About Us

A fruition of our interest in aquatics and love for fishing, Inland Aquatics is created to provide care guides on freshwater fishes with their lifespan, size, tank mates information, along with expert reviews of various aquarium equipment to our fellow aquatics and fishing enthusiasts.

Maintaining our aquarium and learning every important thing about every aquatic species can be overwhelming if we do it alone; thus, we believe that creating a community of field experts, seasoned aquarium owners, and advocates can make this sweet activity more manageable.

Equipping our community with the right knowledge and a wide range of quality fishing supplies is our end in mind. Through Inland Aquatics as our medium, we believe that we can achieve this while growing the community.

We hope nothing but to have you as a part of it. Enjoy and learn from our articles here.

If you have questions or topics you would like us to discuss, connect with us at startupguys.net@gmail.com

Keith Benjamin

Keith Benjamin is a senior ship operations specialist and is authorized to work on vessels containing oil. 

He has almost a decade of experience in using navigation tools, and engine and weather monitoring devices. 

Keith also enhanced his scuba diving skills at SPE Dive School in Maryland USA. He was totally amazed at the beautiful varieties of fish underwater. He had dedicated his time to studying different kinds of fish species. He generally focuses on the biological history, behavior, growth patterns, and ecological importance of fishes.