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7 Best Submersible Aquarium Filter Reviews 2024


Submersible aquarium filters are a necessary product if you love keeping a tank full of amazing fishes. A fish tank is not just an owner’s delight but also serves as an ornament that will fit in very easily with your home décor. Now, to be honest, just keeping a fish tank is not enough. Proper time and effort should be given towards maintaining it, towards keeping it clean, and that is exactly what a filter does.

Now that we have established the necessity of a filter in your aquarium let us focus on the next question- what are submersible aquarium filters?

Submersible aquarium filters, also known as the internal filter, is actually a compact filter that sits right inside your fish tank. The advantage of using it is that they are not just efficient, but also they save a lot of space since they take up only a little bit of it inside your tank.

A filter that fits inside the fish tank has several roles to perform, but among them, the most important is keeping the water inside the tank absolutely clean. Not only does it make your fish tank look good, but also, the health of the fish that you have kept in the tank depends on the health of the water. The healthier the water, the healthier are the fish.

Now the next question that is bound to arise here is which one is actually the best product that you could use for your fish tank?

The article lists below the reviews of the Submersible aquarium filters top-rated products that you could consider. Read on to find out in detail.

 7 Submersible Aquarium Filters in the Market 2024

 1. Fluval Underwater Filter

Fluval Underwater Filter


The Fluval Underwater Filter is an absolute hit among the customers. It does not matter if you have a small or a large fish tank, this submersible aquarium filter will suit it because it comes in 4 variants that can be fit for any tank from 15-gallon capacity to as large as 65-gallon capacity.

What is excellent is that it even works for turtles! It removes the debris and the wastes so efficiently, and yet, it is so silent that you would hardly recognize that you have an aquarium filter fitted inside your tank.

No doubt that like other Fluval products, this too, is somewhat on the expensive side, but on the other side, this is one of the most durable and reliable submersible filters that are currently available in the market.

The technology involved here is excellent. The foams, Carbon, and BioMax ring aid in an efficient 3 stage filtration, and what is more is that all this is included. If you need to get a replacement anytime, you could easily get it through their website. Even after months of running, it is seen that it is absolutely silent, which is really great.

The only thumbs down to this product are that it is really delicate to handle, and thus, it is a little difficult to take it out of the tank and clean it. The vertical part of the filter that is to be stuck inside the aquarium with the help of suction cups is no doubt good, and the cups are strong enough. But when the filter is to be detached from the aquarium, it becomes really difficult to do so, and sometimes, even the suction cups come out with the body of the device.

Therefore, it can be said that the filter might be a little too tall for some fish tanks, standing tall at 20cm, and somewhat difficult to take out and put in after cleaning. However, once it starts functioning, it is so efficient that these flaws can be easily overlooked.

2. Whisper In-Tank Filter with BioScrubber for Aquariums

Whisper In-Tank Filter with BioScrubber for Aquariums

    If you have an absolutely small to small fish tank, this would be an appropriate submersible aquarium filter for your use. The Whisper In-Tank Filter with BioScrubber for Aquariums comes invariants that can be used for fish tanks whose capacity is anywhere between 4 gallons and 40 gallons.

    The filter is as silent as its name suggests and you can barely hear it when it is working. The models look absolutely basic. In fact, they look so simple that you would want to question their efficiency. But, make no mistakes. This submersible filter is as efficient as it gets.

    It is really simple to attach this filter to the tank since you are given 2 options. You could either use the 2 suction cups that are provided or you could also use the bracket to hang the filter from the edge of your fish tank. Both are equally effective and easy to operate. These filters are really tough and durable and are also, value for money. The plastic is flexible, and thus the handling of the product is quite convenient.

    Now, on the downside, this filter does not come with a lid apart from the model that is meant for the reptiles. This could possibly injure as well as disturb the fish. Some people have complained that this product starts showing fault from the 8th month of usage onwards. It could be due to its needing some cleaning. Some also complain of the fan in the filter having injured or killed the fish.

    Now, it can be said that this product is absolutely valuable for money and is somewhat hardy and durable too. It can be a boon to you if you have a really small tank. However, with this product installed in your fish tank, you would have to keep a careful eye out for the safety of your fish. Although the filter is not completely silent, it is at least really very quiet.

    3. MarineLand Magnum Submersible Fishtank Filter

    MarineLand Magnum Submersible Fishtank Filter


     If you want a high-end product that you would be able to trust with your eyes closed, MarineLand Magnum Internal Canister Filter is just the product for you.

    This filter will be a solution to all the filtration problems that could possibly spring up in the filtration of your fish tank. The motor in this device is submerged so that it can facilitate an easy start-up.

    What is more, the filtration is customizable here since the two chambers are refillable with Carbon that is included. The 3-stage filtration system of this filter is something that is really efficient.

    This product is really durable and reliable. This submersible fish tank filter is very powerful and is well suited for your intermediate to a large tank. It does not just filter water but polishes it with the help of its Rite-Size floss. It is extremely efficient. From 3-stage filtration to polishing, this product manages just about everything for you. Also, the fact that it can be easily cleaned out is something that makes it an absolute hit with its customers.

    All in all, this product is quite user-friendly. You will be able to use it with absolute ease. It is an absolute treat when used in your fish tank.

    Coming to the downside of this product, when working, this filter makes a constant buzzing sound, which can be troublesome. Given that the filter is really high-end, it would have been better if it would have been a little more silent. Apart from this, there is another major downside to this product, and it is the fact that this filter is extremely pricey.

    Thus, it can be said that despite its drawback, the filter more or less delivers well and it almost stands up to its high price.

    4. AqueonQuietflow E Internal Filter 

    AqueonQuietflow E Internal Filter 

    It’s a product that will help you get through all the filtration challenges that you could face in your fish tank. It does not matter if your fish tank is 4 gallons or 40 gallons; there is a perfect filter that has been designed for your tank.

    Easy to use and operate, this internal filter could easily submerge inside your tank and then you could sit back and relax as this filter does its job very quietly.

    Equipped with a carbon cartridge to help with the chemical filtration, this filter too comes with a 2-way option. You could either use the suction cups or the clips that are provided to fix this aquarium filter to your fish tank. It is durable, as well. The pump restarts automatically when faced with a power cut and needs no priming. This filter removes all odor or coloration from the water in the tank. The water flow through this filter is amazing and this feature is an absolute crowd-pleaser.

    Now coming to the cons of this filter, despite its name promising a quiet functioning, it is seen that AqueonQuietflow E Internal Filter is actually pretty loud and this is a major let down in this product. Another con is that the water flow through this filter cannot really be adjusted. So it does not matter if the flow is really good, there is no way in which you could possibly turn it a little up or down.

    So it can be said that this product, despite its cons, is one of the favorites because it is affordable and efficient. However, when considering buying it, you must also remember that the filter is quite loud and non-adjustable.

    5. Zilla Filter for Aquatic Reptiles  

    Zilla Filter for Aquatic Reptiles

    If you’re more of an aquatic reptile lover and keep them in a tank, Zilla Internal Filter for Aquatic Reptiles is just the product that will suit your needs. This filter will also strive towards keeping your terrariums clean.

    The carbon cartridge in this filter is replaceable, and it ensures that the water in the tank is always clean, fresh, and always odor-free. This product can be said to be totally valuable for money. There are features for which you would want to pay.

    Firstly, there is a safety grate in this filter, which prevents the turtle in the tank from entering the filter as its placed inside the aquarium. Thus, it reduces the chances of the turtle entering the filter and getting hurt or being gravely injured.

    Secondly, there are 2 possible ways in which you could attach this filter to your tank. You could attach it using the 2 suction cups, so provided, or use the clips to mount it instead. Thus, the installation of this product is really easy and simple. This product is also very reliable and durable.

    Everything about this filter is so good that the one major flaw that it has is often forgotten. The Zilla Internal Filter for Aquatic Reptiles is just too loud. Despite awesome efficiency, this is the one drawback that will make you ponder upon your decision before you can really finalize the purchase of this product. Some customers have questioned its durability, too, while some have complained about this filter being too large in size.

    Overall, it can be said that it is true that this product has some “big” drawbacks. However, it is so efficient and useful, and safe that people tend to ignore all the rest. This product could surely prove to be an absolute value for money. 

    6. PENN PLAX  Cascade Submersible Aquarium Filter 

    PENN PLAX  Cascade Submersible Aquarium Filter 

    If you have a really small tank or terrarium that requires some good cleaning, you can close your eyes and fall back easily on the PENN PLAX (CIF4) Cascade 170 Submersible Aquarium Filter and you are bound to be satisfied with the result. It can clean a tank with a capacity of up to 10 gallons. This product is pretty impressive. The added advantage of this is that it is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments.

    The product is absolutely quiet and the water flow through the filter is pretty good too. The pump head is adjustable, which means that you could easily regulate the direction and the flow of the water through the filter. It has an activated carbon cartridge that removes toxins, odor, coloration, and waste from the water really efficiently. The spray bar is a boon that helps in the proper aeration of the tank. Cascade filters provide better physical, chemical, and biological filtration.

    Some customers have said that the build of this filter is rather cheap and it does not work well for a tank with a capacity of more than 10 gallons. Due to the lack of surface agitation, this filter tends to get too scummy and fast.

    It can be said that the drawbacks of this product are really minor. Although suitable only for really small tanks, up to 10 gallons, the work that it does is stunning, and it is totally valuable for your money.

    7. Marina I25 Internal Aquarium Filter 

    Marina I25 Internal Aquarium Filter 

    A savior for people with small fish tanks, Marina i25 Internal Filter is a revolutionary product that will certainly make your life a little easier. Small as it is, this filter is extremely efficient for a tank up to the capacity of 6.6 gallons. Rather affordable, Marina i25 Internal filter can easily be called a good buy.

    It has several pros. It is quiet and efficient and also affordable. The water flow through this filter is actually pretty good. It can be installed very easily and very fast with the suction cups or the clips that are included with it. It reduces both – pollutants and odors very efficiently. It comes with a power cartridge, and thus, cartridge change is considerably fast and absolutely mess-free.

    Now let us look at its cons. Efficient as it is, the pump might prove to be a wee bit too powerful for a small tank. It has a European plug, which could create a little bit of a problem if you do not have the proper adapter. The filter only just works for a small tank and not for a big one.

    Well, it can be said that this is a good product overall. It has few minor problems here and there, but all in all, this filter can be said to be worth a buy. 

    Things to keep in mind while buying the right submersible aquarium filter for your fish tank

    There are quite a few things that ought to be kept in mind before you can shop for a filter for your aquarium. It is crucial that you invest in the right product and the best one that your money can buy. After all, there can be no compromise made about the health of the fishes that you hold so dear to yourself. The correct filter will not just maintain the cleanliness of the water but also will help in dissolving more water so that the fish can breathe with better ease.

    Besides that, the filter is also supposed to be the place where the good bacteria grow in the tank. Although keeping the tank clean is not solely dependent on the filter, however, there is no point in denying that it does play a very crucial role in it.

    • The size of the tank is a huge factor in determining the correct submersible aquarium filter for it. The larger the tank, the more powerful should be your aquarium filter. It must also be remembered that the more the power, the larger is the size of the filter as well.
    • The size of the fish in the tank should also be considered. It should be taken care that small fishes in the fish tank do not get sucked up by the filter.
    • The sensitivity of the fish in the tank is also to be taken care of. Some fish like fast currents, while some like slow. So, the choice of the filter should also be based on that.


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