Best Betta Fish Food : Reviews and Detailed Feeding Guide

best betta fish food

Betta fish or the Siamese fighting fish,one of the most colourful aquarium species, have special needs when it comes to diet. The Betta fish food needs to be a  balanced diet containing quality ingredients from diverse sources which we will discuss in this article.

Betta food must contain lots of protein in their diet as these fishes bear high energy levels. Some people think that Bettas can survive on natural plant roots and algae, but this fish is a carnivore in nature and therefore cannot fulfil its dietary requirement from the plant sources.

Aquarist needs to feed their Betta with live foods like mosquitoes’ larvae, worms, and brine shrimps or can depend on the dried Betta supplements that are available in the market.

Live foods many times, bring various infections along with them and contaminate the tank. So, for Betta owners, it is best to feed their companion floating pellets and flake food. Most of the dried fish foods come with accurate food value that Betta fishes need for growth and proper colouration. And, when feeding frozen foods, the chances of water contamination also become nullified.

In this article you will have detailed information about their food as we are going to review some of the best Betta food for you.

Types of Betta Food

1.Flake Food

This product usually consists of plant products, and as we know from the carnivorous food habit, Betta fish prefers animal products more. Flake foods will be consumed by your fish, but when you are using it as the only option, it can cause bloating of your fish’s bladder.

2.Floating Pellets

Floating pellets are usually accepted by the Betta fish unless your fish is feeding on live foods or frozen worms. The pellets are made rich in vitamin and minerals. But, the floating pellets at a certain time point get drowned and settle at the bottom of your tank. Excessive accumulation may cause environmental change for you fish which can turn fatal for your aquarium fishes.

3.Sinking Pellets

Sinking pellets are not very effective for Betta fishes as these species are primarily surface feeders. The physiological shape of this species makes it harder for the fishes to intake food from the bottom.


Dried frozen items are the best food supplement for the Betta species. These fishes love to feed on frozen worms and other organisms. You can make freeze-dried items as the regular diet for your aquatic companion. The Betta lives healthy on dried and frozen items as, these carry an adequate amount of protein, vitamin, and minerals. These foods help the fish to grow at a quick pace and also play a great role in enhancing the body colours of the species.

5.Live Foods

Live foods are a great dietary option for your Betta, especially when you are planning to set up a breeding unit for this fish. Live foods include the option of supplying your Betta with live worms, mosquito larva, brine shrimps and other small fishes. But sometimes live foods can bring infections to your tanks. But, it is not an easy option for every fish hobbyists to provide their Betta with live worms or larvae regularly.

For keeping your Betta at perfect health and with the good physiological structure, you should mix your fish’s diet with freeze-dried food and live foods. It should be kept in mind that like humans, Bettas also prefer a change of tastes. To retain the unique colour combination and fin structure, regular supply of adequate vitamins and minerals are necessary. And, these essential elements in perfect ratios are found in dried fish food items. So, it is advised that Betta’s diet should be composed of mostly dried items with occasional live foods.

When you are providing dried foods and pellets, excessive food supply to the tank can make the excess food items to settle at the bottom. This can hamper the pH level of the water, creating an unsustainable surrounding for your Betta fish. For adult Betta fish, feeding once daily is enough while when you giving it to a younger Betta, daily twice meals are recommended. It should be kept in mind that overfeeding can cause real harm to your Betta.

Best Betta Food Available in the market today

 1.Tetra Blood Worms Freeze Dried Treat

Tetra Blood Worms Freeze Dried Treat is one of the best nutritious and protein-rich meaty flakes that your Betta fish will love to consume. Betta fish mainly follows a carnivore diet, and for maintaining the colours and fin growths, a balanced diet with a perfect combination of protein, vitamins, and minerals are very important for this species. And, all these essential elements that help to enhance the fish growth with proper colour retention are readily available in this particular product.

The product is made of dried insect larvae mainly dried blood and is available in small plastic containers. Tetra Blood Worms are specially processed to make this fish food free of bacterial or fungal infections. So, by feeding your Betta Tetra Blood Worms assures that your fish is not consuming undesirable items which can be both harmful for your fish’s life and the condition of the water. Moreover, these fish food can be used for feeding all types of medium size tropical as well as marine fishes.


  • Readily available in airtight containers.
  • All types of Betta dietary elements available in this item.


  • Overuse can misbalance the pH level of your tank.
  • Can cause an allergic reaction to human skins, especially people suffering from Asthma and hyperallergic individuals.

 2. Ocean Nutrition Atison’s Betta Food

Ocean Nutrition Atison’s Betta Food is the complete package food for you Betta fish. The most interesting feature of this pellet is it does not cloud your aquarium’s water. You can opt for Ocean Nutrition Atison’s Betta Food which comes in an airtight white container of 75gm capacity with an ocean blue lid and its price range is around 19$.

This product is for those Betta lovers who care about their fish’s health. Betta species are very playful in general. They remain active most of the time as a result of which it requires diets that is full of energy. Ocean Nutrition Atison’s Betta Food contains the exact amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals that a Betta fish requires to stay healthy. If you own a Betta, you can try this product to witness the better growth and colouration of your fish. Once your Betta gets the taste of this energy-rich supplement, I bet it will refuse to touch other foods. You will see that whenever you are close to your tank, the Betta comes near the surface to see whether there is any supply of the Ocean Nutrition Atison’s Betta Food.


  • Comes in a handy container.
  • Little amount required per day.


  • Works better on adult fishes.
  • Though it does not cloud the tank water when supplying more than the requirement, it may cause damage to the pH balance of the aquarium water.

 3. Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Baby Pellets

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Baby Pellets are the premium quality fish food product that is made with a complete balance of essential nutrients. The combination of energy-rich pellets floats on the surface of the water for a longer time and does create any sort of cloud formation in the aquarium tank. Using these fish food for Betta fish’s especially younger fishes enhances the fish growth and unique colours.

The active ingredients present in the Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Baby Pellets allows the Betta fish to grow at a faster pace and as it does not sink very easily, a user can take out the excess food particles from the tank. This also helps the water of the tank to maintain proper acidic range and does not allow any fungal or bacterial growth. The active Vitamin C, which is one of the major elements of these pellets helps to boost the immune system of the Betta fish which means you can assure a longer and healthier life of your aquatic companion.


  • High floating time.
  • Each pellet contains polyphenol that comes from grape seed extracts helps in the anti-ageing process.


  • Usually effective for younger Bettas.

 4. San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Bloodworms 

This is a premium quality dry food from one of the top aquatic species’ supplement manufacturer that has been providing the right dietary items for not only Bettas but also other tropical fishes. Whether you are keeping your Betta with other freshwater fishes or it is kept alone, San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Bloodworms can be the best dietary option.

The product is made from red mosquito larvae. The dried bloodworms float on the water surface for a considerable amount of time which allows an individual to understand the particular dietary requirement of their Betta. It is advised the Bettas should be fed twice daily and the amount it finishes off within 3 minutes of food supply indicates the particular dietary requirement of the fish. You should take out the excess food to make sure that the water temperature or pH remains undisturbed due to the feeding process. Right amount fat, protein, and fibre with adequate phosphorus and calcium help healthy growth and bright colouration.


  • Required only small amount for Bettas.
  • Perfect for both young and adult Bettas.


  • Excess bloodworms if not taken out after Betta feeding, can create ammonia formation. This can hamper the acidic level of the water and attract bacterial infections.

5. Omega One Betta Food (Pellet)

If you want to feed your Betta companion the best dry food extract natural sources, then Omega One Betta pellet is the right choice. This is a product of U.S.A and is made direct from freshly acquired seafood.

Shrimps and salmons, along with essential vitamins and minerals, making this fish food, an energy-rich and high protein content meals for Bettas. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are also vital ingredients that make the food best for healthy growth. It makes your fish’s immunity much stronger which allows your aquatic friend to live free of bacterial and fungal infection.

This pellet floats for a considerable amount of period and usually after supplying a particular meal, what your Betta consumes within two to three minutes is its diet. If you are keeping a solitary Betta then, in this case, you need to take out excess pellet from the tank. Otherwise, various issues like pH imbalance and temperature change of the aquarium water, creating an unhealthy situation for survival may be witnessed. The natural elements present in these fish food are beneficial for Betta breeding.


  • Suited for Bettas as well as other tropical fishes.
  • A very little amount is required for each Betta meal.


  • The excess pellet can ruin the condition of the tank water.

6. Tetra TetraPRO Tropical Colour Crisps With Biotin food for betta Fishes

These highly palatable pellets come in small round shapes and seem a complete dietary supplement for all types of tropical surface feeder fishes especially Bettas. The natural food habit of this fish species makes them highly dependent on a carnivorous diet. And, the natural colour inducer present in the pellets enhances the beauty of the Betta fish. It can be used as a staple food for your Betta.

This fish food item does not promote clouding of aquarium water which helps to keep your tank clean. People using this supplement regularly for their aquatic friends have seen that using this item, the frequency of change of the tank water also reduces. It creates fewer waste elements when compared with other floating fish foods. Not only the Bettas, but all tropical surface feeder fishes love to be fed on Tetra Pro. The nutritious food supplement can help your fish to be immunologically strong so that minor bacterial or fungal invasion can easily be fought by the natural immune cursor of your Betta.


  • Can be used as the staple dietary supplement.
  • Regular consumption is very less.


  • Overfeeding or excess supply can damage the condition of the tank water.

 7. Omega One Freeze-Dried Blood Worms Betta food

Omega One Freeze-Dried Blood Worms are very rich proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The starch content of the food is less than 40 per cent. This helps the Betta fish to grow healthy and retain its natural colour. As an aquarium lover, you always search for a supplement that can be beneficial for the Bettas. Unlike other tropical fishes, Bettas cannot survive only on plant extracts. Some amount of proteins regularly should be included in your Betta’s diet.

Omega One Free Dried Blood Worms are made from insect larvae and can also be beneficial for other tropical fishes if you are keeping your Betta in a community tank. Like most of the dry fish foods, this product does not cloud the water, nor does it get to sink to the tank’s bottom, creating a messy environment for your aquatic pet to sustain. This nutritious treat is loved by all Betta species. Feeding this food, you can be sure that your fish is not consuming any bacterial or fungus-infected diet. In case of breeding tanks, once the Betta fry starts to swim about 3 to 4 weeks, you can treat those with Omega One Freeze-Dried Blood Worms.


  • Highly nutritious and fulfil all the dietary requirements of Bettas.
  • Do not create cloud formation in the tank’s water.


  • Overfeeding can cause bloating of the fish bladder.
  • Excess food supply to the aquarium can cause temperature change and pH imbalance of the tank.

 8. TetraBetta Flake Medley betta Fish Food

TetraBetta Flake Medley Fish Food is the regular dietary fish supplement that every Betta owner looks for. This fish food is filled with proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Omega 3 fatty acids are also present, which provides the right amount of energy that your Betta needs to stay active throughout the day.

The shape of each flake is made thin and tiny in shape that makes easier for your Betta to feed on this item. You can use it as the regular diet for your Betta, and this food is also loved by other tropical fishes. So whether your Betta is living alone or sharing space with others in a community tank, you can use this supplement for making your fish’s colour and growth better.


  • No need of other supplements as it provides all the dietary necessities for a Betta.
  •  The very little amount seems adequate for each meal.


  • When floats for a longer period, it may sink to tank’s bottom, increasing the waste content of the particular aquarium.

9. Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Daphnia for Pets, 0.42-Ounce

Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Daphnia comes in a dispenser with ratcheting top that makes the process of feeding your Betta much easier. This fish food contains the perfect blend of vitamins and minerals that are essential for Betta species. The pellets easily get softened but do not tend to sink with the chance of cloud formation.

Feeding Daphnia supplements not only help to maintain good health but also enhance the beauty of your favourite Betta. This supplement can be used as the staple diet for your aquatic friend. The active ingredient also helps to maintain the stress level of this ever-active fish breed.


  • It can be used as a regular diet.
  • Does not sink and easily palatable.


  • It absorbs oxygen, so the large amount can affect the condition of the aquarium’s water indirectly attracting various pathogen invasions.

Commonly asked questions by Betta owners:

What does Betta like to eat?

Betta fishes food is carnivore in nature. Moreover, all Betta species love to feed on living organism like insect larvae, worms, brine shrimps and other fish products. But, for pet lovers, it is not always possible to supply living organism every time. So, while petting Bettas, you can treat the fish with various dry foods that contain an adequate amount of protein, vitamin, and mineral.

People often believe that their Betta can survive on the natural plant roots, but actually, this fish does not depend on plant products. So, for its proper growth and colouration, a Betta must be either supplied with living organisms or palatable dry fish foods.

How much to feed and how often to feed?

 A very little amount of food is consumed by Bettas. It is said that measure the size of the eyeball of your Betta and provides that amount to your tank. Usually, the amount of food that a Betta consumes within 3 minutes of its supply to the water surface is the particular amount necessary for the individual on each meal.

Young Bettas must be fed twice daily for attaining the right colour and healthy growth. There must be a gap of 12 hrs from one meal to another. Once your fish reaches adulthood, feeding once daily is more than enough for the Betta.

Why sometimes Betta does not eat and what to do then?

Betta depends on a protein-rich diet with less carbohydrate. Sometimes it is common that your fish may face constipation issues or maybe temperature or pH change of water has changed. During these cases, you may find that your Betta is refusing to accept food.

You must observe your Betta for a day. If it starts to eat food after 24 hr gap, then it seems normal. But even after 24hrs if it shows no response to food then, your Betta is supposed to be ill. Sometimes new location and less hiding space in the tank also make the Betta feel frightened and not touch the food.

Consequences of Overfeeding

When you start over-feeding your fish, you can witness bloating of the stomach in the Betta. The fish will stay less active and is prone to bacterial and fungal infections. Overfeeding also create constipations in Betta fish. Overfeeding is very harmful to not only the fish’s health but also for the condition of the tank water. Excess food means excess waste and its advisable to use Automatic fish feeders to prevent overfeeding and promote healthy fishes. And, excess waste not only increases the tank water temperature but can also hamper the pH balance.

How to feed Betta while going on vacation?

If you are out for 7 days, you can keep your adult Betta fish without any food supply. But, when going on for a longer vacation, you should install an automated fish food dispenser that will supply timely meals to your Betta. Adult Betta can starve for longer days. You can also use feeder blocks as they are much cheaper than automatic dispensers. But at times this block can create a real mess to the tank water especially when your fish is not liking its taste and not having it.

For automatic dispenser, an individual should fill it with dry pellets or flakes and install it in the tank. But for the very long occasion, you should make sure that someone is looking after your Betta as automatic dispenser when used for long days can also create excess waste and create an unsuitable atmosphere for the Betta to survive.

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