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15 Best Freshwater Aquarium Rocks Reviewed


Aquarium rocks

People add rocks to their freshwater aquarium to make sure that it adds a vibe to this unique and living home decor. Rocks fit very well in an aquarium and the rocks do not just look pretty but have practical use.

These rocks soften the water, which can be very good for the fish. The other good thing about rocks for aquarium is that the fish eat the algae off the rocks and makes the fish feel like they are in their natural habitat.

Fish often stops eating because they feel lost and dry in a modern apartment, so simply try adding rocks, driftwood and pebbles into the water in the aquarium. It makes sure that the fish feel better and not stressed.

It is a known scientific fact that fish is sensitive to the environment they live in, so why not understand that and add a few pebbles.

It does not even cost that much. You just have to read further if you have got a small round shape fishbowl or a terrarium, and you want your fish to live longer and happier. Adding rocks in the freshwater aquarium would not just make your fish happy, but you’ll also be satisfied as you read through our valuable list of what kind of accessories suit your fish aquarium.

Lets us begin the journey of loving your fishes!

Why add rocks to aquariums? 

Aquarium Rocks make the tank more attractive, and these stones come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes so that the tank looks like a piece of home décor and not just the resting place for your favorite pets.

Fish is just like any pet when it comes to the fact that they want to be in a natural environment just like in a freshwater lake or a koi pond with the pebbles. These pebbles make sure that the beneficial bacteria breed in the water, and there is no ammonia and nitrate in the water.

Pebbles maintain the balance between natural and artificial. It is especially good for the newly produced fish which need special care. Always try to choose colors that look like it comes from natural lakes and water bodies.

Types of rocks for aquarium

The most commonly used rocks in an aquarium are slate, granite, and quartz.

  • Slate works best because it is inert and does not change the pH balance of the freshwater tanks. You are not a scientist to know which pH is better for your fishes; hence an inert material is best left in the fish pond.
  • Slate is also non-toxic; similarly, granite is also safe. It is more practical than to give your fish some wood on which to munch.
  • Granite is also the most commonly used and provides fish with an appropriate place to lay their eggs. It creates a haven for the fish in the pond, and fish feel safe because they otherwise get scared very easily.
  • Some rocks accumulate the moss or plant matter, and fish can feed on this, and that takes care of the fish.
  • Quartz is mainly for décor and looks very good when fish are seen resting on it. This makes for an interior decorator’s dream come true.
  • Choose light colors that would look natural to the fish and for the fish to feel that you are taking good care of them.

In the following section, we will suggest the top-rated rock products for aquariums, their specifications and help you learn more about their pros and cons.

Rocks for Freshwater Aquarium with Buying guide

1. Nature’s Ocean Coral Base Rocks for Aquarium

Nature’s Ocean Coral Base Rocks for Aquarium

It is generally women who take care of the aquarium, and these coral base rocks would impress the lady of the house. Experienced women know that fishes die quickly, and they will go to any extent to make sure their pets live long, and for that, we have coral base rocks. These aquarium-safe rocks make for perfect aquascaping.

Coral helps marine bacteria grow. Corals decrease nitrate levels in the water which is good for the fish. You do not need to soak coral rocks in water before using them in the aquarium, so it saves time for installation.

    Descriptions & Features

    1. These coral base rocks are pretty big and can not only be used for small aquariums but also larger aquariums.
    2. You get two large rocks in one packet, both of which are between 12 – 17 inches.
    3. It is 100 % natural, so your fishes are safe from chemicals.
    4. The rocks are made up of porous material with holes and crevices so that the fish can breathe clean air.


    • Coral rocks are the best when it comes to the fish adapting to the environment. Since corals adapt to the live environment, it does not affect the cycling of the tank. It hampers leeching, and fish do not die. These coral base rocks are the best for decorating freshwater aquariums.
    • The coral base rocks also grow live coral.
    • The coral base rocks are free of biofilm.
    • The coral rocks are 100% natural.
    • Coral helps marine bacteria grow.
    • Corals decrease nitrate levels in the water, which is good for the fish.
    • You do not need to soak coral rocks in water before using them in the aquarium, so it saves time for installation.


    • It has no cons because fish breed best when it comes to corals.

    2. Aquarium Natural Polished Decorative Gravel 

    Aquarium Natural Polished Decorative Gravel 

    The natural polished decorative gravel makes sure that there is a proper drainage system in the aquarium so that there is no rotten smell and nasty odor left behind, which makes it uneasy for the house. When it comes to freshwater aquariums, these rocks act as an accent.

    The gravel looks very aesthetic, and if you are in a mood to decorate, then buy these to set the mood of a party in the house. The fish also feel at home when you add the gravel.

    Descriptions & Features

     If you have got the aquarium and want to hurriedly decide the stones to put there, then buy this readily available gravel. Let us find out what is there for you.

    1. This pack of gravel weighs 18 pounds and with a dimension of 14 inches*10.3 inches*2.3 inches. Each gravel stone is of the size 1 inch – 2 inch.
    2. These are black, white, and brown gravel.
    3. You get different shapes such as thin, round, and oval.


    • The presentation looks great.
    • The gravel is easy to clean.


    • These are way too expensive.
    • It is not value for money.
    • You will need to buy at least two bags to cover the small aquarium bed.

    3. Exotic Pebbles Polished Gravel 

    Exotic Pebbles Polished Gravel 

    These exotic pebbles sell a lot for purpose of adding to aquariums because these are rare and not found easily. So these can be the USP of your house. Also, these add swagger to your home and you can be the proud owner.

    Descriptions & Features

     This exotic product is ideal. The fish will love it because:

    • The pebble size is neither too small nor too big.
    • If you buy these in various shades and tones of blue, then you will have your own aquatic wonder right in the center of the house.
    • It has a fun look.


    • These pebbles look exotic and can be made part of an aquarium bed to make the home look good.
    • These are long-lasting.
    • These rocks do not deteriorate like mulch.


    • These could be overloaded with chemicals
    • It may be bad for the respiration of fish.
    • It is not natural.

    4. Royal Imports Large Decorative Polished Gravel

    Royal Imports Large Decorative Polished Gravel

    Ever wanted to buy the royal gravel for your aquarium? You should do that right away. If you do not know the effect it has on the vibes of your house, then maybe you should know that the gravel has a Vastu impact, and it is perfect for the fact that it brings positivity. Fishes are said to bring good luck and are a good omen and so is this gravel.

    Descriptions & Features

     These small-sized gravels do not fade and are everlasting because:

    1. These stones are non-toxic.
    2. These stones make for great fillers.


    • These can be put to great landscaping uses both inside and outside the aquarium.
    • These multipurpose gravels are eco-friendly and cost-effective.
    • It is a great alternative to wood when the fish chew on it.


    • These could have chemicals that could harm the fish.
    • These could change the pH level of the water, and the fish could die.

    5. Wayber Decorative Aquarium Stones

    Wayber Decorative Aquarium Stones

    The decorative aquarium stones are for succulent landscaping of the aquarium. These maintain freshness both in air and water and can change the whole look of the house. It also makes your aquarium healthy.

    Descriptions & Features

     It is overall an excellent quality product which has the following properties:

    1. These come in a packet that weighs 460 grams.
    2. The packet that you get is 4.7*3.6*1.4 inches.
    3. When it comes to volume because we have to fill 0.9 cups of these stones in the aquarium, the volume of which is .24 L.
    4. Overall, it is a quality product.


    • It adds a shine to your aquarium and your home.
    • These are non-toxic even if the fish were to chew them.
    • It keeps the water clean.


    • The stones may not be what you see in the picture. The shape and color may differ.
    • Children can swallow these and harm themselves. So you have to keep these away from the kids who are below three years of age.

    6. Smoky Mountain Stone 

    Smoky Mountain Stone 

    Ever wondered how good the smoky mountain stone is for home décor and the betterment of the fish in the aquarium, then rest assured and buy these. You will find no wear and tear as these add leaps and bounds to the décor of the aquarium and your house.

    These are a safe choice for both your fresh and saltwater aquariums, small and large.

    Description & Features

     It is easy to maintain, so with these stones, you can avoid unpleasant cleanups.

    1. You get a 25-gallon kit. Another available pack is smaller and 10-gallons in size.
    2. Both 25-gallon and 10-gallon packs contain large, medium, and small rocks.


    • It is beautiful when you look at it.
    • Its assorted sizes make the aquarium look better with it than with other gravel and stone combos.
    • It is safe.


    • These are not as advertised.
    • You do not know if you are getting the promised sizes.

    7. CaribSea Aquatics Aquarium Rocks

    CaribSea Aquatics Aquarium Rocks

    You should love the details of these very porous rocks which are best for aquariums. They also breed millions of live bacteria in a freshwater aquarium that are best for the fish. It is easy to set up, is aesthetic, and pretty reliable.

    Description & Features

    These have been made with the process of natural weathering. This is a durable stone, which is also extremely porous. Let us see what makes these rocks so ideal.

    1. These were limestone in its original form before it got subjected to the weathering process.
    2. It weighs all 10 pounds.
    3. It is of size 14*2*10 inches.


    • It is clean and safe for aquariums.
    • It gives life to fishes such as the African cichlids.
    • These are 100% natural.


    • It ranks very low on the pet supplies index.
    • This is the worst-rated product to be put in an aquarium full of fishes despite its good quality.

    8. Wayber Irregular Decorative Pebbles

    Wayber Irregular Decorative Pebbles

    If you have always wanted to buy some decorative pebbles for the aquarium, then this is your chance to grab them. It adds a pop of color. You’ll love the options in colors that make the fish stand out. It looks very cool, which is what every aquarium owner wants.

    Description & Features

     If crystals are your choice, then read further so that you become sure to buy:

    1. This pouch of irregular pebbles comes in a 460 grams pack.
    2. These stones are natural and raw crystals.


    • These are multi-functional. It not only beautifies the aquarium but saves the fish.
    • It can also be used to cleanse the aura of the person and the house.


    • The picture and actual product may vary.
    • The description and actual product may differ.
    • The colors may be different.

    9. CaribSea South Sea Base

    CaribSea South Sea Base

    Live Aquarium rocks are non-toxic and nutrient-dense, which are better for fish and aquatic life. You can call these the rocks of 2020. When you see your fish happily swim through these rocks, you will feel relaxed while also admiring the ambiance of the aquarium.

    Description & Features

    Since fish do us so much favor of relaxing us then why not give them a long healthy life with these rocks. Let’s, therefore, look at some properties of such rocks.

    1. This sea base is 10 pounds when you weigh it.
    2. It is a live rock so it promotes algae life, which is very good for the fish.
    3. Each rock that you find in this pack is one pound, and the size is 1*1*1 inch.
    4. It is porous, so the fish would love to breathe around it, and it makes the fish feel safe and reduces the stress in fish.
    5. The fish will thrive in colonies if you use these stones. The bacteria are thriving, which is good for the fish because it makes fish feel that they are in their natural habitat.
    6. It works well both for saltwater and freshwater fishes.


    • The rocks are organic, very pretty, and look very natural.
    • It can be your DIY to install.
    • Most of the time, you get what you see, which is four large rocks.
    • These are very lightweight, and you do not have to lug away the pack.


    • You have to worry about phosphates.
    • You also have to clean the water more regularly.
    • Very few kinds of fish can tolerate the pH levels that are there when you use these rocks.

    10. Fluval Polished Ivory Stone For Aquarium

    Fluval Polished Ivory Stone For Aquarium

    If you want only Indian stones in an aquarium, then you should check these out. These are very elegant and basically, these are Emporio Armani brand, which is so great because you will rarely find the branded stones for an aquarium. These are inert and do not change the type of water or do not increase or lower pH levels, which can be very harmful.

    Descriptions & Features

     These rocks have a brand backup for the following reasons: 

    1. These are Indian stones that have been polished so that they can be used in the aquariums and other things around the house.
    2. These are 2*6*8 inches in size, and the total weight of the pack is 1.4 ounces.
    3. These are 100% natural.
    4. These have a quality finish as well.
    5. It gives your aquarium and home an elegant flow.


    • You can use these rocks as a tabletop design as well.
    • These are multi-functional around the house.
    • You get what you see.
    • You get beautiful egg-sized rocks.


    • You cannot use these for plants or as mulch.

    11. VORCOOL Aquarium Sea Rock Cave Ornament

    VORCOOL Aquarium Sea Rock Cave Ornament

    Fishes love caves, and if you know that and you want to give your pets a present, then this should be it. This is a very new-age product which has been made after much R&D on its impact on freshwater aquarium fishes.

    There is no better product for the fish and the privacy of our loved pets. It is very multi-functional, and as the lady of the house, you must tend properly to the fish and to buy this product.

    Descriptions & Features

     Let us look at why we have been harping in favor of this product.

    1. This is fish-friendly.
    2. This is a beautiful addition even for shrimps and small turtles if you like having more than one aquatic animal as pets.
    3. It is also a great underwater landscape.
    4. It is well known that fish feel pressure and stress too, and if you are constantly disturbing them, not giving them food, or just mindlessly pouring too much food into the aquarium, then you are doing the fish a lot of harm, this rock cave ornament solves that problem.
    5. The fish feel stress-free and live longer.
    6. It is a resin material and approximately 11*12*12 cm or 4.33*4.72*4.3 inches. It is iron-grey in color.


    • The size is ideal for any kind of fish, maybe even goldfish or the larger fishes, for turtles, snails, and shrimps.


    • It is not natural at all.
    • The edges can be very sharp and may hurt the fish.

    12. Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Shale Aquarium Rock

    Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Shale Aquarium Rock

    If home décor, plant decoration, and fish supplies, all three are your requirements then buy this product. It is internationally known because it seriously lives up to all functions, your fish can bask in it, find shelter and protection while living in a safe freshwater environment.

    Besides the functionality, it is also well known for the aesthetic charm and how it beautifies your home.

    Descriptions & Features

     Let us see what makes these supplies the perfect find for your pampered fish.

    1. This is a natural habitat for your pet inside the aquarium.
    2. It only weighs 2.4 pounds for its size, which is 9*3.5*6.5 inches.
    3. It is non-porous and does not promote the growth of bacteria, so your pond does not stink and feel dirty, and your home is always ready for guests.


    • It is good for both aquatic and terrestrial use.
    • The fishes can easily and peacefully rest here.
    • If you have aquatic pets that want to rest above water, then this rock gives them a place to do so.
    • It gives the pets some much-needed privacy because of which these live longer.
    • You can easily clean it with water and soap whenever it starts to feel grimy.


    • There are no cons at all. This is a proven product that makes your pets live longer, and this is internationally known as a pet supply.

    13. Granite Pea Gravel 

    Granite Pea Gravel 

    If you love pure granite, then this is your product of choice. Most interior decorators would also agree to this. It looks and feels beautiful. With a beautiful shade of black, it accentuates the pretty fish colors of the aquarium. The guests would love the fish corner of your house. It has got great texture appeal.

    Descriptions & Features

    Before the product is delivered to you, it is screened and washed properly with water, so that it promises quality, hygiene, and the fact that it is brand new.

    1. Each gravel piece is the size of 3/8 inch. It suits the use of being in an aquarium, and you can also use it to decorate plants and plant mulch.
    2. It is an original Canadian product, and you’ll be surprised to know how internationally known the product is.


    • Overall, the size of the pack of gravel stones is 6*4*4 inches, and the full pack weighs 4.8 pounds, which is quite heavy.
    • It’s branded and a product of Maynooth.
    • You can easily clean, rinse the product, and the size is ideal for a small aquarium as well.
    • The colors look very pleasant, but that does not mean that the colors are garish and ruin it for the fish and aquatic pets.


    • There are no cons or negative effects of this product.

    14. Plants and Aquarium Rock Ornament 

    Plants and Aquarium Rock Ornament 

    Freshwater Aquarium sharks love swimming through swim holes, so this is the ideal product for the fish because they get to have some fun swimming around obstacles and feeling as if the fish were in their natural environment.

    Descriptions & Features

     Swim holes are a must to keep fish happy, let us see how.

    1. This small size aquarium ornament has swim holes for the fish.
    2. Otherwise, it is a unique singular piece of accessory that you can use in an aquarium to keep the fish alive and healthy.
    3. It has been designed by hand and done so meticulously.
    4. It is the best brand for fish and pet supplies available in the market.


    • It is affordable
    • It is unique.
    • You can bond with your pets in a better way.
    • The brand has many loyal customers.


    • It is better to use the product for freshwater setups and not as much for aquariums.

    15. XAUIIO Aquarium Mountain View Stone Decoration

    XAUIIO Aquarium Mountain View Stone Decoration

    Fishes are friendly pets once you give them natural material to play with. This is what the resin moss tree does. The fish cherish the feel of it. The Aquarium rocks smell a little bit, so do the fish and smell is a good thing for the overall environment of the aquarium.

    In fact, if you know anything about the fish because it makes fish feel at home and there is no better material than resin to make the fish come alive.

    Description & Features

    It is eco-friendly and keeps your carbon footprint low, which is ideal for any pet supply. Besides that, it has the following qualities:

    1. It is a resin that is naturally made.
    2. It is safe because it is non-toxic.
    3. It does not fade easily, and it is longer lasting.
    4. The design lets the fish swim gaily.
    5. It is ideal for small aquariums and also well suited for larger aquariums.
    6. It is easy to clean if you put it in a well-ventilated place.
    7. You get two sizes.


    • It is perfect for fish-friendly people and the fishes as well.
    • It has nothing lacking.
    • It can be cleaned easily.
    • It is made of resin.


    • It has an artificial color that can harm fishes for life and can hamper the breathing and eating of fish and other aquatic pets.
    • The product smells even before the installation period.
    • The product is not what promised and may vary in size and color

    I hope we could help you on your journey of how you want exactly what is ideal for your pets, keeping in mind aquarium décor and plant mulch at the same time. Also, I hope you had a happy time shopping for the best rocks for your aquariums and glorious-looking pebbles.


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