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Easy to Handle Freshwater Fish for Inexperienced Pet Owners


Are you looking for a pet but have little to no experience? Are you considering fish as your companion? If you’re going down that road, then you’re on the right path. Fish are inarguably the easiest pets. The list of the easiest fish to take care of is never-ending. So if you are a first-time pet parent, tag along.

In this article, we’re here to go over low-maintenance fish which are best suited for beginners. You can even find the best pet fish for kids. So let’s have a look at the best freshwater fish and new freshwater fish tank ideas.

Low-Maintenance Freshwater Fish for Beginners 

There are many easy fish to take care of, so beginners can get the hang of things with a cute little friend. Once you get to know your fish, it only gets easier. Some of the best fish to have as pets are both easy to take care of and really pretty. Since fish come in many different colors and sizes, you can have a colorful fish tank filled with your tiny little fish friends.

Here’s a list of the best low-maintenance fish for beginners.

Betta Fish: Easiest Difficulty Level

Betta Fish Care Guide

Betta fish has all you could ask of a low-maintenance fish. Bright colors, small size, and minimalistic care. How to care for a Betta fish for beginners is very basic. They’re largely meat-eaters. So a diet of bloodworms, Betta pallets, and other small floating foods.

Other than that, they are the easiest fish to care for in a bowl. They do well in small 5-gallon tanks or in larger tanks with other fish. They do well with peaceful tank mates like Goldfish and Tetras. The only keynote is to keep two Betta fish separated. They are the ‘Siamese fighting fish’ after all.

Black Molly: Social Butterfly

Black Molly

The best lesson the Black Molly can teach you is that appearances aren’t everything. Their dark color isn’t everything. So the best fish to have as pets are Black Molly. That’s because of their highly sociable nature. Not only are they passive, but they adapt well to different aquatic environments. So this little guy won’t have trouble making friends with your other pets.

A Black Molly fish tank is the easiest low-maintenance fish tank. In fact, the overall care for Black Molly is minimal.

Black Skirt Tetra: A Different Kind of a Goldfish

Black Skirt Tetra

Black Skirt Tetra is among the cutest lowmaintenance fish. They’re the best pet fish for beginners if your priority is a low-maintenance fish tank. The fish tank of Black Skirt Tetra doesn’t need complicated filters or strict regulation.

Even though they are a carnivorous species, you’ll rarely find a fish more peaceful than this. You can identify a Black Skirt Tetra by its long fins. Other varieties include some with fins like a pretty veil. Generally, the Black Skirt Tetra is an easy fish to take care of.

Celestial Pearl Danio: Exotic Nano Fish

Celestial Pearl Danio

Do you want something with glorious colors swimming around your little fish tank? The Celestial Pearl Danio is an exotic little nano fish all the way from Myanmar. And as unique as they are, their care is straightforward.

Your average CPD is the best freshwater fish for beginners because they prefer a neutral pH. But getting them accustomed to their new tank mates might take some getting used to. That’s because they are schooling fish, and you might notice little male territories. This is where they are likely to compete for female fish attention.

    Cherry Barb: Crimson and Friendly


    Barbs have a bit of a reputation for being aggressive. But among the different species of Barbs, the Cherry Barb is an exceptionally peaceful fish species. So among the best fish to have as pets, Cherry Barbs rank pretty high up.

    They hail from Sri Lankan rivers and streams, so it makes them the best freshwater fish. Like Goldfish and Tetras, they’re also predatory in nature and love to feast on larvae. Both the males and females share a ruby red shade. But you’ll observe that the males turn a shade of crimson when they are near spawning.

    Dwarf Gourami

    Dwarf Gourami

    The small-sized Dwarf Gourami is the next fish on this list of the best fish for beginners. Due to their small size and minor care requirements, they are a low-maintenance fish species. You’ll find some similarities between the behaviors of Bettas and Dwarf Gouramis in the sense that they can breathe in atmospheric oxygen.

    Between the sexes, your average male Dwarf Gourami is more colorful. Other than that, they’re also among the predatory fish. So they love to feed on shrimps. They’re also among the best freshwater fish since they prefer a pH around 5.5-7.

    Dwarf Otocinclus: Algae Eater

    Otocinclus Catfish

    Are you sick of the algae build-up in your tank? Are you loo8ing for freshwater fish tank ideas, specifically regarding algae removal naturally? While most algae eaters grow to enormous sizes, the Dwarf Otocinclus remains under 2-inches.

    A fish tank with Dwarf Otocinclus is the easiest fish tank to maintain. Don’t be fooled by the small size of these Amazonians. They clean up algae as effectively as their larger species. The bonus is that they’re very delicate with leaves, making them the ideal inhabitants of a planted tank.

    They’re also really friendly due to their docile schooling nature, making them the easiest fish to take care of. They won’t give you any trouble.

    Ghost Shrimp: The Invisible Shrimp

    Complete Ghost Shrimp Care Guide

    Among our list of low-maintenance fish is one tiny invertebrate you can’t even see. Of course, you probably already know them as feeders. But they’re also among the best fish to have as pets. The only thing you need to make sure of is; keep them in fish tanks with small fish that won’t eat these little guys.

    On the first look, you might find them as plain creatures. But in a fish tank, you can observe them take on some of the most fascinating and complex marble patterns.

    Guppy: The Million Fish

    Guppy Tank Mates

    Are you struggling to find a fish species which is easy to breed? Then look no further. Guppy is the easiest fish to breed. There’s a reason they’re called the Million Fish, after all. They’re a species of colorful, small, and low-maintenance fish. They’re very peaceful. But two male guppies competing for the same female might get into a ruffle every now and then.

    Guppies are omnivores. However, mosquito larvae and blood worms are their favorite meals. Algae is also something they enjoy munching on. With guppies, you’ll have yourself a set of cute little pets that multiply a lot.

    Kuhli Loach: The Scaleless Fish 

    kuhli loach

    Another one of the easy fish to take care of is the Kuhli Loach. They’re most active during the day. Kuhli Loach is a notoriously shy fish and among the most docile pet fish, there is.

    Since they have an odd shape, they’re small and colorful; they’re among the most popular pets. Another exciting thing about these little fish is that they don’t have any scales. However, you[‘ll have to remove gravel from your fish tank to avoid injury to them.

    They’re generally low-maintenance fish, but your tank has to be mildly acidic for them to be able to breed.

    Mollies & Platys: The Livebearers

    Platy Fish

    Guppies, Mollies, and Platies are all livebearers. They’re also exceptionally low-maintenance fish.

    But Platies are the most low-maintenance fish among this group. Since they will eat anything, you feed them. Be it plants, vegetables, flakes, frozen food, you name it. These brightly colored fish set the bar pretty high for other species.

    But the most well-known fact about livebearers is that there’s a 50% chance the fish is pregnant. Since fertilization happens internally, it’s almost impossible to predict a pregnancy among these little fish. So you’ll probably end up doubling your fish population in no time!

    Neon Tetras: Tiny Schooling Fish

    green neon tetra

    These tiny and bright blue fish are easy on the eyes and low-maintenance fish. However, your average Neon Tetras are only about 1-inch to 1½ – inch in size as adults. So you’ll mostly see them swimming together in groups of 3, maybe five fish.

    You’ll have no trouble breeding them. But it’s recommended you stay on the lookout for inbreeding. Their diets are pretty minimalistic. Feed them pellets or flakes. They won’t consume too much because of their small size.

    Ramshorn Snail

    Ramshorn Snail

    Ramshorn Snails are hermaphrodites. However, they’re still a popular pet given their ease of breeding, and they’re also exceptionally low-maintenance fish.

    Standard Goldfish: The Fish in the Bowl

    Standard Goldfish

    What’s the easiest fish to care for in a bowl? The answer is Goldfish. They also enjoy the title of best pet fish for kids since almost every kid has had a pet Goldfish at some point in life.

    A fully grown Goldfish can be as large as 24 inches! But they can survive in smaller tanks as well. So all you need to do is make sure Ammonia doesn’t accumulate. That stuff is poison to your fish.


    Swordtail Fish

    As the name suggests, a typical swordtail fish has a long, thin tail. This tail resembles a sword. But don’t be fooled by their intimidating name.

    They’re among the most passive little sea creatures you could have as pets. But, with their long life spans and many different colors, they’re a trendy pet.

    White Cloud Minnow: Poor Man’s Neon Tetra

    White Cloud Minnows

    A close relative of the Barbs and Goldfish is the White Cloud Minnow. They’re small and come in a wide range of colors, but they aren’t as popular as their cousins.

    Their bright iridescent colors make them easy to spot by their mates. It’s a great defense mechanism. They’re very friendly, but at the same time really greedy when it comes to living or prepared food. 

    Zebra Danio

    Zebra Danio

    Zebra Danios are among the best low-maintenance fish. They’re small with an interesting Zebra pattern. These omnivores come from Southern Asia and love to eat shrimp brine, flakes, and pallets.

    They also come in many morphs like golden zebras and Albinos. So the variety is truly remarkable.

    Key Takeaways Before You finally Pick

    Before you set your heart on a little friend, you should remember that each fish is different. They have unique needs that keep them healthy. So pay attention to your aquarium.

    If you give your fish attention and take care of their needs, you have yourself years of entertainment and cute little friends. P.S They don’t interrupt and are great listeners!


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