11 Best Aquarium Heater Reviews : 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Reviews of Most Popular aquarium heaters

There are several devices that make up the shopping list of an aquarist, and the aquarium heater is one of such. Aquarium Heaters are more important items to add into the tank to replicate the temperature that is similar to fish’s natural environment. More so, since most species of fish like to inhabit warm water and are unable to regulate their body temperature; it is hard to imagine an aquarium without one.

Additionally, having a sound aquarium heater that helps to maintain the temperature of the water saves your aquatic pet from the stress that comes with fluctuating water temperature. So, it surmises that an tank heater is essential for the survival of your fish in the home aquarium.

In this view, we shall be discussing some – 11 to be precise – of the popular heaters that will serve a useful purpose in the home aquarium. So, in case you are just about starting as a beginner aquarist or require a better heater, you should read on to know more about these heaters.

11 Best and Efficient aquarium heaters reviewed by our experts:

1.Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater

First on our list is the submersible electronic heater from Cobalt Aquatics with a thermostat that can function at a wattage of 150 watts and can maintain water temperature within a range of 18OC to 35OC with great precision. This particular aquarium heater is made from top quality material, which makes it very durable and reliable.

Plus,its super-flat design coupled with the one-touch system integrated into it, are two features that guarantee considerable efficiency as they promote the functionality of the heater. The heater has been made in such a way that it is fitting to use in a 150-liter tank. The integrated thermal protection circuit in the heater also ensures that overheating is prevented; thus, you can be sure that your fish will not be predisposed to unpleasantly high temperature with this in its tank.

A couple of users that have to utilize this heater have often had positive remarks to give about its easy setup, emphasizing the fact the heater can adjust itself to the temperature after it has been initially set – it only deviates from the preset temperature by a difference of  ±0.2OF- 0.5OF. Another aspect that has endeared the Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm heater to the heart of many aquarists is its sleek and simple design, which in no way affects its effectiveness.


  • Easy setup
  • Sturdy
  • Sleek design
  • Thermal protection to prevent overheating
  • Adjustable temperature range
  • Safe to use


  • A bit pricey

2.MarineLand Precision heater

The MarineLand Precision heater is another fully submersible heater that can be used either in a freshwater or saltwater aquarium. The heater has a 150-watt capacity and can be used in a 150-liter tank.

Among its notable features are the advanced heating element [which is perfectly made to ensure commendable transfer of heat] and the thermal switch which helps to guarantee safety as it automatically turns off whenever the temperature spikes above the desired (preset) value and then turns on again after it must have cooled down.

Beyond the features mentioned above, however,  the tendency of having high visibility of the temperature display is further enhanced by the easy-to-view sliding scale [integrated into the heater] as well as the advanced mounting bracket that comes with it. It also has an adjustable temperature dial with which the temperature can be raised or lowered by 1OF with every click. The mounting bracket makes it possible to view the temperature display from different angles.

Those that have used this heater attest to the fact that great quality has been wrought into it; with many persons pointing to the thermal protection feature and sturdy nature as the primary reasons they settle for the MarineLand precision heater. Furthermore, that this aquarium heater [with all its features and quality] comes at an affordable price is yet another plus in the view of the users.


  • Sturdy
  • Thermal protection feature ensures safety
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable
  • Easy-to-view sliding scale for checking temperature display.


  • Not perfectly calibrated
  • A bit noisy

3.AquaTop submersible heater

Looking out for an affordable heater to incorporate into your small fish tank? Then you may find the  AquaTop submersible heater quite handy. The heater which is made from insulated glass also has a 50-watts capacity and it is suitable to use in a 50-liter tank. With this heater, it is possible to accomplish a temperature of 20OC – 34OC, and the heater can be used either in freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

The AquaTop Submersible glass aquarium heater has been designed to constantly maintain a stable temperature – an essential that is further promoted by the heater’s double insulation feature. Additionally, it comes with adjustable temperature knob – that makes it easy for you to set the temperature to the value suited for your fish’s well-being – and an easy-to-read temperature display.

Users’ experience as it relates to this heater shows an overtly satisfactorily undertone as users appear to have less trouble when operating or utilizing it in their home aquarium. First off, the ease of installation, as well as the durability of the AquaTop submersible aquarium heater, are about the top two qualities usually highlighted in customers’ reviews. Plus, features which enhance its functionality and usability also make it a top choice among aquarists.


– Highly affordable

– Impressive functional

– Durable

– Easy to install

– Easy-to-read temperature display

– The temperature setting is easy to adjust


– Temperature reading is not accurately calibrated

– May shatter when subjected to extremely/intolerably high temperature

4.Hygger Submersible Aquarium Heater

Here is a versatile aquarium heater that can be used in small and big tanks – tanks with a capacity of 26 – 227 liters – with power wattage being between 50 – 300 watts. This fully submersible aquarium heater can heat the water to temperature between the range of 23.8OC – 32.7O The system is capable of discontinuing heating when there is a meagre rise in temperature [above preset value], and would automatically shut down when the temperature peaks to a value above 36OC; restarting whenever the value drops again.

By the way; the heater has white alundum sand as its conducting media and is made from milky quartz that is resistant to heat and explosion; these components do not only make the Hygger submersible aquarium heater durable and highly functional but also make it safe to use within the home aquarium.

And still buttressing on safety; the external temperature controller affixed to the heater’s long power cord does seem to be another plus. On the controller, is a pointer which can be rotated to attain the temperature setting befitting for your fish’s development. The heater itself has a LED indicator light to tell you its status at every point in time.

The Hygger Submersible aquarium heater scores high in customer reviews with its design and functionality being adjudged as top-notch. The shatterproof construction is yet another major talking point among users.


– Easy-to-read temperature display

– Automated temperature regulator

– Resistant to corrosion

– Durable & shatterproof


– A bit pricey

5.FREESEA Submersible Aquarium Heater

The very first quality that draws one’s attention to this heater is its portable design and oval appearance. But beyond this, this submersible aquarium heater is appreciably effective and possesses many relevant features that enhance its usability. It is suitable for use in a small fish tank with a capacity between 3.7 – 37 liters, and has a power wattage of 50 watts. It can be used to achieve a temperature range of between 15OC – 34O

While its heating rod can be fully immersed in water, its control switch box, which is used for setting temperature, is usually above the water. Additionally, the heater has an inbuilt temperature control chip, and multi-function LED digital display feature to communicate the state of the heater when it is in use.

The heater is equipped with a thermostat that temporarily terminates heating when the temperature goes above the desired value and only restarts when the temperature becomes lower, thus ensuring that the temperature is maintained at a constant rate.

In the words of a certain user; to have a small heater with the capabilities and features of this FREESEA submersible aquarium heater at such a price is a great value for money. Another user, however, could be seen talking excitedly about the effectiveness of the heater and how well it is easy to install and operate.


– External temperature control

– Precise temperature reading

– Covers a wide range of temperature

– Easy-to-read temperature display


– Not suitable for big tanks

– Cannot be operated when plugged

6.Hygger Titanium Aquarium Heater

This is another top quality aquarium heater from the stable of Hygger. Unlike the other one [from the same manufacturer] which was made from quartz glass, this was produced using light-weighted titanium metal that imposes considerable durability and anti-corrosion quality on the heater.

It is available in four different wattages – 50 watts, 100 watts, 200 watts, and 500 watts – and can heat the water in the tank to a range of between 0OC – 40OC. It can be used in small tanks and big ones measuring above 400 liters.

This particular heater has been incorporated with some valuable features like the advanced external IC temperature controller that can be used in setting the water temperature even as it displays the value. It also possesses an automatic control system which allows the heater to shut off whenever the preset temperature rises by value as little as 1OF and picks again at the very instance the temperature drops to 1OF below the desired value.

Based on the experience of those that have had to install this heater in their home aquarium, it is evident that the heater is quite reliable, durable and easy to operate especially when one considers that it comes with an additional control unit. It is so easy to use that even beginner aquarists will rarely have any difficulty operating it.


– Accurate temperature setting

– Automated shut off system

– Resistant to corrosion

– Light-weighted


– Cannot be placed under substrate

– Cannot be used when the plug is connected

7.Aqueon Pro Adjustable Heater

This piece from Aqueon is a 250-watt capacity aquarium heater that is capable of heating water to a range of between 20OC – 31OC and can be used in a tank with a volume of 208 liters. It is made from sturdy material and has an anti-corrosive outer shell – a feature that assures its lastingness.

Furthermore, this aquarium heater is equipped with adjustable temperature control and LED indicator that turns typically red whenever the heating process is ongoing and turns green in the situation whereby the desired temperature value is reached or when at a constant temperature.

The heater is completely submersible and would shut off when the normal temperature rises above a difference of 1OF to curtail any incidence of overheating. It has been designed to ensure optimum distribution of heat in any home aquarium – be it freshwater or saltwater.

A familiar theme proceeding from the mouth of aquarium hobbyists that have had this heater for some time now, hover around its reliability as they hinted on how the heater has been able to maintain its functionality [while it remains in one piece] over many years. And, to think that it costs less than some other popular brand that may end up not giving the value that the Aqueon aquarium heater brings to the table, is yet another aspect that has made customers to rate it quite high.


– Top quality heater

– Completely submersible

– Adjustable temperature setting

– Very durable

– Shuts off automatically


– Temperature value not always easy to read

– Temperature setting may not be accurate

8.Eheim Jager Aquarium Heater

There are several reasons the Eheim Jager aquarium heater has been the top choice of many aquarists for years now; for one, the technological input that has gone into making it is well reflected in its effectiveness. Likewise, its features are very much on point.

Among the notable features integrated into this heater is the thermo safety control system that helps to shut the heater off after it has been taken out of the aquarium; this curbs the unfortunate incidence of getting shocked by electric current from the heater. It also comes with an on/off indicator light, and is made from shatterproof glass which also makes the heater resistant to chemical and explosion.The entire construction is one that promotes even distribution of heat in the aquarium.

Another exciting feature worth taking note of in the Eheim Jager aquarium heater is the patented ‘TruTemp Dial’ that allows you to recalibrate the heater to achieve your desired temperature setting with great precision. Lest I forget; the heater has a 200-watts capacity, and it can be used to attain a temperature within the range of 18OC – 34OC with only a deviation of±0.5OC. Also included in the package are suction cups and mounting bracket for securely holding the heater in position in the aquarium.

Customers say the design, unique temperature dial and the easy-to-use temperature display, as well as the overall functionality of this heater, make it appeals to them in a significant way, and as such, they found it easy to recommend this precious piece to others.


– Completely submersible

– Unique temperature dial for easy setting

– Shatterproof glass construction


– Requires the water in the aquarium to flow very well to give an optimal result

– Pretty too long

9.Hydor In-Line External Heater

When we talk about an aquarium heater in a class of its own, we can’t but make a mention of the Hydor In-Line external aquarium heater which by virtue of its design, is meant to heat the water from outside the tank. Its design and functionality are enhanced by the Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating technology – a feature that primarily aids in preventing overheating.

This heater is available in 200 watts and 300 watts and usually comes with a hose that measures between 1.2 – 2.2cm. It can be utilized in both marine and tropical aquariums. The inbuilt high precision electronic temperature control dial is another feature that makes this aquarium heater easy and convenient to use – mainly when it boils down to setting temperature.

The Hydor In-Line external aquarium heater is currently enjoying rave reviews as users are seen giving positive remarks about it with most of them pinpointing how easy it is to operate the heater and touching on the fact that one does not even have to put hand in the aquarium before adjusting the water temperature.

In the view of some other persons, the reliability and long-lasting nature of this heater set it apart from the rest; they emphasized that the heater has been serving them without giving in to a fault after years of usage. Based on the foregoing, one would not be erring side to say that the Hydor In-line external aquarium heater gas got high quality about it.


– Can be operated from the outside

– Easy to install

– Top quality

– Stylish design


– Temperature may fluctuate in some instances

– Maybe a bit noisy as temperature is being adjusted

10.Fluval Electronic Heater

The Fluval Electronic aquarium heater is intricately designed to provide your aquatic pets with the needed heat without endangering their health. The brand has heaters with power wattages of 50 watts, 100 watts, 200 watts, and 300 watts, and the heater can be set to a temperature within a range of 20OC – 34

It is equipped with an advanced digital microprocessor which functions to give you precise and real-time temperature readings. Additionally, its distinctive VueTech technology feature will help inform you [through the beeping or transformation of its lighting] if there is a rise or a fall in the value of the preset temperature.

The heater’s inbuilt thermal sensor serves as an assessment tool for checking the actual temperature of the water; this alone makes the Fluval electronic aquarium heater very reliable and safe to use in the fish’s tank. To further ensure safety, the heater’s rod is enclosed in a glass sleeve to prevent your fish from having direct contact with the searing heat of the rod.  And, as the heater requires a good flow of water to function correctly, the manufacturer deemed it fit to incorporate an indicator that signals you whenever water flow is below the normal level.

Going by the comments of individuals that have used [or are still using] this product, it is apparent that the heater gives accurate temperature reading and it provides even heat distribution if it placed in the right position.


– Dual electronic thermostats

– Height can be easily adjusted

– Easy-to-view temperature display

– Temperature is simple to set


– Requires a very good flow rate to function to the optimum

– Pricey

11.Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater

Finally on our list is the Tetra HT submersible aquarium heater, a device that is suitable for a tank with a capacity of between 7.5 – 37 liters, and is available in 50 watts and 100 watts. It is probably one for any aquarist who is looking out for a simple, dependable and very affordable aquarium heater – albeit it is mainly suitable for tropical fish species.

It has an inbuilt electronic thermostat that ensures that the temperature is automatically kept at 25.5OC and it is vital to provide a cover over the tank [having this heater] to prevent the loss of heat. Apart from the feature stated above, the heater also comes with indicator lights: a green light stays on when the (desired) temperature is reached while a red light comes on during heating. This heater can automatically shut itself off whenever there is an excessive surge of current through the circuit.

Though the Tetra HT submersible aquarium heater may not belong in the list/class of sophisticated heaters, it does command some degree of respect among aquarists who have tried it, and this is what dawns on one upon hearing how highly aquarium hobbyists – particularly those who are interested in keeping tropical fish species – rate this heater.  To be a bit specific; users have frequently reveled in the accuracy and quality that the Tetra HT aquarium heater exudes.


– Accurate temperature reading

– Can be easily concealed

– Ease of installation

– Good value for money

– Fully submersible


Temperature cannot be adjusted


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