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5 Best Betta Tank Heaters – 2024 Updated


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As the behavioural traits and appearance of fish species vary, so do their care needs; this is one fact that you, as a dedicated aquarist, cannot afford to miss as you embark on setting up a home for your precious pet. On our part, we have chosen a more definitive path in this article as we discuss five of the best betta tank heaters in stores today.

But before we get into the article proper, let’s shed some light on some of the attributes of the adorable aquatic pet called ‘Betta‘. You must have noticed some of these (attributes) if you have been keeping this flamboyant fish species but if you are just starting out then the following piece of information should be useful.

Bettas thrive in an aquatic environment with a temperature range of between 250C and 270C, and this can only be achieved with the aid of an efficient heater. As a matter of emphasis, the betta fish tank heater should not be one that allows sharp/sudden fluctuation(s) in temperature as bettas do not tolerate such incidences they could die when subjected to extreme temperatures.

To this end, it suffices to term the devices we shall be discussing here, “betta heaters“ even though they can be used for keeping fish species warm. So, let us now delve into the review proper.

Best Betta Tank Heaters 2024

1. Eheim Jager Betta Fish Tank Heater

Eheim Jager Betta Fish tank Heater


First on the list is the Eheim Jager heater which is known to be very reliable in maintaining the temperature of aquarium water within the preset range. Its accuracy is a factor of the recalibration capability it is endued with. This is certainly one of the most accurate betta heaters you will see around.

The heater is made of top-grade glass that is able to withstand pressure to a commendable extent a pointer to its durability. It is a 300 watts heater and has an indicator light to help you ascertain if it is functioning.

More so, this very betta fish tank heater is equipped with a feature that makes it switch off whenever it is taken out of the water some sort of safety precaution, you may say. And, for ease of installation, suction cups and mounting brackets have also been included in the kit.

The Eheim Jager heater scores considerably high when factors such as accuracy, cost and long lastingness are weighed in on. This is based on the assertions of aquarists that have utilized it in their home aquarium.

They are frequently seen talking about how well this heater kept things the temperature as expected tightly within range in the aquarium; not giving the pet away to instances of extremely low or high temperature.

Plus, it is obvious from the aquarists‘ comments that there is one heater that can be recommended for beginner aquarists without any cause for concern.


  •  Made from top-grade glass
  •  Very accurate
  •  Reasonably priced
  •  Durable


  •  It is somewhat lengthy
  •  The instruction guide is not very clear

2. Hygger Betta Tank Heater

Hygger Betta Tank Heater

    When the technologists at Hygger go into the ‘incubation room‘ with the prospect of making a product, one can be sure that they will come out with nothing short of sound quality and that is exactly what this Hygger betta heater exudes. It can be used in tank ranging from 26 to 230 litres and it is available in three different wattages  50 watts, 100 watts and 300 watts.

    The Hygger betta heater is made from highly durable milky quartz and has an indicator light at one end. Besides these features, this fully submersible heater also comes with an external temperature controller that can be used for adjusting the water temperature by turning a pointer.

    To further ensure the safety of your betta, this betta tank heater has the capability to turn itself off once the temperature is above 20F that would be indicated on the Fishtank thermometer.

    The main heater body is enclosed in a black casing which serves as a kind of shield and the manufacturer also included two suction cups in the package.

    This model does its job without leaving a taint and this is based on popular opinion. Aquarists that have chosen this heater to regard it as being very reliable as it functions to give the exact water temperature [required by their pets] without persistent fluctuations notable with substandard devices.

    Additionally, they also give the thermostat thumbs up‘ for its design and features especially, the durable milky quartz and protective sleeve it carries.


    •  Water-resistant
    •  Sleek design
    •  Easy to set up and adjust
    •  Reasonably priced


    •  Suction cups are suboptimal
    •  Does not have a display screen to show the temperature reading

    3. Fluval M Betta Heater

    Fluval M Betta Heater


    The Fluval M heater is a 50 watts device that is quite affordable and aptly qualifies as a betta heater on the ground it performs exceptionally well. It can be used to achieve a temperature of between 190C and 300C and will function in both saltwater and the freshwater aquatic environment.

    The Fluval M model is also fully submersible and can be digitally calibrated. This heater is equipped with a dial that makes it easy for you to adjust the temperature setting. By the way; the heater’s exterior is made from borosilicate glass; a feature that gives a tough appeal a mark of durability to be plain.

    Another interesting aspect of the Fluval M heater is the reflective technology integrated into it; this, in a way, impacts some aesthetic value to the entire aquarium setup.

    Customers that have once purchased [and used] this very heater have found it to be an exciting and wonderful choice as it heats up in an appreciable manner and it is really easy to adjust.

    More notable is the fact that a couple of aquarium hobbyists talked about its durability as they have been using it for years now without having any awkward experience.


    •  Can be calibrated digitally
    •  Easy to adjust
    •  Highly functional
    •  Very durable
    •  Low cost but exceptional quality
    •  Sleek


    •  Not designed for large tanks
    •  The heater is a bit too long

    4. SZELAM Betta Fish Tank Heater

    SZELAM Betta Fish Tank Heater


    This is another high-quality heater for nano tanks one with a carrying capacity of 20 litres [and under] to be more precise; right about the size needed by your betta. It is a 25 watts capacity heater that is capable of delivering a temperature of around 250C to 280C.

    The materials used in making this piece are of the highest quality. First, the heating system is of metal-ceramic heater (MCH) alumina which makes produce warmth at a steady rate while the filler is of sandy quartz to curtail the unpleasant events of explosion and shattering.

    Furthermore, it also features an outer casing that is made from heat resistant chemical, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) to prevent your pet from getting burnt in case there is a contact.

    The SZELAM betta heater has an intelligent circuit board that makes digital adjustment of temperature achievable. The heater automatically goes off whenever the temperature is below or above the preset range and comes back on once it normalizes.

    As some sort of bonus, the manufacturer also included two artificial aquarium plants to help you add some aesthetic thrill to your tank.

    The SZELAM thermostat is highly revered by customers for its efficiency as it has the ability to keep water temperature constant over a long period. Plus, that it is a smart heater makes it all the more endearing to many aquarists. This particular heater is yet another one aquarium hobbyists will recommend to others without a second thought.


    •  Impressive functionality
    •  Fully submersible
    •  Anti scalding
    •  Shatterproof
    •  Energy efficient


    •  May heat up slowly
    •  Suction cups do not usually hold well

    5. FREESEA Betta Tank Heater

    FREESEA Betta Tank Heater


    The FREESEA betta heater is a 50 watts capacity device designed for aquarium with a carrying capacity of between 4 40 litres. It is completely submersible and has a waterproof capability graded to the tune of IPX8. This oval-shaped heater is lightweight but packed with features that guarantee its functionality.

    Among these features is an inbuilt temperature control chip which ensures that the preset (temperature) value is maintained at all times. There is also an external button that you can use for adjusting the temperature whenever you need to, and the device is also equipped with LED display to keep you abreast of the heating status as the heater is in operation.

    One theme that keeps recurring from customers‘ review on this betta heater from FREESEA is that which concerns the heater’s functionality. The heater is adjudged to be a perfect option for nano tanks and bettas more importantly who need the right temperature to feed upon its betta fish food.

    Moreover, the integrated features, which promote the ease of use and the heater’s overall functionality, yet make this heater the go-to product for aquarists looking to provide their pet(s) with some warmth.


    •  Very accurate
    •  Inbuilt thermostat
    •  LED display
    •  Highly secure
    •  Easy to set up


    • It may be noisy on some occasions


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