10 Best Self Cleaning Fish Tanks – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Self cleaning fish tank reviews

Hey dude! Have you been hunting for quality self-cleaning fish tanks to start up with your fish venture?

Kids and adults who are beginners in the art of fish keeping lookout for self-cleaning aquariums as they are an excellent way to start and demand less time and effort for maintenance when compared to the other types of tanks.

Kids love fun more than responsibilities, isn’t it? However, we all know that joy can be found in fish-keeping only with sheer responsibility. All the self-cleaning tanks in this article are a god-given gift to those kids who long to culture fishes with less of a burden on their side. These  aquariums also require less place and serve well for places like offices.

If you are straining yourself and breaking your head with an old aquarium that are not low maintenance, you must be having a hard time, but don’t worry; we are here to help you out.

Given below are a list of self-cleaning aquariums, their specifications, features, pros and also cons. Please go through the entire article, which is curated based on our experience and pick out the one that impresses you.

Self Cleaning Fish Tank Reviews 2019

1.biOrb Flow Aquarium

The biOrb Flow aquarium has this unique compact bookend style along with self-cleaning and several other incredible features. The design is hands down the best and our favourite.

A first-grade filter, LED system, biOrb transformer and several other contents are provided along with it. Basically, the aquarium is made of acrylic, which is ten times stronger than glass and appears crystal-like.

The advanced filtration system is specifically designed to wipe the burden off your shoulders. It is loved by many for its versatile design and its astonishing features.  We are sure it would meet all your expectations.

Specifications and Features

  • Manufacturer: Reef – One Inch
  • Size: 5×10.2×14.8 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds 
  1. It comes with a five-stage advanced filtration system – Biological, Chemical, Water Stabilisation, Oxygenation and Mechanical.
  2. The tank can hold upto 8 gallons of water
  3. A 12V Transformer, Air pump, Airstone, Water conditioner, Beneficial bacteria liquid, Filter cartridge and LED lights are provided
  4. Built with acrylic, it is remarkably stronger, 93% transparent and crystal clear
  5. The ceramic media aids in providing biological filtration.


  • Effortless maintenance
  • Versatile design
  • Has a built-in LED light
  • Has a feed hole to make feeding convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Curvy edges present a sophisticated view
  • Built out of Acrylic
  • Filter performance is perfect
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not cost-effective
  • The filter needs to be replaced often

We would highly recommend this tank for its best features and effective filtration system. We ensure it will satisfy all your needs and demands.

2. As seen on TELEVISION My Fun Fish Tank

If you are someone who loves a simple basic aquarium, then the My Fun Fishtank is the right choice for you. It is a fun self – cleaning fish tank and is super kid-friendly too. They use gravity clean technology to keep the water clean.

It is best for raising a single fish such as betta. It is best recommended for kids and beginners. Superficially speaking, it moreover looks like a jug.

If you’re on a search for a kid-friendly primary small tank, then this is perfect for you.

Specifications and Features

  • Manufacturer: As seen on TV
  • Size: 5×4.5×10 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound

It self-cleans using gravity cleaning technology. You have to regularly pour clean conditioned water in, and automatically the dirty water goes out the disposal tube

  1. Make sure to keep a container by the disposal tube to collect the dirty water
  2. An aquatic plant, LED lights and rocks are provided.
  3. The tank is made of plastic
  4. Holds upto half-gallon of water


  • Occupies very little space
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for kids
  • Low maintenance


  • Can contain only one fish at a time

The My Fun fish tank is moreover like an ideal decor item. Just assemble and put a single fish, and you’re done.

3.AquaSprouts Garden

The AquaSprouts garden by the Aquasprouts is one of the remarkable aquariums known for introducing Aquaponic farming into aquariums. So, what is aquaponics? They are a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics that is to grow fish and plant in the same aquarium. They aid in converting ammonia into nitrates – a plant food.Put, the fish waste fertilises the plants and the plants keep the tank clean.

The overall look is elegant and straightforward. It educates us in a way by teaching us how the natural ecological processes.

The creators intended Aquaponics to create a sustainable environment by reducing water wastage through recycling of fish waste. It is so fun and entertaining to watch its magic performance.

Specifications and Features

  • Manufacturer: aquasprouts
  • Size: 28×8×17 inches
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  1. The classy black matte design is compatible for all places
  2. Aquaponics converts the toxic ammonia produced by fish into nitrates with the help of two nitrifying bacteria: nitrosomas and nitrospiras
  3. It can hold upto 10 gallons
  4. It comes along with: AquaSprouts garden, pump, timer, light bar, clay grow media and a guide.
  5. The clay grown media( replacement for sand) has a surface area that collects fish waste and converts into nutrients
  6. The submersible pumps for 9.5 watts/120V 160 gallons per hour.
  7. Has a 2-inch gap in the back for convenient feeding


  • No need for additional filter
  • Aquaponics does all the cleaning task perfectly
  • Reduced wastage and easy maintenance
  • Creates a sustainable ecosystem
  • Not only creative, but also educational
  • Ambience view
  • Professional design


  • Quite heavy
  • Little bit noisy

To conclude, this tank is best sought after by many who are passionate about creating sustainability in the smallest possible ways. We guarantee that this tank will make you happy.

4. Marineland Portrait Aquarium

The Marineland Portrait Aquarium is a large rimless curved aquarium with high-quality features. The horizontal design enables the tank to occupy less space and is best for people who do not prefer large huge tanks.

A powerful filter, Marineland Bio-Foam, flow filter pump and a glass canopy. It is the best known for its screen that makes your cleaning job effortless. The LED lighting is magical. It illuminates a natural glow to your tank.

Specifications and Features

  • Manufacturer:Marineland
  • Size: 8 ×11.6 ×17.1 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  1. It works according to the three-stage self cleaning system
  2. It can hold upto 5 gallons of water
  3. The LED lighting system comes with both white and blue lights
  4. The white light illuminates natural daylight and the blue light illuminates a glowy moonlight effect
  5. The filtration system remains hidden to not hinder the appearance of the tank


  • Attractive design
  • The seamless glass edge is perfect
  • Easy to clean
  • Portrait orientation provides more space for taller plants
  • Occupies less space
  • Affordable range
  • Natural illumination by LED’s


  • The rear compartment is made of plastic
  • Filter flow might be healthy for certain fishes

We are sure this aquarium will satisfy your demands, and your fishes are sure to love it.

5. MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium kit

With its elegantly contoured design and sleek edge, this aquarium has stolen our attention. The entire design is a masterpiece by itself. It comes with a rail light that presents your aquarium with a natural glow and brightness.

If you are afraid of your fishes jumping off the tank, don’t worry, we got you. This tank has a stylishly designed glass canopy that helps with your problem. It also maintains water temperature.

This tank is best recommended for beginners and aspiring fish enthusiasts.

Specifications and Features

  • Manufacturer: Marineland
  • Size: 12×12×5 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds

 It works according to the three-stage filtration system: Mechanical, chemical and biological filtration

  1. Bright white and blue LED lights are provided along with it
  2. The white LED lighting creates a natural underwater vibrant effect of sunlight. The blue LED creates a natural moonlight glow inside.
  3. The LED’s can also run on a timer
  4. Hasa switch to toggle between white and blue light, blue-only and off.
  5. Holdsupto 3 gallons of water
  6. A RITE SIZE Z filter cartridge is included


  • The filter remains hidden
  • Easy to maintain
  • LED light colour can be changed
  • Contoured corner appears elegant
  • High quality
  • LED lights are energy efficient
  • Has a canopy that slides back for feeding and maintains the temperature


  • The heater must be bought separately
  • The filter pump current is too strong

Because ofthe grace of this tank and its implausible features offered we are sure you will fall in love with this.

6. Fluval Spec III Aquarium kit

If you are looking for a nano aquarium that would be compatible for all areas, then look no further for Fluval Speck is the right option. We adore this aquarium for its stunning aluminium LED light and the illumination it provides.

Don’t worry about the maintenance process; the advanced filter will take care of it. The sleeky design and its cute nano-size add an aesthetic look to any places.

Specifications and Features

  • Manufacturer: Fluval
  • Size: 7×10.8×11.8 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  1. It has a powerful three-stage oversized filtration system
  2. It can hold upto 2.6 gallon
  3. It includes a powerful circulation pump, porous foam block, activated carbon, BioMax bio rings and a filter
  4. The lighting has 31 LED lights
  5. Made of etched glass with aluminium perfectly blended


  • Impressive features
  • Stunning bright illumination provided by LED lights
  • Powerful cleaner
  • Nanosize
  • Easy cleaning
  • The sleeky design is eye-catchy


  • No separate space for heater
  • Not cost-effective

We believe this tank is excellent for beginners and people who prefer small cute containers. It will put out a pleasingly pleasant vibe wherever you keep.

7.Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden

Springwork micro-farm – excellent design along with innovative interior gardening of plants brought directly to your countertop and what not.Super entertaining to watch nature work and simultaneouslycreate a sustainable environment with less wastage and more farming.

You don’t even have to bother about the cleaning task. The aquaponics system converts all the fish waste into nutrients that support the plant’s growth.  You can grow any small plants or herbs of your choice such as basil, oregano seeds etc.

Yes, all of these astounding features for such a reasonable price. We will list down some best features of this aquarium.

Specifications and Features

  • Manufacturer:Springworks Farm Maine, Inc.
  • Size:23×14×12 inches
  • Weight:1 pounds 
  1. A perfect indoor gardening system enabling us to grow a variety of grass and herbs
  2. Aids in educating us about a sustainable environment and the ecosystem processes
  3. The kit comes with a tank lid, lightweight clay, grow bed, timer for the pump, natural de-chlorinator, high output light, reflector assembly and other fittings
  4. It perfectly fits any 10-gallon aquarium
  5. The natural de-chlorinator converts the fish waste to plant food
  6. It comes with a bright light


  • Perfect for manifesting a sustainable ecosystem
  • Uncomplicated cleaning is done by Aquaponics
  • Educational
  • Fun to watch the plants grow
  • Compatible for homes and classrooms
  • First-grade quality


  • Aquarium tank is not included
  • Gravels and decors to be bought separately
  • Quite heavy

To conclude, this tank is ideal for adding a happy and lively element in your place. It is such a stress buster. We are confident that this product will make you happy.

8. Water Garden Back to the Roots

The water garden aquarium from  Back to the Roots is an innovative aquarium that has introduced the excellent aquaponics technique into their aquariums to raise fishes and plants together. It is best sought after by many who are passionate about indoor gardening. Gardening brought straight to your table.

It is of the right size and is cost worthy. It requires less cleaning work compared to other traditional aquariums. All you got to do is feed your fishes and plant your seed and witness the magic happen. Make sure to not keep it under direct sunlight to avoid algae growth.

Everything you need is already provided. It is loved for its elegant design and fun features offered in it.

Specifications and Features

  • Manufacturer: Back to the Roots
  • Size: 4×13.4×9.5 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  1. A perfect mini home ecosystem
  2. Organic Microgreen seeds, D- Klor,  Zym – Bac, Growstones and fish food and a discount coupon are provided
  3. The D- Klor aids in removing chlorine from water and Zym – Bac maintains healthy ammonia and nitrite levels
  4. Holds upto 3 gallons of water
  5. Several certified seeds are provided along with it such as orchids, wheatgrass, bamboo etc


  • Perfect self – cleaning the fish aquarium
  • Setting up the tank is incredibly easy
  • Free $3 coupon and fish food
  • Cute and simple outlook
  • Less water wastage due to Aquaponics system
  • Educational yet entertaining


  • The heater is not provided
  • Pump suction current is slightly high

To conclude, this aquarium enables you to raise your favourite fish along with growing food that you can eat every week.

9. Penn Plax Self Cleaning Aquarium

A perfect aquarium for people who prefer small-sized tanks along with an Aquaponic system that raises fishes and plants together. The Penn Plax has an incredible planter that perfectly recreates the natural symbiotic environment, enabling the plants and fishes to prosper simultaneously.

It is exciting and educational at the same time. The design is essential and occupies less space. This small tank is ideal for small fishes such as a Betta, guppies and even white cloud minnows. They’re hands down easy to assemble.

You don’t even have to add a filter. The plants do the cleaning job for you by absorbing all the fish waste into nutrients. We’ll list some more features for you below.

Specifications and Features

  • Manufacturer: Penn Plax, Inc
  • Size: 8×8×10 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds 
  1. The Aquaponic tank is made of a ceramic media to retain water and support root growth
  2. The aquarium is built of super clear plastic
  3. Plants such as bamboo, watercress, leafy lettuce and many more
  4. The planter effortlessly replicates the natural symbiotic environment for the fishes
  5. It offers two different sizes: 0.5 gallon and 1.4-gallon aquariums
  6. Make sure to trim the roots


  • Best ceramic substrate for growing small plants
  • Occupies less space
  • Less maintenance
  • Simple basic look
  • Cost-effective


  • Can accommodate only one fish at a time
  • Water needs to be changed often

A perfect tank for beginners and budding fish enthusiasts. We ensure you that this aquarium will make you happy.

10.Ecolife ECO – Cycle Aquaponics indoor Gardening system

The Ecolife ECO aquarium is an ideal aquarium for growing organic produce and fishes simultaneously. It is cost-effective and is of the right size and so many other endless features.

The LED light radiates vibrant bright colours for the fishes and the plants. It has perfectly replicated the natural environment where the fishes feed the plants through their waste and the plants, on the other hand cleans the water. Less water wastage and more organic growth.

We love it for its subtle design and the astounding features and whatnot.

Specifications and Features

  • Manufacturer:ECOLIFE conservation
  • Size: 24×12×20 inches
  • Weight: 17 pounds 
  1. The Aquaponic system effortlessly turn your aquarium into an indoor gardening
  2. The only aquaponic kit with energy-efficient LED lights.
  3. The tank can hold upto 20 gallons of water
  4. Make sure to tune the rate of the pump
  5. Can grow a variety of plants and herbs such as basil, bamboo, parsley and even lettuce
  6. It comes with fourdevelop settings, a built-in timer, remote control and an instruction manual.


  • LED lights are energy-efficient and vibrant
  • First grade quality
  • An entertaining and pleasing view
  • Amazing educational tool
  • Low maintenance
  • No need for frequent water changes
  • Easy to assemble


  • Little pricey
  • The fish tank is not included

We are sure this aquarium will meet all your demands and make you satisfied. Have fun growing fresh organic plants and herbs while enjoying watch your fishes grow.

So have you decided which tank to purchase? Yeah, I can see you grinning wide. We are happy to help you in choosing which is right for you.


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