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Fluval 406 External Canister Filter Review – Specifications, Features and Advantages


Are you looking for an external canister filter for your aquarium? Perhaps, you must be looking forward to an easy and convenient filter that works best for your aquarium. Well, if that is the case, you’re in the right place as today we bring you this detail Fluval 406 review to make your life easier care for your fishes more.

You must have searched a lot for a fluval canister filter with unique design points. They work better and much more efficient than other filters. The fluval filter won’t give you any hassle related to cleaning them. Besides, you can also find no significant issue related to its maintenance all the time.

This Fluval 406 review, including the pros and cons, can help you make an informed decision of choosing them over other filters.

About Fluval 406 External Filter

Fluval 406 Aquarium Filter

check price amazonThe Fluval 406 is a powerful multistage external filter for those aquariums up to 4001. It offers an advanced type of pumping technology and a versatile combination that enables biological, mechanical, and chemical filtering. The filter is known to generate more volume, and that is possible for rounded canisters having the same outer dimension. When there is increased volume, there is a larger filtration area with a greater mass of filter material.  This filter has the advantage of directing the water into complex paths for increased contact with the filtration media. The result is that you get a filter with maximum efficiency.

Generally, these filters are used for dependable performance and easy usage. It has features like click a rim connector for hosing and a one-step lift lock-on clamps that are used in canister make set up. Also, routine maintenance is quick and very convenient.

The proprietary aqua stop valve allows you to disconnect and then again reconnect.  The system’s vacuum seal is not at all compromised, yet the hosing gets done properly. You can stop the canister filter and again restart without any priming for easier and convenient maintenance.

Distinctive Features of the Fluval 406

•    It has a multi-stage filtration meant for healthy fresh as well as freshwater aquariums.

•    The filter is suitable for aquariums which has a capacity of up to 100 gallons.

•    It has a sound dampening impeller holding more water than rounded canisters.

•    Equipped with an intake strainer that is clog-proof, it also comes with a dual-layer foam screen

•    The user must arrange a drip loop to prevent water from dripping into a receptacle or plug.

•    Built with a patented aqua stop valve and multiple filtration baskets, Fluval 406 comes with an assembled rim connector.

•    It comes with an attractive 3-year warranty and a media capacity of 8.5 liters.

Advantages of having a Fluval 406 filter for your Aquarium           

It is a popular filter used by hobbyists all around for their aquariums. Let’s check out its advantages:

•    It exhibits an improved motor with hydraulic performance that reduces the frequency and increases the flow rate with head pressure.

•    You can get improved water filtration with all possible performance for healthier and cleaner water.

    •    Since it has an additional feature of bio-foam media, it can facilitate better biological filtration.

    •    It has a sound dampening design of impeller which is 8-15% quieter compared to the rest.

    •    The impeller cover design is quite improved so that it’s lesser prone to breakage.

    •    The priming system is re-engineered efficiently to give an easier start.

    •    You get a more secured closure as it has stronger lift lock clamps.

    •    The presence of a hose lock nut gives improved security.

    Technical Specifications of the Fluval 406 filter

    The filter is essentially used for freshwater and marine aquariums of up to 4001 and comes with a pump output of 1450l/h, and filter circulation of 930 l/h. While it has a filter volume of 8.5l and a biological volume of 4.2 l, the mechanical area is 76,300 mm2. Besides, Fluval 406 comes with a pump head of 2.25 m, and power consumption is 230v/50 Hz and 20 w. So, it is complete and ready to use with filter media and installation accessories.

    Things you should know about a Fluval 406 filter

    Well, those who have used this product have shared their opinion regarding this filter. Let’s see why Fluvial 406 is considered the most sought-after product.

    •    Cleaning the filter can be truly easy: You can open the lock with just a single touch.  The filter gets built with Hagen’s patented aqua stop valve design, so it lets you clean the canister without having any issue of disconnection or output hoses. You can easily adjust your flow rate.  If you can follow the instructions, the re-engineered priming system works like a wonder. The operation of this filter is truly worry-free.

    •     You can buy the Fluval external filter, which is a solid filter and it’s nearly maintenance-free.  The unique design and the water flow mean that the water should cycle through a number of filtration media each hour, thereby keeping your water tank as clear as possible. You may not have to clean it often as the aqua stop valve makes the cleaning incredibly convenient.  Well, this can be a bit more expensive than the Fluval canister filter, but you can always check for the best deal.

    •    The Fluval 406 filter shows improvement on the success of this model and added value-added features like better performance and easier setup. The filter can handle aquariums that have up to 100 gallons of water, without breaking the slightest sweat. The amazing flow rate makes sure that the water is going to be clear.

    •     The Fluval 406 has a Fluval external filter that does not appear with a spray bar. That means if your aquarium has more plants or fish you will be required to buy an add-on spray. The filter functions almost silently. If you pay attention, then only you will feel its running. While the others have a maximum life of 6-12 months and become noisy afterward, the Fluval 406 filter includes a 3-year warranty; so you can be confident towards owning it.

    However, like every product, there are some pros and cons of the Fluval 406 filter.


    •    It has maximum versatility and premium performance.

    •    It has advanced motor technology.

    •    It exhibits silent motor operations.

    •    The filter is self-motivating.

    •    The machine has a smart water change port.

    •    It exhibits better hosing ability.

    •    It has a very active outlet with an excellent flow.

    •    It’s an easy-to-maintain filter.

    •    The filter has enough space for biological media.

    •    It exhibits excellent cleaning capacity.


    •    The impeller of Fluval 406 has a tendency of growing problems after 6 months. So keep a check on that.

    •    While conducting the Fluval 406 review considering customer feedback, some customers opined that the filter leaks after using for several months.

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    What must you consider before you buy a Fluval 406 filter?

    You should keep certain things in mind before purchasing a Fluval canister filter.  These types of filters are usually powerful as they are well suited for those aquariums which are heavily stocked and support water flow of the high level.  Remember, the more populated your tank is, the better filter you need to select. Fluval external fish tank filter works well in cases where there is a big fish tank of 55-gallon capacity or more. For the best information related to the product, you may refer to Amazon.com

    • The look and strong built quality: The ‘06’ style of canister filters have a sturdy and tall appearance. The filter looks okay and stays upright in whatever situation it might be. Some filters might be cheap and have a wobbly type of construction. The weight is 15 lbs, and it is light enough so that you can move the sink and clean the filter conveniently.
    • The media baskets being roomy hold a range of options for mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. Well, it could be a mix and match for customary to clean water. The hoses included found to be made up of durable plastic having a ½ inch diameter inside. You may use non-ribbed hoses if you prefer. There is no need to customize the hoses. Just make sure that the components of your Fluval 406 filter are perfect.
    • Priming or set up:  Well, you may follow the ‘YouTube’ channel and learn the process of setting up the canister filter. All you require to do is assemble the unit and get the motor in place, thereby getting the hose prepped in place. Although the hoses are usually sturdy in Fluval 406, it’s not a difficult job doing the initial setup.

    However, before priming, you may need to fill your filter with dechlorinated water and thereby double-check the locking mechanism. It helps in easing up the process. You may also give a few pushes to the priming pump before it’s good for going.

    •    The operation:  The filter is generally very quiet except sometimes during the priming sequence, it tends to make noises. However, if you find the filter sealed properly, then the noise is not a big issue. And, in case you find any problem with the seal of your Fluval 406, then petroleum jelly usually does the short-term trick.

    Some debris gets trapped by using mechanical filtration. Carbon filters are standard and help to clean odors and also discoloration of the tank, avoiding the rise of phosphate level in the water. The Fluval external fish tank filter comes with a Biomax media, small ceramic cylinders thereby allowing colonization through good bacteria.

    •    Cleaning up:  The process of cleaning up can take a longer time. After the filter is unplugged and the tube is disconnected, you may need to clean all the components and media separately.  Besides, you must take special care of the impeller as if it ceases to function; your filter can become stale.

    •    In case you have carefully read the manual that comes with your package, you can follow the instructions easily. Else, if you are completely new to the process, then is always better that you either follow YouTube or try getting all the details over here:

    How is the Fluval 406 filter different from others?

    Well, Fluval 406 may have some differences from the best canister filters available in the market. Generally, normal canister filters can be recommended for those aquariums which can hold 40 gallons of water or more. They could remain fully concealed and never detract from the aquarium’s appearance. Since canisters are good at removing some particular matter, they are particularly useful in adapting to a variety of conditions.

    Some salient features of the Fluval 406 filter that makes it different are:

    •    Improved hydraulic performance of the motor that reduces the maintenance frequency. The flow rates and head pressure is quite improved.

    •    It has enhanced water filtration performance for cleaner and healthier water.

    •    It ensures better biological filtration along with the bio-foam media.

    •    The sound dampening design of the impeller ensures that the sound remains at least 8-15% quieter.

    •    The redesigned impeller cover is lesser prone to breakage.

    •    The re-engineered priming system is efficient for a smooth and easy start.

    •    The filter has stronger lift lock clamps and ensures secure closure.

    •    Fluval 406 provides improved security because of the hose lock nuts.


    Although Fluval 406 might have a few issues, if we consider it overall, the product is quite good and recommendable.  Well, this model of Fluval filter indeed can work well for your aquarium. Its overall design keeps the filter sturdy, which means that you may consider it to run for a longer time.

    So those who have already made up their mind to purchase an aquarium, then selecting the Fluval exterior fish tank filter is a smart choice as it can help you in all aspects especially if you consider easy maintenance of the aquarium.  Well, it’s time to choose the best and get one for your home soon.

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