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Cascade 1000 Canister Filter Review – Inlandaquatics

Any functional aquarium with its fish inhabitants is a beehive of activities, and these activities lead to the generation of substances that may eventually cause the water to get cloudy. This is why it is recommended that filters like this Cascade 1000 canister Filter be installed unto the aquarium. It is an established reality that […]

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SunSun External canister filter Review – Is this the right choice?

sunsun 304b review

Every aquarium serving as an abode for pets or plants ought to be a system, and as we have come to understand, any functional system must have several components/accessories integrated into it. For the aquarium, accessories like the filter are unputdownable. Shedding some light on selecting the right canister filter that would efficiently serve your […]

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Best 20 gallon Aquarium Filter Reviews

A 20-gallon fish tank can easily accommodate 15 to small fishes which makes it essential to clean the aquarium regularly. Without the right filtration system and maintenance, the water quickly becomes dirty and the aquatic ecosystem cannot thrive properly.A rightly chosen 20 gallon fish tank filter can keep the water clear for weeks on end. […]

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Best Filter for 55 Gallon Fish Tank 2021

A filter system for 55 gallon aquarium

A 55 gallon fish tank filter is at the starting equipment required for large fish tank, and as large tanks go, everything grows in size, including the filtration system you would need to keep the water spotlessly clear. If you’re upgrading from a smaller tank and already have a small filter, you could get another […]

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Best Filter for 75 gallon fish tank

75 gallon filter for aquarium

Upgrading to a large tank or buying one straight off the bat brings with it filtration challenges that need to be met with the rightly matched filtering unit. An ideal filter for 75-gallon fish tank can keep the aquarium spotlessly clean and avoid frequent water replacements. Big tanks mean more water to clean to keep […]

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Best Filter for 5 Gallon Fish Tank

best 5 filter for 5 gallon fish tank

A 5 gallon fish tank has just the right volume for some basic but elegant aquascaping making it popular among many beginners and enthusiasts. Being at the threshold of the smallest size which can hold any fish, these aquariums can do quite well with a good 5 gallon fish tank filter. Power filters or hang-on-back […]

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8 Best Canister Filter For Your Aquarium

Best Canister filter for aquarium

For aquarium hobbyists, filters are essential as they not only help maintain their aquarium but also contribute to better fish health. In this article, we are going to discuss canister filters in detail. Canister filters are aquarium filters that essentially aim at removing wastewater from the fish tank via an intake tube, sieve, valve, and […]

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12 Best Aquarium Power Filters 2021 Guide

aquarium power filter reviews

Not many people understand the importance of a good-quality aquarium power filter and more often than not, a filter is essential for the fishes to live happily and healthily. These power filters not only keep the water clean and aerated but also remove all traces of bacteria, algae, toxic ammonia, nitrate and other elements to […]

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