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carpet plants for fish tank

If you are fond of maintaining beautiful aquariums at home, then you need to work on more than just placing fish in them. Having carpet plants in your aquarium will accentuate the overall look of your marine setup. Installing live plants in the fish tank not just makes it more attractive but also acts as a source of food for the inhabitants.

The biggest benefit is that live plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and ammonia generated by the fish. Live plants also maintain a natural ecosystem in your aquarium which promotes a healthy environment for your marine creatures to thrive. If done the right way, then carpet aquarium plants grow horizontally covering the bottom and often create a great foreground effect making the color of your fish pop out beautifully.

7 best aquarium carpet plants

1. Dwarf Hairgrass Eleocharis Live Aquarium Plant

This plant is a great option for those who are looking for an aquarium plant that is easy to tame. The Dwarf Hairgrass Eleocharis is a great option for beginners as it neither demands much maintenance nor does it require any stringent growing conditions. All you need to do is take care of the basics and it will thrive amazingly.

You will only have to take care that you provide sufficiently bright lighting conditions to this aquarium plant. It grows pretty quickly and can tolerate any kind of environmental condition. It will flourish easily regardless of the environmental conditions you subject it to. The makers offer 7 Days Stay Alive Guarantee to the purchasers. A refund or replacement would be provided in case the plant fails to survive at the point of delivery.

User Reviews

Several users quote that this aquarium plant offers fantastic value to them. The grass comes packed neatly in plastic containers and is entirely pest-free. There is yet another user who says that it was quite easy enough to work with this aquarium plant. Three cups were sufficient for a tank of 20 gal and they thickened over time.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Thrives in a different set of environmental conditions.
  • Backed with refund and replacement policy if the plant fails to survive during delivery.
  • Three cups are sufficient for a 20 gal tank.


  • Starts floating if not rooted appropriately.

2. GreenPro Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata Live Aquarium Plant

The GreenPro Dwarf aquarium plant has a sturdy root system that helps absorb all the vital nutrients from the substrate. This low-maintenance aquarium plant is undemanding and the entire process of rooting it is quite hassle-free. The plant is inspected professionally so that it retains the freshness while being delivered to the customers.

This aquatic plant produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide to enhance the water quality in your aquarium. Adding this plant will ensure that a secure and safe shelter is created in the ecosystem for your aquatic pets. This plant has been grown using the latest technology in a digitally controlled nursery so that the plants are algae and pest-free.

User Reviews

Many reviews point out that they were quite amazed at how healthy and quick this live aquarium plant grew upon placing in the tank. Another user was quite pleased with the packaging. He said that he could grow 23 plants out of three chunks of rooting. Many also loved the color of the Dwarf Sag offered by the company.


  • Low maintenance and best quality
  • Professionally inspected and packed
  • Grown using high technology 


  • Leaf-blades turn yellow if not planted appropriately

3. GreenPro Dwarf Baby Tears Java Moss

The Dwarf Baby Tears is one of the most popular carpet plants with its beautiful bright green leaves of this moss spread to form the foreground in the tank. If the appropriate conditions are maintained within the tank, this plant provides oxygen bubbles which in turn enhances the water quality in the tank and lowers algae growth.

The company grows this moss with sterile processes and with a special gel to ensure the prevention of snail, algae diseases, and any kind of pest infestation.These are packed and organized to survive any weather conditions during transportation. The moss remains healthy and retains the freshness even after it reaches the customers.

User Reviews

Many users are quite thrilled at the speedy delivery and safe packaging. They often say that the product arrived green and healthy. One user just had issues getting rid of the gel that the makers had used for keeping the plant hydrated during transportation.


  • Improves water quality
  • Developed using advanced tissue culture technology
  • Professionally inspected and packed to retain freshness
  • Forms a dense carpet


  • The gel used for hydrating the plant is difficult to remove

4.Staurogyne Repens Tissue Cultured Aquarium Plant

Staurogyne Repens is a fresh green, hardy, compact foreground aquarium plant. Its origins can be traced to River Rio Cristalino in the southern Amazonas. This aquarium plant has a bushy stature and features small, green leaves. The aquatic plant is tissue cultured and grown in specialized laboratories and is the best option for those who want zero pests in their aquarium.

This low growing plant is a perfect foreground plant as it can grow into a thick bush with sufficient nutrients and lighting. You can plant individual stems directly into the substrate. If you notice thin vertical growing stalks, then it is an indication of a lack of lighting.

User Reviews

You can find several users being quite impressed with this aquarium plant. One user says that these plants are quite sensitive to harsh weather conditions but look pretty nice. They spread at a rapid pace and have a low survival rate.


  • Propagates easily on gravel and spreads to form a dense carpet
  • Bushy and compact plant
  • Great quality product


  • Are quite sensitive to fluctuations in weather conditions

5. Mainam Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata Carpet Freshwater Aquarium Plant

The Sagittaria Subulata is an ideal foreground plant from South America that is offered at a reasonable price and has been cultured using latest technology. You just need to plant them two to four centimeters apart to allow them to thrive.

One thing to note is that plant can grow up to 50cm tall under certain conditions. Hence, care must be exercised if you want it to remain a carpet plant. It does best when subjected to appropriate light and regular fertilization. If the lighting is not enough, then it will grow higher trying to reach a light source. This can be a problem and may turn the carpet into a twisted heap of grass.

User Reviews

A user on amazon said that his order arrived in great condition. He was satisfied with his purchase and intends to purchase more in the future. There is another user who loves that this plant is easy to grow, but he finds the regular fertilizer schedule a hassle though.


  • Quick growth rate
  • An ideal foreground plant from South America
  • Thrives exceedingly well under appropriate conditions
  • Hardy plant that can spread through runners


  • Grows very tall if the lighting is not adequate enough

6. GreenPro Micranthemum Monte Carlo Pearl Grass Aquatic Plant

This aquatic plant is a great alternative to Dwarf Baby Tears. It features bigger and brighter leaves and is immensely popular among aquarists. It creates a fast-growing carpet and adds light and carbon dioxide to the ecosystem.

This live plant from GreenPro has been inspected professionally and packed in appropriate boxes to thrive in extreme weather conditions. These are algae-free, disease-free, and snail-free, and the product is backed with 100% satisfaction guarantee by the producers.

User Reviews

A reviewer has mentioned that the product arrived in a nice foil pouch as also others who say the plants were offered in nice cups and were lush green. One user mentions that apart from the slight yellowing, the rest of the plants had a healthy vibrant green color. He also appreciated that tissue cultured plants have a great value and are pest and snail-free.


  • Creates fast-growing carpet
  • Best quality product
  • Tissue culture offering
  • Snail and pest-free


  • Plants are quite fussy

7. Luffy Wild Christmas Moss

This aquatic plant comes with a dry loose piece of moss that can be easily submerged into your aquarium tank. You can create a moss carpet or a wall for a beautiful backdrop as this plant is easy to maintain. You will not have to bother about installing special lighting or provide extra carbon dioxide to plants when you choose to plant this moss.

You can also easily trim the wild-looking moss. This not just looks beautiful but also serves a practical purpose as it provides a safe place for your shrimp to hide when they feel stressed. This moss can prove to be a food source for your shrimp as they like to feed on the microorganisms on it.

User Reviews

You can find several happy users who are quite pleased with this product. One user quotes that the patch she placed in her tank grew like a weed and she was quite surprised with the quick growth. There is another user who has been impressed with this product and finds it better than java moss.


  • Soft and comforting for fish
  • Source of food for shrimp and fish
  • Does not require any additional carbon dioxide a special lighting
  • Easy to trim


  • Takes some time to propagate

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