April 13

15 Best Under Cabinet LED Lights | Expert Review

LED lighting for cabinet

When you have a beautiful aquarium, and you want to light it up to make it more sparkling, and you want to use additional light to use during the day or night times that focuses specifically on the kitchen table or fish tank, then Under Cabinet LED lights are the right product for you.

These Led Under Cabinet Lighting come in various types shapes sizes, colors, and of course, light types.

This article will help you decide which one best suits your requirements. The main reasons to have these under counter led lights are to help you attain localized light, maybe for aquarium, highlight the localized parts of the table or under a cabinet, focus the lighting on certain items, and decorate.

We will share details of the best led under cabinet lighting in the below section

1. Phanor Under Counter LED Lights and Under Cabinet LED Lighting

Phanor Under Counter LED Lights and Under Cabinet LED Lighting


Phonar lighting is a very affordable under-counter LED light that comes in various sizes along with a sensor switch. They come in 12 inches 3000k and 4000k, 24 inches 3000k, 36 inches 3000k, and 4000k and 48 inches 4000k. The unit is also available with the 12V adapter that lets you connect to the power source.

The unit is made of aluminum material, and the finishing is polished chrome finish. It has a touch sensor that works as a switch on and off. The shade covering is made up of plastic material.

The PMMA matte diffuser makes the spread of light even so that it does not hurt the eyes. The life of the light is said to be around 50000 hours.

The installation process for this product is, again, a simpler one. You can either use the screws to attach or use a two-sided adhesive to stick it to the place where you need it. This makes sure the shifting or re-usage of the lights elsewhere is easy.

The LED lights have a 4.5 feet long power cord that helps you connect to the power source. There is also a surprising addition to the lights, and that is a soft touch sensor that lets you tap switches on and off the light.

The LED also comes in two modes of light. If you connect the power cord on the side where the tap button is there, then you can use the tap switch to switch on and off the light.

There is also a power cord on the other side, which, when plugged into, you will have a continuous light, and the switch on and off button would not work.

 User Experience

Users found the results of this light to be very good. The brightness, the evenly spread of light and also the tap button was well commented on. The best results and more positive feedback received when they were used as under-cabinet lights in the kitchen.

    The tap sensor switch was also very much appreciated and works very well in the kitchen. It is particularly handy when the hand is occupied or dirty and you can switch it on with just a small tap with the knuckle also.


    • Tap sensor switch instead of a normal switch helps in the kitchen mostly.
    • Easy installation where you can install with a screw or a two-sided adhesive.
    • Even distribution of light, making the light soft to the eyes.
    • The package also came with good packaging giving the user a pleasant feeling.
    • Brightness is excellent and also comes in a variety to choose from.


    • The instruction manual did not have the option to use power on two sides, which caused confusion in many users.
    • There is a delay to light up when switched on.
    • The power button soon seemed to have worn off, ending up not working after a few times of usage.

    2. Albrillo Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

    Phanor Under Counter LED Lights and Under Cabinet LED Lighting button

    Albrillo Under cabinet lighting comes in 2 types – the 3 Led strip set and another is 6 led strip set. This led lighting is a strip set that emits low heat and does not flicker. Each strip of light is equivalent to 150W of fluorescent bulbs but consumes only 24W. These led strips are 2000 Lumen daylight natural white light.

    These 3 or 6 strip sets can be either connected together to form singly connected lights or can also be individually connected. These LEDs are known to save 85% energy when compared to fluorescent bulbs.

    The led strips are easy to install. To connect a connector clip or connector cable can be used. You can mount it using screws or adhesives to avoid damage to the cabinet.

    There are also 2 control switches provided with the package. One is the on and off switch, and the other one is a dimmer button. The lights are smart enough to remember the last brightness level.

    The lights are warm for the eyes. The product also comes with 24 months of warranty and also 24 months of customer support. There is also the option to get a remote for being able to switch off and on and also control the brightness.

    The product is also made of reliable materials such as aluminum and plastic. There is a durable shield of anti-rust been provided, which also manages the heat produced due to the lights being switched on.

     User Experience      

    Users have used this product over various places including the desk over the showcase, and inside the showcase to highlight the showcase items. The possibility to use the strips individually or attach to form a long single strip has helped many users.

    The required cable or wires are available within the package to make the necessary changes for the installation. They also found it easier to connect. Users also shared the experience of the installation process. Most of them found it to be installed within a few minutes of opening the package.


    • Can select from a range of 2 types as per the requirement.
    • The wires required for the installation is within the package.
    • It can be used at various places like aquarium, living room showcase, study tables, work tables, and so on.
    • The dimmer switch helps the better setting of the brightness of the light.
    • Each light strip can be used individually or in a group.


    • The power can be made either short or a bit longer.
    • No replacement guarantee for the product.
    • Some users got a defective product.
    • Complaints of lights getting dimmer with day-by-day usage found.

    3. GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable Under Cabinet led Lighting

    GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable Under Cabinet LED Lighting


    GetInLight is an advanced type of dimmable under cabinet led light that users can choose in 3 different colors. They are Warm White, which is 2700K of brightness, Soft White, which is 3000K of brightness, and Bright White, which is 4000K of brightness.

    To add on, they also come in different sizes such as 9, 12, 18, 24, 32, 40, and 48 inches in length. This provides the users to choose from a large range of varieties with light colors and the length of the unit.

    Although the unit itself does not come with a dimmer, a variety of box/wall-mounted dimmer switches can be used. Around 20 units can be linked together to source from a single power source. Each unit has a slide switch to change the color of the light.

    The lights are in the hard-cased box that is made of extruded aluminum. There are 2 led strips within that create these varieties of lights. The finish of the product is called Brushed Nickel.

    The installation can be of two types, Plug-in or hardware installation. The unit also comes with an instruction guide for the installation. There are also 6 feet of cord that are provided to make the installation process easier for the users.

    To add to the benefit, this can also be called a smart light as it can be synced with Amazon’s Alexa, which controls the light on command.

    The product is known to be meeting the safety standards, having less consumption of power, and also has a life span of 50,000 hours.

     User Experience

    Users have rated this product to be the best dimmable under cabinet lighting that can be found on Amazon. Users have also found it easy to be installed. Some users even found it difficult to spot any flaws as they meet the requirements just perfectly. The option of having 3 different colors of light has also been of great advantage for the users.


    • One can choose from various sizes and comes with inbuilt multi-colored LEDs.
    • Can install 20 strips with a single power source.
    • It can be used with most of the box/wall dimmer units from many product compatibilities.
    • It can also be used with Amazon Alexa.
    • Multiple features in a single product.


    • With additional features, users have found to have spent extra for the additional accessories like the external dimmer and so on.
    • Some users have received it as a dead product, while a few found it to have stopped.
    • The bright light was found to be too harsh for the eyes.

    4. Wobane Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

    Wobane Under Cabinet Lighting Kit button

    These do it yourself (DIY) led strip light comes with various advantages. It comes in a size of 6.6 feet long, and the strip itself is around half an inch in width. This is too easy to install and can be done by anyone. It’s as simple as removing the protective paper and stick it where it is required.

    The strip comes with the 3M adhesive, which is quite strong. As this is a decorative light it can be used for bookcases, an aquarium cabinet, used as mood lighting, can be put behind the television set to give a good decorative look. These can also be used as a bar under counter-led lights. The list goes on until it limits your creativity.

    WOBANE also provides 12 months satisfaction guarantee on the product. If the customer is not satisfied with it, they can send a simple message to them, and they will make sure to resolve the issue. You can also touch the strip with bare hands as it is completely safe.

    These lights come in a split of 4 strips and in two different colors-White and warm White. It gives out the light of 1100 Lumen and 2700K. The strips also come with connectors to connect to more than one strip together.

    You will also get a 2-way switch. The lights are made of copper and plastic and do not give away heat.

    User Experience 

    Users have commented on the product to be very helpful and easy to install. The installation process hardly requires any screws or clips. Just remove the tape and stick it, and the installation is complete.

    Users shared that one cannot notice the lights are present as it is just a strip of LEDs concealed in the plastic. They can only know about it when they touch where the light is coming from.


    • The strips are quite thin and unnoticeable.
    • It can be used in many places and very easily installable by the most basic knowledge. Hence also known as a DIY type of light.
    • They are also bright for the size they are.
    • It also comes with a 12-month warranty.


    • Connectors are too short, and the LEDs cannot be installed at far-off places.
    • Some users have termed it to be of poor quality.
    • Some users have found the adhesive not to be too sticky and see the strip falling off.
    • Switch wire entangles, and difficult to undo it.
    • A user also found it to be “low profile” lighting.

    5. Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light

    Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light

    Brilliant Evolution comes with a remote-controlled 55 Lumens, 3000K warm light LED under cabinet lights.

    Also known as puck lights, these are small round and easily attachable lights and are available in a pack of 6, which are wireless remotely controllable lights. This is made of plastic material and comes with the color white only. It consumes 1 volt of electricity and battery-operated, it needs no plugging into the electric socket.

    Each puck light requires 3 AA batteries, which are also included with the package when ordered. The delivery package comes with 18 AA batteries to make it easier for the user to install.

    The puck lights can be installed using double-sided adhesive stapes that are also included within the pack. There are also screws provided within the package, which can be used to fix the light to the required area.

    The light comes with a wireless remote controller, which can be used within a distance of 15 feet from the lights. The remote control comes with various user-friendly options. You can adjust the brightness using + or – signs on the dimmer part of the remote.

    There are also options to set it directly to 50% brightness or 100% brightness. It also comes with a timer that can be used to switch off at a specified time interval of 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes.

    The LEDs have a run time of 100 hours or more with the 3 AA batteries for each of them. They claim to have 4 times longer run time when compared to other led lights available in the market.

    User Experience

    Users have found this product to be very helpful. This is quite an easy install with adhesives already provided with the package. For localized lighting, they have found it very useful.

    A user said that with a few of the rechargeable batteries, this serves very well to the purpose. Users have also used it in the cupboards where it is easy to install and use. Some cupboards have less light inside, especially during night times, and this has helped a lot in such cases.


    • Easy to install with adhesives and screws already provided.
    • No external power required and can be used even when power is not available.
    • The remote control is an added advantage.
    • The 55Lumen is quite bright for localized lighting


    • A frequent change of batteries was required for a few users.
    • Adhesives were not too strong to hold for a longer time. Sometimes lights fell off due to the adhesive not being strong.
    • Some users had issues connecting the lights to the remote.

    6. Lightkiwi Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting kit

    Lightkiwi Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting kit button

    Lightkiwi LED is the light strips that come in various options. It is available in a 12 inches panel kit and also 12 inches 3-panel kit. They also come in warm white and cool white options. The company claims these products to be of professional grade and can be installed by anyone.

    These lights are recommended by electricians and interior decorators also for their durability and long life. They do not emit odd lights due to which the original color of the items they fall on do not lose their color. There is also an optional kit that is available to add to the external wall-mounted dimmer switches.

    The lights also come in a variety of two types of output. One is a 3000K, and the other one is a 6000K, both having either warm white or cool white light-emitting options.

    The installation process is also quite easy but needs to have a proper tool to complete the installation. You will need to have additional wires if you want to do the expansion of the lights. The company recommends using matched wattage of the power supply for better results and long life.

    This is a contemporary style of light, and it has a painted finish. Other features include the usage of dimmer. It has a non-smart flickering dimmer switch that can remember the previous brightness. The unit also comes with a push-button switch.


    • Easy to install set – Users had a very easy time installing this lighting.
    • High quality – The quality of the product is very high when compared to its competitors.
    • Good pricing- With the quality and features it comes with, the product has been priced at an affordable and reasonable price.
    • The unit also comes with an optional kit where you can add in a wall mount dimmer switch.


    • Some users found it to be with a shorter life span.
    • Users received the package with no additional accessories.
    • Some found the metal brackets to be too soft to install.

    7. Litever Under Counter LED Light Bar

    Litever Under Counter LED Light Bar button

    Litever Under counter lights come with 12 inches of light strips that are pre-set to warm White light. They come in 3-strip and 6-strip options that suit the user requirements. You cannot see the LED dots on the strips and that means these are warm for the eyes.

    The strip itself is very light weighted and also has a smooth finish. The set comes with a rotary switch to adjust the brightness of the lights.

    For installation purposes, the set comes with 12 pieces of cable clips. It also has 6 pieces of mounting clips and 8 pieces of steel screws so that the user, after receiving the package, need not go out looking for them separately.

    The unit also comprises the dimmer switch that can be used to adjust the brightness from 0% to 100%. The power adapter with the unit is a certified one and of the best quality.

    Besides, the unit can be used as a decorative light under the kitchen cabinets, study tables, and in the living room showcases as well.

    User Experience

    Users have termed this to be a small expense upgrade that enhances the looks of the cabinets. The installation is a pretty easy task for this product. The unit also comes with high-quality material and is very smooth to touch and feel. Users have found it to be a very cheap replacement for various other high luxurious products of a similar kind. The customer support from the company also has been good with the prompt response.


    • Easy Installation.
    • Good Customer support.
    • Comes in 2 versions – 3-strip and a 6-strip one.
    • The absence of no LED light dots makes it soft to the eyes.
    • Comes with installation screws and adhesives


    • Some users found it difficult to install if they have to be used individually.
    • Some users found it to be of low quality.
    • Complaints detected with the rotary switch.

    8. Lvyinyin Under Cabinet Puck Lights Dimmable LED Lighting Kit

    Lvyinyin Under Cabinet Puck Lights Dimmable LED Lighting Kit button

    These puck lights seem to be well designed after a very well-thought-out process. There are 8 puck lights that come in the kit, and you can use anywhere between 1-8 lights for installation.

    The lights are easy to install. It’s a good plug-and-play set that really needs no brains to install it. Each puck light has 2 wires, one that connects to the previous light and the other to the next light.

    There is also a switch that is provided that has dual operations. A short press would switch on and off the light while a long press adjusts the brightness. This is quite a unique usage of a single switch.

    The switch also is a smart one as it remembers the brightness of the last usage. The puck lights themselves are very thin that makes them very low profile lights. For installation purposes, there are double-sided adhesive stickers also provided.

    You can also choose from two types of lights based on your requirements. The Warm light is a kind of yellow light and has 2700k of brightness while the Cool white one is just like daylight.

    These lights can also be used as spotlights or the focus lights that are used, maybe in a showcase or display tables. It can also be handy in closets, wardrobe, under counter lighting in the kitchen, or also at the study desks.

     User Experience

    Users found it less expensive when compared to other similar kinds of products. Some of them agreed as it was the best choice made. They felt it has a very professional look. Installation was also quite easy for the users.

    The user also found it quite sufficient for even longer lengths of light. They shared the lights were not emitting any heat, and thus can be used for longer hours. Some also use it as night lights as they do not give out heat.


    • DIY type and a well organized and set up a light system.
    • The switch is also available within the kit.
    • Wide variety of options to choose from in terms of size and color.
    • Optionally one can also order the extension wire at additional cost.


    • The lights lit up delayed when it is powered on.
    • Some users found the transformer of the product to be defective.
    • Users also found the dimmer to be missing from the kit.

    9. OxyLED Ultra-Bright Under Cabinet Lighting

    OxyLED Ultra-Bright Under Cabinet Lighting button

    These are super luxurious LED lights that have a built-in motion sensor smart enough to detect the body heat and also the movement to switch on the light. If there is no motion for the next 15-20 seconds, the light switches off by itself.

    The lights also come with an inbuilt battery that can be recharged using a USB cable. These can be used in corridors, cabinets, garages, doorways, and other dark places where simple body movement detection can switch on the light. There is no switch required due to this value-added feature of this product. This also serves as a safe and efficient way of lighting.

    The Inbuilt battery is rechargeable with 900mAh power storage. The recharging option is also very convenient. It can be recharged using a power cable, a USB, or even a laptop. The sensor range is up to 10 feet away.

    The material used in building the body of the light is aluminum. Each strip is made up of 36 LED dots, which emit pure white light.

    The installation process is very unique. There is a 3M adhesive strip that is provided with the package. This adhesive strip has one side magnetic, which can easily be stuck to the light panel. This facility makes it easier for recharging purposes.

    The sensor is also smart enough to make sure when there is good daylight available, it does not lit up the light.

    User Experience       

    Users have really found it to be advantageous to use it in closets, wardrobes, and also in aquariums. As it is kind of mobile and can be used anywhere with its own power source, some users have multiple lights being used. Users have also used it in places like a garage where there is no power source. Some of them even used it while traveling and in their cars.


    • Mobile and can be carried anywhere.
    • It has its own power source and hence can be moved easily.
    • It can easily be charged with a USB or a laptop.
    • It has a motion sensor, and hence no switch is required.


    • If the charge is low, the motion sensor does not work properly.
    • Some users have complained it has not maintained the quality of the product which was promised.
    • For some users, the battery life is too low.

    10. LED Concepts Under Cabinet LED T5 Light Bar

    EShine Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

    LED Concepts Undercabinet & Close lighting is a sleek design light that can also be used in various other places like study areas, closets, workplaces, or any other localized place to focus on.

    You can term it as the best led under cabinet lighting. It helps if there is little light falling on the kitchen counter or even if you need to work during the night.

    This sleek-modeled LED light comes in 2 colors output – white and warm white (which is kind of yellow light). You can also buy more than one light, which you can connect together to make a long light. The main highlight of this product is that they are linkable.

    To make the installation easier, the kit comes with mounting brackets and nails to properly fix to the required area. You can also order a set of two, which can be slightly less expensive if singles bought individually.

    The bulbs are said to be energy efficient and do not need any change of bulb as they are so sure you would not face any problems with the bulb.

    The lights are also said to complement both a traditional setting as well as a modern setting. It consumes only 4W of electricity.

    User Experience

    The users have found the light to be bright, and some of them found it very useful, especially in dark places of the kitchen where they found it difficult for the natural light to reach.

    Users have found it to be fewer heat emitting lights. This also has served to be a cost-effective product when compared to other similar products. Some lights do emit small sounds when switched on, or after few days of usage, however, these lights do not have any kind of sound or noise coming.


    • Less Expensive.
    • Light-weighted product.
    • Less/no heat emission.
    • It can be linked to several lights of the same kind.


    • Spotted with length issues.
    • Although linkable, the next light should be within 7 inches of distance. The company does not provide customized cables.
    • No warranty on the product.

    11. EShine Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

    EShine Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

    EShine comes with 12 inch LEDs for each of 4 panels. The best thing about this model is that it comes with hand wave activated lights. This means you can switch on and off when with a hand wave.

    Not only that, but you can also adjust the brightness of the lights with hand waves too. The sensors in the light are of high quality. You need not touch the switches with your dirty hand to control the lights.

    This product is also made of sturdy and good quality material that also makes it a very reliable product. The product comes with 2 types of lights, one is a warm white, and the other one is a cool white.

    The warm white light is 3000K lumen while the cool white one is 6000K lumen. These 2 varieties can be chosen based on the requirement.

    It also comes in 2 colors of finishing; one is white, and another one is black. It is also easy to install as some screws and adhesives are already available with the package that is delivered.

    To best fit your requirements, it also comes in different sizes, such as 7 inches, 12 inches, 20 inches, and 40 inches. The product also claims to be eco-friendly as the power consumption is lesser when compared to other available led lights. These also should be having a long life and serve more than 30,000 hours.

    User experience

    Users have found the product to be beneficial. They found it to be consuming lesser electricity and also giving good output as expected. Users also found the sensor availability very helpful and avoided various issues when using different kinds of lights.

    User experience with the installation is also very good. They found it very easy to install even at the L-shaped cabinets. Users have found it to be working without any glitches for over months.


    • Works with hand waves and can be used without touching.
    • Faster installation and anyone can install with the instructions given.
    • Superior-quality materials used to give a long-lasting performance.
    • They are quite bright.
    • Comes in various sizes to suit your requirement.


    • Only one panel of the 4 has motion detection; hence, every time you need to reach out to the same panel to start and adjust brightness.
    • Once the hand wave motion detector stops working, the whole set becomes useless.
    • Light flickers have been the complaints of the users.
    • Motion sensors have been found working even without anyone waving.

    12. LE Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting

    LE Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting button

    LE Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting is a 6-panel set of LED lights, which is made of a very durable quality of materials. Each panel is around 300 Lumen, and when all 6 combined together, it gives around 1800 lumen of brightness. The panels emit natural light color, which makes them soothing to the eyes.

    The panels are made of durable material, which makes the product highly power-efficient and can save 50% of your electricity bill. The LEDs themselves have a life span of more than 50000 hours of usage.

    The installation of the panels is quite easy. There are mounting brackets that are provided with screws so that you need not look for the accessories for the installation. You can connect each panel in two possible ways.

    One is with the short connectors, which give excellent brightness. These can be used when the light panels are required close enough. The other type of long connectors can be used when you want to place the panels far enough. These provide a bit less brightness when compared to the shorter connectors.

    These panels come with 3000K soft white light, which can be used at a variety of places, including the cabinet, wardrobes, utility rooms, basement, and jewelry displays. The panels are actually safe and are touchable even by children. As it comes with the aluminum body and well-insulated, there is no fear of shock.

    The light also comes with a dimmable rotating switch from which one can adjust the brightness from 0 to 100% without any hassle and flicker.

    User Experience

    Users have used this product for a couple of months before giving feedback, and they were quite satisfied with the output of the product. The brightness was good with the lights. The even spread of light was also complemented by the users.

    Users have used it in the kitchen near the sink and also near the bathroom mirrors and found it to work well.


    • More than 50000 hours of usage of the lights.
    • Connectors for both near and far distances provided with the kit.
    • Installation is very easy.
    • Good brightness.


    • Connecting over long lengths is difficult as we do not get a compatible connector.
    • Some users found the light flickering while using the dimmer.
    • The make of the product has been stated as low quality by some of the users.

    13. EShine Panel LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

    EShine Panel LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit button

    EShine Panel LED comes in 3 sizes – 12, 20, and 40 inches in length. This light is made explicitly for the kitchen, as a kitchen under cabinet led lighting, and serves as a complete set for the kitchen lighting purposes.

    The light comes with a cool hand wave activation of light functionality. In the kitchen, you tend to have oily or wet hands, so a simple hand wave option that lets you switch on or off the light can be handy.

    To add to its feature, there is also the option where you can adjust the brightness of the light simply by holding your hand over the sensor. You can remove your hand once the brightness is as per your requirement. It is also smart to remember the last brightness level once switched on.

    This is also energy efficient, and the company claims you can save a lot on your electricity bill. The make of this product is also sturdy and has an attractive finish. Its installation process is also made easier for the users.

    You are provided with the required screws and the 3M stickers, making it easy for you to fix it to the required place.

    The light comes in 2 types of color – Warm White and Cool White, so as per your requirement, you can select the one that suits you the best. The LEDs are known to have a life span of more than 30000 hours of usage.

     User Experience

    Not only did the users use this light in the kitchen but also in the garage and deck areas. The motion sensor has been known to work seamlessly. The cost of the product also has surprised the users as the quality provided is very good. Users have also liked it to be used under a sink.


    • Simple design with no complications. All the features said to work seamlessly.
    • The motion-activated switch works well.
    • It is thin in size and hence merges with the available space without anyone noticing its presence there.
    • Easy installation.


    • The packaging could improve so that the product does not move within the package.
    • Some users received a damaged product, and it stopped working within hours of installation.

    14. American Lighting Dimmable Under Cabinet Fixture

    American Lighting Dimmable Under Cabinet Fixture


    This light comes with switchable color temperatures. You can switch to 2400K, 3000K or 4000K as per your requirement. This is one of the very rare features that you will get. The light itself is 1 inch thick, which makes it a low-profile light.

    Unlike other light panels, this light panel comes with a quick access door that makes it easy for installation and clubbing with additional wires.

    The light comes in sizes of 8, 16, 24, and 32 inches and can be ordered as per the requirement. It also comes in 2 colors of finishing, Dark Bronze and White.

    This lighting panel has also been certified for efficient energy usage to reduce your electricity bill. It also complies with various other standards in the US. Its installation is easier, and with the easy connectors provided, you can also connect additional panels with a single power source.

    The panel is kept very simple for usage and comes with a switch on one end of the panel. The acrylic lens used in the panel spreads out the light evenly and is soft on the eyes.

    Optionally you can also order a hardwire junction box, which will help you connect the light to a wall-mounted dimmer switch. The package also comes with a power cable and linking cables for more than one panel.

     User Experience

    The easy-to-install experience and the adjustable color temperature have mostly been appreciated by the users. Mounting screws are also provided, which has helped make the user’s installation experience seamless.

    The product finishing has been a catching feature. The simple idea to have connector areas concealed has also impressed the users.


    • Adjustable temperatures are a unique feature that is impressive.
    • Easy installation is add on which is appreciated by users.
    • The quality of the product is very high.
    • Brightness is very good.


    • Users experienced the melting of the product within a small usage.
    • Inaccurate descriptions have been pointed out by the users.

    15. Keyola White Under Cabinet Lights Closet

    Keyola White Under Cabinet Lights Closet button

    These 10 feet long LED Cabinet lighting not only fits your aquarium but also serves as decorative light. It comes in White, Warm White, and RGB color output options.

    To get a variety of options, one can see this as the best led under cabinet lighting.

    The RGB output also comes with a remote for you to adjust to the required color as per the ambiance you want to create. It is available with a power adapter so that you need not shop for this separately.

    The installation of these lights is very easy as their weight is less and is provided with double-sided adhesives. Just clean the surface where you want to fix them, and then it can be done in a jiffy.

    You can use this light in bookshelves, aquarium cabinets, bar cabinets, set up mood lighting by having it installed in the living room.

    The brightness of the light can be adjusted with a dimmable hand switch and can also be used to switch on or off the light. There is a touch sensor in the switch that makes this task pretty easy for the user. No need to press hard on the switch.

    The lights are super bright with 2400 Lumen. These LEDs are said to last for more than 10 years or 50000 hours of usage. To give you peace of mind, it also comes with a 3 years warranty.

    It is available in a set of 3 LEDs in a small strip and has 20 such strips. The remote with the RGB version also adds to the feature and makes it look cool when you are using or showing off in front of your guests.

     User Experience

    Users find the installation as smooth as butter. Just peel off the adhesive papers and go on sticking it where you require them. Once done just plug it and voila there it is all working.

    Users could find their creative side in arranging the light in design and also using various colors in the RGB version of the light. It also has a low profile as they are very thin.


    • Good variety to choose from and also has an RGB version.
    • As they are loosely held, they can be used to organize in a design.
    • 3 years of warranty for the lights.
    • The switch is touch-sensitive and can be very helpful.


    • The light was emitting a lot of heat; hence using it continuously was difficult.
    • The transformer has heating issues which cause the light to switch off.
    • Products received were defective, and lights in between did not lit up.



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