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7 Tips to Write an Outstanding Biology Essay


A biology essay allows you to express your ideas in written form so an instructor can evaluate them. Writing in a logical, coherent way is critical for any academic writing and you have to make sure you back up all your arguments with well-conducted research and that you don’t plagiarize.

It is not so much the facts you present in your biology essay as the way you collate them, analyze them and support them with evidence that counts.

1. Fully understand your topic

Either you will be assigned a topic for your biology essay or you can choose your own. If you have the freedom to choose your own topic, select one about which you already have some knowledge as it will be easier to write.

If you are assigned a topic, you need to make the most of it and use it to broaden your knowledge. A suggestion from writers that offer essay help is to write down concise definitions of all the key terms in the topic so you can make sure you fully understand it.

2. Read and research from a variety of sources 

You need to conduct research so that you can construct a hypothesis, test it by doing experiments, and then communicate your results and conclusions in your biology essay. Using a variety of sources in your paper is important because it shows you considered a number of other viewpoints and found experts to support your point of view.

This is exactly how a professional essay writer from a paper writing service would go about writing your paper for you. You need to show readers that your biology essay is about more than just your opinions and that there is strong evidence from various sources to support what you have to say.

3. Plan your essay thoroughly

Experienced essay writers agree that one of the main issues when planning your essay is to decide what you need to include or leave out.
You can find helpful tips and suggestions in reviews in terms of observing brevity in your essays.

You will have to decide what level of detail you will need in each section and what diagrams and experimental evidence you want to include. Constructing an outline for your biology essay is essential before you even try to start writing it.

4. Start with the body of the essay

Often the most difficult part of writing an essay is to decide how and where to start. You may think it’s logical to start with your introduction but starting with the body may be best as this part has the most obvious linear structure.

Once you have decided what you want to include in the body of your essay, it will help you to write your introduction, which has to contain a clear thesis statement that states your premise.

A professional essay writer will tell you that every paragraph you write in the body of your essay should relate to, and help to answer, your specific essay title. Don’t get carried away and try to write too broadly, as you could easily go off the topic. Including graphs, charts and diagrams can help to clearly illustrate your data.

5. Don’t try to sound “intellectual”

There’s a common misconception that academic writing must sound “intellectual,” and this means using long, complicated words and complex sentences. The best essay writing service suggests that scientific writing is concise and straightforward, and the only reason non-scientists may find it difficult to understand is because of the use of scientific terminology.

Your writing style should be clear, direct, and unambiguous. It should also be logical, analytical and you must use scientific conventions correctly. Never use a long word if a short word will do and if you can cut a word out, do it.

This doesn’t mean you should replace a word with a narrow biological definition with one that has a broader meaning. For example, you can’t replace ‘aqueous’ with ‘watery’ or ‘hydrolysis’ with ‘break down.’ There is an art to presenting complex concepts in a simple way without over-simplifying them. An essay writing service has professional writers who can do this successfully.

6. Avoid plagiarism

There’s a danger of unintentional plagiarism when working with online resources and it’s very easy to get into the bad habit of cutting and pasting directly rather than rephrasing and integrating material with other sources.

You need to cite and reference any information that’s not yours. The professional writers working for essay writing services are always very careful to avoid plagiarism in their essays and know how to cite sources correctly.

    7. Check your work

    If possible, give yourself an overnight break between writing and reviewing your essay so you approach it with a fresh mind. Check your spelling and grammar, whether you have stuck to the topic, and the flow of your argument.

    Is your argument supported by enough appropriate evidence? Sometimes not checking your essay thoroughly can result in mistakes that make you lose marks but using an essay writing service can help you to avoid this.


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