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Best Aquarium Water Changer – 2024 Buyer’s Guide


Aquarium water changing equipment

An Aquarium water changer is needed for routine change of water and easy care in large aquariums.

There are many responsibilities to fulfil for a healthy aquarium, and changing the water periodically is one of them. As simple as it sounds, this job can get tedious with some heavy lifting if you don’t use an efficient Aquarium Water Changer. (Source)

An Aquarium water changer comes with a tube, gravel vacuum, and can be connected to a faucet. For many models, you will not have to remove the fish or the plants and other contents from the tank. Hence you will not put your aquatic animals under stress.

The water can be removed from the aquarium, gravel cleaned, and water-filled back into the aquarium with simple operations.

In this article, we will discuss popular models of aquarium water changers available in the market, along with their features, performance, reviews, pros, and cons. We will leave it up to choose the one most suitable for you

Aquarium Water Changers Reviews 2024

1. Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer

Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer


The Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer is an easy way to change your fish tank water. No messy spills and no heavy lifting are required while using this Aquarium water changer.

The best part of this system is you will not have to remove the fish or anything else like plants from the water. It comes with complete water flow control that meticulously cleans even the gravel that can change the flow with a turn of a knob.

This Aqueon Aquarium water comes with a 25 feet tube and also has an 11-inch gravel tube that has a built-in flow control valve for the water. Attach the unit to the faucet using the universal connector and follow the simple instructions provided, hold the gravel tube into the aquarium, and turn on/off the valve according to the step-by-step instructions provided to refresh your aquarium.


  • Easy to use.
  • Just turn the control knob to remove old water, clean the gravel, and fill in freshwater.
  • It comes with a gravel Vacuum cleaner, so no need to empty the gravel, wash it underwater, and put it back.
  • No stress to the fish, as they can stay in the same tank.


  • Your water faucet needs to be at a lower level or the same level as the tank for an adequate flow of water.

User Experience

This water changer is very easy to use! It siphons the gravel and also fills up the tank with clean water! All you have to do is attach it to the kitchen sink, then vacuum the gravel and change the water, all that in simple steps! After you are done cleaning the gravel and removing old water, you will have to add water and water conditioner, and then your all set! This one works like a charm!!! 

2. Laifoo Aquarium Water Changer Gravel & Sand Cleaner

Laifoo Aquarium Water Changer Gravel & Sand Cleaner

    The Laifoo 50 ft Aquarium Water Changer comes loaded with many features that make changing your aquarium water an easy task. The set is complete and comes with a 50 feet tube, gravel, and sand cleaner, as well as Fish Tank Siphon Cleaning Tools.

    The 50 feet clear, plastic pipe has an inner diameter of half an inch and also is odor-free, long-lasting as well as anti-kinking. The gravel and sand cleaner of the set comes with a detachable filter screen and has a diameter of 1.6 inches as well as a length of 9.45 inches.

    It comes with a gentle suction force that is powerful enough to clean the gravel but gentle on your fish and aquarium accessories. The water flow direction and suction are controlled by a unidirectional suction ball that you need to press to control the direction of flow. The set also includes two faucet connectors, one that can fit a faucet of diameter between 5/8” and 13/16”, and another that can adapt to a standard US garden faucet.


    • The set is nice and hassle-free. It makes the task of changing the water very simple.
    • The long 50 feet pipe is an added advantage giving you the flexibility to connect to a distant tap.
    • The hose clip can be fastened to the tank to refill water so that you do not have to hold it all the time.


    • The faucet connector model is not universal. It can connect to only two models of taps. However, there are other adaptors available that can be separately purchased.
    • The Siphon is not suitable for big impurities. But it thoroughly cleans small impurities and fish feces.

    User Experience 

    The set is made with durable plastic, and the pressure is set just right to siphon your gravel too. I have been using this water changing for a while now, and it gets a perfect job done every single time that I use it.

    3. WALOTAR Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner

    WALOTAR Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner


    The Walotar Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner comes as a complete set with many accessories that make your aquarium water-changing job much easier. The cleaner comes with 30 feet, anti-freeze hose, and has a diameter of about 20mm.

    It is also odorless, transparent, quick, and can be even used for a 50-gallon fish tank.

    The 20-inch long gravel cleaner can reach every corner of your aquarium. The set also includes a variety of accessories like hose storage straps, water stop valves, and hose brackets.

    The set also comes with universal connectors that are suitable for most types of standard faucets. You can quickly assemble or disassemble the unit following simple instructions.


    • It comes with a universal connector that fits with most faucet sizes, so compatibility is not a problem.
    • One button disassembly is convenient for this model.
    • The hose stand is an added advantage, and we do not have to hold the hose for the whole duration of refilling water.


    • Since the length of the pipe is very long at 30 feet, we may need to press the Siphon ball many times before the water starts flowing.

    User Experience

    I have three fish tanks, one with 20- gallon capacity, another with a 50-gallon capacity, and a small one with a 10-gallon capacity. This aquarium changer worked very well with all the models. Easy to install and use. The gravel is nice, clean, and odor-free after use.

     4. STAR ROAD-TIM Fish Tank Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Kit

    STAR ROAD-TIM Fish Tank Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Kit


    The STARROAD-TM aquarium water changer is an easy, fast, and effective way to clean your gravel and replace the water in your aquarium and can fit a variety of aquarium models.

    This Aquarium water cleaner features an air-pressing button that pumps out water almost instantly, a 3D filter basket that prevents gravel and your small fish from entering into the tube, and also comes with many accessories like the Glass scraper, additional Pipe, Water Flow Clamp, water flow adjuster along with an anti-back-flow valve that makes the water changing an easy task for you.

    It comes with minimum assembly and is suitable for aquariums of height up to 30 inches.



    • It comes with a 3D filter basket that will keep your fish or gravel from entering into the tube.
    • You only need to press the air-pressing button 3 to 4 times, and the water starts flowing out. Very easy to use.
    • It comes with an additional inlet pipe and connecting pipe to reach extra distance when required.
    • The water flow clamp lets you adjust the flow of water.
    • Suitable for aquariums that are not accessible easily by taps. You can clean the aquarium using a bucket of water.


    • You will have to use it with a bucket. It cannot connect to a tap.

    User Experience 

    This aquarium water changer comes at a very reasonable price and works very well. Just a few presses and the unit is ready to go. It does the job of cleaning the gravel also very well without any gravel entering the pipe, thanks to its filter basket. I didn’t get a chance to use the additional tubes and pipe provided, but I am sure, will be handy for later use. Overall, a lovely product that comes at a reasonable price.

    5. AutoAqua AWC – All-in-One Automatic Water Changer

    AutoAqua AWC - All-in-One Automatic Water Changer

    With AutoAqua AWC (Automatic Water Changer), you can automate the tedious process of water changing, and the ATO (Auto Top Off) process with a simple touch of a button. This system is straightforward to install and comes with everything that is needed to automate water changing and water top off for your aquarium.

    You can also use manual mode to change water as and when you please. The unit comes with an Easy Touch Screen Controller Display, AWC and Auto top-off system, Quick Security Technology, Optical Level Sensors with Magnet Mounts, and a DC pump.

    There are no moving parts in the set, so no hassle. Everything required is included in the kit and comes with:

    • Smart AWC touch Controller x 1
    • Power Adapter x 1
    • DC Pump x 3
    • Universal Tube Holder x 3
    • Siphon Breaker x 3
    • Water Tube 6M x 1


    • AWC and ATO to keep you worry-free. You can override and start the water changing manually too.
    • No moving parts that can malfunction.
    • Automatic sensors that can automatically trigger AWC or ATO as required.
    • Easy to set up.
    • Easy touch screen controller display.


    The unit is expensive but it is undoubtedly worth the money spent.

     User Experience

    I have 3 small-sized fish tanks, and this system works beautifully for small water changes too. I also run multiple small water changes and top off water manually in between, as this is so easy to use. It makes your life and or fishes’ life much easier. No-hassle experience with this system so far, and I have been using this for about 4 months now.

    6. Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System

    Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System


    Python is a renowned name when it comes to Aquarium related products. This Aquarium Maintenance System from Python is also very efficient in cleaning and changing your aquarium water.

    This ready-to-use system comes with a 50’ hose, gravel cleaning tube, switch, connectors, faucet pump, and brass faucet adapter that can drain and fill your aquarium without disturbing your fish or décor of the aquarium.


    • No-spill system.
    • Easy to use.
    • It does not require any bucket or siphons and is non-messy.
    • The universal connector fits most of the taps.


    • It is meant to change the aquarium water. Cannot clean the gravel with this Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System.

     User Experience

    I had a 20-gallon aquarium that I recently upgraded to a 36 gallon one. I am thrilled to say that this system is what it promises, with absolutely no spills and additional work of carrying the bucket. It works like a charm. I change 50% water every week, and this system runs the output to the sink quickly as well as fills the aquarium back very quickly. Just add the water conditioner after changing the water!


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