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Best Driftwood for Aquarium Buyer’s Guide 2023


Driftwood for aquariums is in high demand as they are wonderful additions in any fish tank and the reasons are not far-fetched. For one, they are valuable in creating an appealing internal aquarium space; you can use them, along with some other items, to decorate the aquarium. Besides this, driftwoods also contribute to the growth of beneficial bacteria in the fish tank.

On the other hand, driftwoods are yet useful for providing fish species and other tank inhabitants with hiding spots where they can retire into – away from prying eyes. In some other instances, however, this piece of wood serves as a great source of nutrients for certain species of fish – this is definitely not the end we envisage as you go through this review.

It is possible to have or handpick any kind of wood for use as a substitute for driftwood in the aquarium. But there is a danger that comes with this as such woods, which have not been sufficiently analyzed, could eventually release toxic compounds into the fish tank.

Therefore, if you do not desire to watch your treasured aquatic friend suffer severe health issues, it is expedient that you go for driftwood that has been chemically analyzed, sterilized, and well-prepared to prevent it from polluting the water.

In line with the foregoing, we shall be reviewing six different driftwoods that you can choose from and integrate into your aquarium set-up. So, we urge you to read on to find out more about these products.

1. NilocG Aquatics Cholla Wood

NilocG Aquatics Cholla Wood


We start with this very safe and versatile driftwood for a fish tank that is free from growth-enhancing chemicals. The structure is replete with crevices into which small fishes – even fry – can easily swim in and out of. As such, it will be fitting to use in tanks used for different purposes as it concerns fish-keeping.

The pack containing this product has 5 pieces of wood; each of these has numerous holes on it, and the holes serve as good hiding spots for the fish tank inhabitants – you should factor the size of your fish, regardless.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you may have to boil this driftwood to get it rooted to the bottom of the aquarium in good time; ordinarily, it could take up to 1 – 2 day(s) to achieve this (sinking) without boiling.

A good number of persons that have this driftwood in their aquarium have glowingly talked about how useful it has been.

Firstly, they see it as providing appropriate attachment points for plants, and that it makes decoration of their tanks flow through seamlessly. The hiding spaces it provides and the fact that it does not alter water pH are the other qualities that seem to fascinate the users of this driftwood.

Specifications and Features

  • Manufacturer: NilocG Aquatics
  • Size (Dimension): 6.4 X 4.6 X 1.1 inches
  • Weight:5.6 ounces
  1. It comes in a pack of 5
  2. Each piece features several crevices
  3. It is purely natural and eco-friendly – grown without fertilizer
  4. Cured and well-prepared to ensure the safety of pets


  • Good quality
  • Sturdy
  • Safe & eco-friendly
  • Provides hiding places for the tank inhabitants
  • Reasonably priced
  • Does not alter water pH


  • It may take rather too long a time to sink

2. Pisces AM-GOLD018 Spiderwood

Pisces AM-GOLD018 Spiderwood


    The Pisces AM-GOLD018 Spiderwood will work well as driftwood in any aquarium. This somewhat irregularly shaped piece is sourced from Mongolia where it grows abundantly. It would help lift the appearance of the inside of your aquarium to an appreciable extent.

    This driftwood features a smooth vine with many branches all over. Once in the aquarium, the Pisces AM-GOLD018 spider wood picks up a reddish-brown coloration – just like mahogany wood.

    It has (low) traces of tannin and it does not portend any danger to your aquatic pets. This, however, takes between 7 – 10 days before it can stay at the bottom of the tank.

    One quality those that have this aquarium wood have never ceased to talk about is the aesthetic value it added to the set-up. Again, they have often time estimated that it comes at a cut-rate price.

    Specifications and Features

    • Manufacturer: Pisces USA
    • Size: 14 – 18 inches
    • Weight:16 ounces
    1. It exists as a smooth vine with several convoluted branches
    2. Low in tannin
    3. Obtained from a completely natural terrain
    4. Reddish-brown while in the aquarium


    • Beautiful piece; perfect for decorative purposes
    • Decent size
    • Good quality
    • Inexpensive


    • It takes a relatively long time to sink
    • Not very sturdy

    3. Marina ‘Decor’ Driftwood for Aquarium

    Marina ‘Decor’ Driftwood for Aquarium



    This driftwood has been crafted with impressive detailedness to look like a mangrove root. It will function as a good decorative piece in the aquarium, and could even make a cool relaxation/hiding spot for some of the species therein.

    The Marina ‘Décor’ driftwood is made from polyresin, a material that impacts a considerable degree of durability and makes the product to be securely fixed to the bottom of the tank.

    Despite not being a completely natural product, the Marina ‘Décor’ driftwood remains a safe [and toxin-free] product that will not have any negative effect on water quality or put your fish in harm’s way.

    The appearance, secure fit, and non-toxic nature of this Marina ‘Décor’ driftwood have thrilled a great number of aquarists that have utilized it in their aquariums. There is an apparent consensus that this is a nice addition to the aquarium.

    Specifications and Features

    • Manufacturer: Marina
    • Size (Dimension): 12.7 X 11.2 X 9 inches
    • Weight:32 ounces
    1. Artificial driftwood designed to look like mangrove root
    2. Made of polyresin and it is quite sturdy
    3. Has a mix of brown and grey coloration
    4. Does not contain any toxin


    • An amazing and beautiful addition to the aquarium
    • Great value for money
    • Durable
    • Safe to use
    • Fits securely
    • Unique and intricate design
    • Awesome quality


    • Not made for nano tanks

    4. Hygger ‘Trunk Log’ Driftwood

    Hygger ‘Trunk Log’ Driftwood


    Here is another artificially made piece of aquarium wood that has a realistic feel/appearance. It is substantially functional as it can aid in making the aquarium more attractive while providing spaces in which a couple of species can hide.

    This is made of polyresin and it was finished with paintings that make it looks like the trunk of a real (tree) log. It has holes (openings) through which some small-sized tank inhabitants can swim in and out of it, without getting stuck.

    The texture of the Hygger ‘Trunk Log’ driftwood is quite smooth hence you do not have to worry about your pet(s) getting bruised or paled while moving through it.

    One more thing is that this product will be fitting for aquariums that measure up to 20 gallons.

    A lot of aquarists are impressed with the quality, construction, and functionality of this trunk log driftwood, even as they pinpointed that it is a worthy decorative item that should not be missing in the aquarium.

    Specifications and Features

    • Manufacturer: Hygger
    • Size (Dimension):6.3 X 2.5 X 2.3 inches
    • Weight:7.2 ounces
    1. Made of a sturdy polyresin material, and has a realistic (natural) look
    2. Has a quintet of holes that will effectively function as caves for your little aquatic pets
    3. Designed for tanks not more than 20 gallons
    4. A smooth-textured ornament that gives an appealing outlook to the aquarium


    • Impressive quality
    • Remarkably functional
    • Perfect decorative item
    • Provides hiding spots for the inhabitants of the aquarium
    • Sturdy


    • None

    5. My Pet Patrol ‘Teddy Bear’ Cholla Wood

    My Pet Patrol ‘Teddy Bear’ Cholla Wood


    Let’s now go back to nature by looking at this My Per Patrol ‘Teddy Bear’ Cholla wood that was grown without the use of any chemical. It has been painstakingly prepared to make it readily available for use – though you may need to do still some curing [by boiling or soaking] before introducing it into the aquarium.

    This product comes in a pack of one, and it is available in varying sizes to fit into different tanks. Notwithstanding, you can cut this to the size that will work for your aquarium.

    It possesses crevices that give room for some species to hide. This driftwood can trigger the production of biofilms which can be feasted on by some species like shrimps.

    Many fish tank hobbyists that have chosen My Pet Patrol ‘Teddy Bear’ Chollawood have described it as being very functional, and reflecting prime quality.

    Again, there have been commendations about its pH-stabilizing capability and the hiding spots it provides. Plus, it is affordable, as per the price.

    Specifications and Features

    • Manufacturer: Cholla Queen
    • Size: 3 – 48 inches
    1. One piece of Cholla wood in a pack
    2. Untreated piece of wood, grown under wholly natural condition
    3. Features holes, as well as openings, at both ends
    4. Low tannin content
    5. Can be cut to preferred size


    • Remarkable quality
    • Outstanding functionality
    • Free from chemicals & safe for use
    • pH-stabilizing property
    • Provides hideouts for the inhabitants of the aquarium
    • Customizable


    • It may take a relatively long(er) period to sink
    • Short lifespan

    6. Bonsai Driftwood

    Bonsai Driftwood


    Lastly in this review, we have this natural driftwood that has some twists to it; this has some decorations worked unto it. And, just like the other driftwoods discussed earlier, this will also add some flounce to the fish tank. The tree from which this wood is sourced grows in abundance in Malaysia.

    It’s available in one piece and it has several branches emerging from a trunk-like structure attached to some sort of rock.

    The whole appearance, along with its handcrafted decorations, is naturalistic, and it is entirely free from chemicals. This means that the safety of your pets will not be compromised in any way.

    The quality of this driftwood is one of the factors that has endeared it to the heart of many aquarists. More so, the beauty it adds to the aquarium set-up is yet another factor that makes the Bonsai driftwood a top choice.

    Specifications and Features

    • Manufacturer: Bonsai Driftwood
    • Size (Height):5 inches
    • Weight:9.8 ounces
    1. Chemical-free driftwood with many branches
    2. It possesses a rock at the base
    3. Has water-conditioning effect
    4. Handcrafted decorations that make it unique
    5. Has pH-stabilizing property
    6. Suitable for small aquariums


    • Superior quality
    • Unique and beautiful appearance/design
    • Safe and reliable
    • Sturdy
    • pH-stabilizing and water-conditioning effects


    • Somewhat pricey


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