7 Best UV Sterilizer for Aquarium

UV sterilizer for Aquarium

Like Dory said, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming…” and that’s what fishes love to do. Do you love your fishes in your aquarium? When you watch the fishes in your aquarium, it gives you peace of mind and a calming effect. It is known to reduce stress and also increases productivity. Now you know how important it is to keep your fish tank clean and healthy for the fishes. And it is exactly where UV sterilizers come in handy. These little buddies keep the fish tank clean and keep the water as clear as possible. This will give you peace of mind so that you have lesser to think about cleaning the tank frequently.

In this article, we are going to discuss 7 best UV sterilizers available in the market that are tested to make sure they are safe to your fishes and also to you. So keep reading to know which one suits best for your fish tank.

7 Best UV sterilizers for Aquarium 2019

1. AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine UV Sterilizer with Power Head

This small machine is designed so well to remove all the green from the water that it keeps the water as clear as possible. It removes cloudiness, any algae, and bacteria in the water to keep it clean and healthy for the fishes. This is rated number one in the US and has sold over half a million units. That itself talks of the quality of the product. This comes with the patented technology UV bulbs that are sealed.

The UV water sterilizer kit is also tried and tested. Changing the bulbs is also easier with them. It comes with super-quick 10-minute installation steps. It is smart enough to indicate you when to change the bulb so that it does not keep you guessing.

To add to your stress-free experience, it comes with a 3-year warranty on the pump, which is capable of pumping 220L/hour of water. This fits well for a 50-gallon capacity fish tank.

User experience

The product has worked well for a 55-gallon size fish tank. A user has commented on the longevity of the UV bulb. The water gets clearer as expected and as described. Users have also experienced the tank getting cleaned in a matter of 48 hours from the time of installation. Product installation also has been easier for the customers. Getting rid of Algae bloom has been the most common advantage of this product. Users have also found out that it prevents various kinds of fish diseases.

The feedback on this UV sterilizer bulb is also very positive. Users have found that using this Fish tank UV light continuously does not impact the bulb. All the descriptions and claims made by the producers are truly satisfying to the users.


  • Easy to install, no tools required
  • Fits any kind of tank due to its compact size
  • Cleans water within the first 24 hours of usage,
  • It can be used only when needed.


  • Motor issues found by users within a month.
  • Additional UV bulb cost is high.
  • The water flow of the pump is lower.
  • Difficult to identify if the UV bulb is working fine or not.

2. SunSun JUP-01 9W UV Sterilizer 

As per the product description, this is a submersible UV sterilizer that is simple but yet effective sterilization of the water of any free-floating algae and the harmful microorganisms. The product comes with-easy and all ready-to-install mode so that anyone can fix it to the fish tank. It also does not have any additional tubes for the circulation purpose hence make this unit a compact and reliable one for “Do it yourself” kind. This product can be installed either horizontally or vertically and is useful for freshwater, saltwater aquariums, or garden ponds. It is also equipped with pre-fitted filter sponges and suction cup mounting brackets.

User Experience

Users have found this UV sterilizer worth their investment. The pump need not be used regularly to keep the tank clean. Some users have used it just for an hour a day and could still keep the fish tank clean. Users have also found it a better method to keep the tank clean than many other methods like commercial and homeopathic. This pump is also silent and visually does not show off its presence. It is compact enough to stay hidden from the vision.


  • Due to its compact size, it can either be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • It is almost invisible to the eyes when installed in the corner of the tank.
  • UV Bulb usage can be as high as 1 year.


  • Noisy unit.
  • There is a difficulty with changing the bulb.
  • The pump is too strong for smaller fishes to swim.
  • No instruction manual inside the package.

3. COODIA Internal UV water Sterilizer Light

This pump with UV sterilizer light is submersible and works as a disinfectant for the tank. The pump can work well on a tank with as big as 150-gallon capacity. This has a 5-watt inbuilt water pump and also UV light of the same wattage. The pump creates water bubbles in the tank, thus making it look attractive. The anticorrosive ceramic rotator ensures the life of the rotator in salt or freshwater. The installation is so easy that it is just a press of the unit against the fish tank wall. It has strong suction cups to enable this. The pump also has an adjustable outlet that allows adjusting the water flow from the pump.

User Experience

Users have found this product to their satisfaction. It does take time to clean up, but the outcome is satisfactory. One has the option to start and stop the bubbles. Users have the satisfaction of using this product instead of any chemicals. They have also found it to be silent. Users with fish tanks that have more exposure to the sun have found it very helpful and, therefore, were satisfied. With the listed price of $29.9, it has been a value for money for various users.


  • Changeable UV bulb.
  • Efficient control over harmful microorganisms and algae.
  • The ceramic rotator makes it non-corrosive.
  • Adjustable output.


  • The product is half assembled.
  •  Non-performing filter.

4. Sun 13W UV Sterilizer for Fish Tank

This 13-watt pump is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fish tank and ponds. It can take care of the tank as big as 150 gallons of water capacity. It is also inbuilt with 13-watt UV light and has an optional adjustable water flow nozzle. This Fish tank UV sterilizer does not have any additional tubing for the water circulation and is compact enough and also easy to install. It comes with suction cups to make the installation easier. Just press it against the wall of the fish tank and Voila! Installation is done. Just need to connect the power cable and it is ready to use.

User Experience

The user experience with the product has been very positive. Users were able to get rid of the algae problem completely within a few days, even with the outdoor ponds. Some users have zip tied the unit to a brick and submerged into the pond and found it to work fine. This was in cases where the suction cups could not be used due to uneven surfaces of the pond. A particular user also mentioned that this product was magical as the user had tried different similar products and found this one to be the best.


  • Adjustable pump.
  • Ready to install.
  • Have additional mounting cup brackets.


  • Electricity leakage incidents.
  • Easily breaks off – as per reviews from various customers.
  • Most of the customers found that the motor stopped working after 4 months.

5. Aqua Ultraviolet Aquarium UV Sterilizer

This UV sterilizer unit is a lightweight one and slim hence making it almost invisible in the tank. It has been proven to clean a tank in just a matter of overnight usage. The manufacturer guarantees its performance owing to the fact that it was installed and operated as per the instruction provided. This product is made in the United States and is ideal for small ponds and aquariums.

User Experience

The product has proven to be working satisfactorily in both freshwater and saltwater and found it very easy to install. It has proved to the users to keep the fishes away from diseases. This pump has worked well with users from a small aquarium to 75-gallon capacity ones.



  • Ideal for small aquariums.
  • Slim UV lights.
  • Lightweight units.


  • No mounting hardware in the package.
  • The setup process is difficult as per customer reviews.

6. SUN JUP-01 Aquarium UV Sterilizer  

SUN JUP aquarium UV sterilizer comes with a lot of instructions just to make sure the user removes all the additional safety sock proof sponges that are used to deliver it safely. The product is a “4-in-one” as the company claims. It has a water pump with an adjustable flow, air pump to form bubbles, filters, and UV cleaning. It facilitates the flow of around 210 gallons per hour, which is adjustable and supports 80-gallon water capacity fish tanks.

Each unit comes with a 1-year warranty, which is certainly a value for money, especially when you are paying around $ 36. The product would make some sound when you power it outside the water, but the sound disappears when immersed in water. This product comes with an additional UV bulb, and also the customer support is just 24 hours away.

User Experience

User experience has been great for this product. A user who used to completely do a deep cleaning of the aquarium frequently has found this product to work perfectly for him. Usages of chemicals have been reduced, and hence the users are happy with its performance. User instructions have also been very good with the product. Users unable to read English also had the aid of images to make the instructions very clear. The product also comes with an extra UV bulb and hence gives real peace of mind.


  • 2 additional filters with the package.
  • 1 additional UV bulb with the package.
  • 1-year warranty – product replacement if found defective.


  • The first lamp has a short life
  • Louder motor.

7. Coralife BioCube UV Sterilizer for Aquarium

This product, as the name suggests, is a mini form. This UV sterilizer is used in BioCube, all-inclusive aquarium systems 14, 16, 29, 32, and HQI. It also has a universal adapter that can be used in other small aquariums. This UV sterilizer for aquarium comes with a lifetime warranty, which means if the product is found faulty, the product is repaired free of cost or a new product is delivered if not repairable. It has a UC-C light installed that keeps the water crystal clear and algae-free.

 User Experience

Users are happy with the product and have found it really helpful and worth spending. After using this product for more than 16 months, a user has found no issues with it during this time. The users also found the unit easy to be install. As this is usually part of BioCube, fitting it individually also has been found to be working well and as per the expectation.


  • This is part of BioCube aquarium systems and fits in all sizes.
  • Usable for plant tanks also.
  • The product was able to clean the tank within overnight usage.


  • Bulb life is very small, as per customer reviews.
  • Bulb replacement is expensive.
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