need to do is unpack the components unto a stable platform/surface and identify these items: IC light manifold hub, Infrared sensor [+ its micro-USB cable], LOOP controller [+ its micro-USB cable], 12V DC cable, power supply, and Orbit Marine LED light [within its fixture]. Do take note of the labeling on the LED light, LOOP controller, and IC light manifold hub, and then follow the procedure below:

    • Run the connections by separately connecting the LOOP controller micro-USB cable and Infrared micro-USB cable to Port no. 2 and Port no. 1 respectively [on the IC light manifold hub.
    • Now connect the LED light to the “LI” plug on the hub while the 12V DC cable is then connected to “L1” input – directly above the “L1” plug.
    • Your device is now ready for use; you can go ahead to plug the power supply into a GFCI outlet through its AC power plug. Then, power it on with the aid of the remote control. You can program the device using the remote; check out the way to go about this in the instruction manual included in the package.

    The Performance

    The Current LED aquarium lighting performs exceptionally well as its beam floods the aquarium space, and even penetrates deep into the tank. And, the array of colors provides some aesthetic flounce – an aquatic splendor – to the entire set-up.

    By the way; the strong daylight LEDs with Kelvin ratings of 6500 K and 8000 K, complemented by lights with wavelengths between 445 – 640nm present a fitting atmosphere that encourages/boosts the growth of plants and brings about the beautiful colors of corals. 

    These LEDs ensure that the photosynthetic pathway evolves without any hindrance. Plants will never be in short supply of food with this device functioning consistently through a (programmable) 24-hour cycle.

    Certain aquarists that have installed this piece talked about it being instrumental to the revival of their plants which were nearly lifeless at some point in time – before the Current USA Orbit aquarium LED Light was purchased. This goes to show how efficient the lighting produced by this product can be. More so, coral keepers have also given their take on it, and it is predominantly positive.

    Another commendable aspect is that this light does not consume so much power, and you will, most likely, not hear any irritating noise while it is in operation.


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