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Best Wall Mounted Fish Tank 2024 – Review and Buyer’s Guide


Wall Mounted Aquarium

Wall-mounted fish tanks are called by various names such as hanging aquariums, wall aquariums, or portrait aquariums. This type of aquarium setup can be perfect for individuals who have a shortage of carpet area in their living space.

Wall fish tanks also get included in interior designs especially of showrooms, offices, conference rooms, and banks. These fish tanks are quite different from the basic aquariums that we see. They are usually kept at eye levels, and the view from one particular side of the tank helps to be on the focal point.

Why You Should Choose Wall Mounted Tank?

Wall Mounted tank not only helps to save your floor area but also increases the aura of the space with living aquatic flora and fauna. If you are planning to get a wall-mounted aquarium, then certain factors should be kept in mind regarding the types of fishes that you can keep in this tank.

The shape of these tanks allows a minimum amount of surface area which makes the enclosure only suitable for freshwater tropical fishes. The surface area of your tank will also determine how many fishes you can keep.

Factors You Need To Consider While Choosing Wall Mounted Tanks

Fishes like guppies, bettas, and goldfishes dwell well in wall aquariums. These freshwater fishes can sustain themselves in an environment where the depth of the tank is not much, and the source of natural oxygen is also the minimum. The wall-mounted tanks are available in various designs and shapes.

The particular shape which you are selecting determines how many fishes can live in it. You can choose from a basic rectangular-shaped wall mount tank to a half bowl-shaped or panoramic wall-mounted aquarium. The basic rectangular-shaped tanks are available from 3 feet, and they can be as big as 7 feet long with a depth of 4 feet.

Hanging aquariums are not readily available in local pet shops. Either, you have to make a designer wall-mounted aquarium, or you can choose from the online options that come with all mounting accessories.

For larger tanks, filters, oxygen supply pumps, and lighting setup are required but, in small tanks with a maximum water capacity of 6 gallons, you can install some easy-care aquarium plants or money plants that will provide natural oxygen to your fish. Some tropical fish can also survive on the roots of these plants.

So, you will hardly require any care for your aquatic companion. But, in small wall-mounted tanks, you can only keep small fishes with a maximum size of 5 cm and the growth rate is also low.

For helping you in getting the best wall-mounted fish tank the list of the popular products in this genre has been listed below.

Wall Mounted Aquarium Reviews 

1. Sweetsea Creative Acrylic Hanging Wall Mounted Aquarium

Sweetsea Creative Acrylic Hanging Wall Mounted Aquarium

Sweetsea Creative Acrylic Hanging Aquariums are for aquarium hobbyist who wants to keep a tiny set up in the living space. These tanks can be installed in any favorable space of your living area or office walls and if your office needs aquariums for placing on desktops then there the options are more.  You can use this tank as a pot for an indoor plant whose roots are dipped inside the tank.

In this type of hanging tanks, you can keep one or maximum a pair of small fishes like goldfishes or guppies. Betta fish also suites in this enclosure. But, in the case of keeping male Betta, it is best to limit the number to one.

Sweetsea Creative Hanging tanks are made up of premium quality acrylics that require no regular maintenance. It can be kept both on indoor walls as well as on the wall outside the house. The material of the tank is capable of bearing all weather conditions, and during extreme climate conditions, the machine-shaped molds do not tend to crack.

    You can decorate your hanging aquarium with live plants and some colorful pebbles at the bottom. Ideally, keeping live plants provide more oxygen, and some source food can also be obtained from plant roots by your fish. If you install artificial plant items, frequent change of the tank water will be needed.

    You can keep a betta with a snail for keeping the water of the hanging aquarium fresh for a greater number of days. When you are feeding dried food, excess supply can make the condition simply unbearable for the aquatic creature to survive. It is to be kept in mind that in small setups, the size of the fish is also not very big.

    So, a very minimum amount is required, and moreover, your fish will make its diet from the live plant sources. As there is no supply of external pump or oxygen supply, the condition of the water with adequate space for air supply must be kept for maintaining the good health of your fish.

    SweetSea Hanging Tanks come with wall-mounted designs that help a fish lover save space. This tank can hold up to 1 gallon of water and comes with a plastic mount that can be easily fixed on any of your favorite walls. You can also gift this product to persons who love to keep fishes.

    The most interesting fact regarding this product is that you don’t have the regular hassle to keep an eye on your tank. Keeping these tanks for a beginner aquarium hobbyist can be the ideal choice.

    The live plants with colorful fishes can be more beautiful than a regular wall hanging. This model comes in two varieties, one with 0.5-gallon water capacity and the other with a 1-gallon capacity. The smaller version seems more suitable for guppies or solitary betta, and its price range varies around $14.5 while goldfish can be kept in the bigger version that is available for $26.

    User Experience: Aquarium hobbyists possessing these tanks have explained how beautiful and eye-catching these hanging aquariums are. It not only helps to include the essence of aquatic life in your living space but also enhances the beauty of the room.

    These small tanks often make the best place for keeping solitary bettas. The low maintenance with negligible daily care makes the SweetSea Creative Acrylic Wall Mount Aquarium one of the preferred options while selecting a hanging fish tank.


    • Very low maintenance cost.
    • Easy installation on any type of wall.
    • Available in two sizes.


    • Not enough space for keeping more than two live fishes.
    • No supply of oxygen or external aquarium pump fitted for filtration.

    2. CNZ Wall Mounted Acrylic Fishtank, 11.5-inch

    CNZ Wall Mounted Acrylic Fishtank

    When you are having a shortage of floor place, or you want to decorate your house wall with live aquatic flora and fauna, CNZ Wall Mounted Acrylic Fish tank can be the best wall mounted aquarium choice for your home.

    This fish tank is made of premium quality acrylic sheets that are transparent. The material seems much more durable and can withstand temperature instability during the season changes.

    You can set the CNZ Wall Hanging fish tanks on any of your favorite walls. The tanks are made tough to suit both indoor and outdoor conditions. This small aquarium setup allows you to decorate the tank with various items like colorful stones and live plants.

    These tanks seem suitable for small-sized freshwater fishes that are not very sensitive. You can easily keep one or two juvenile goldfishes or guppies. If you want to keep male bettas, it is always better to go for a single piece.

    The CNZ Wall Mounted Acrylic Fish Bowl does require care on a regular basis. Partial water replacement that also monthly basis seems more than enough for keeping the tank condition perfect. While changing the water, 80 % of the used water should be replaced while keeping the 20 % intact inside the bowl. The freshwater must be of the same temperature or else your fish may fall prone to bacterial or fungal infection.

    The tropical fishes which usually suit well in these all-mounted fish tanks prefer a warm temperature and can survive with less oxygen supply on the water surface. The live plants and the amount of regular sunlight determine the amount of algae production in the aquarium.

    But when you see green patches on the wall of the bowl, it is time to clean the surface with a soft cloth. The acrylic layer of this particular hanging fish tank comes with anti-scratch technology that makes the surface free from algae with one swipe.

    The type of diet that you are providing to your aquatic friend also determines how frequently your hanging tank will require cleaning. In case you are keeping your fish’s regular diet limited to dried pellets, an excess food supply can create a mess in this type of tank.

    For making a healthier environment for your fish, it is better to decorate your tank with aquatic plants, and natural aquarium waste consumers like snails can help to drain out the excess waste product from the bottom surface. This will require less change in the aquarium’s water frequently.

    As there is no supply of external pumps or oxygen, the fish dwelling in this tank has to depend on natural sources of air intake. So, in this condition, installing artificial plants just for decoration won’t help your fish in anyways.

    Live plants are more beneficial for not only your fish’s health but also for the room atmosphere where you have installed this hanging fishbowl. The tank which comes with a 1-gallon water capacity is available for around $19.

    User Experience: Users who have purchased this tank have given excellent reviews, and especially Betta lovers think that the particular design suits best for male, colorful Bettas which are very active and solitary dwellers. But, you have to be restricted to small-sized fishes like guppies and juvenile goldfishes, when you are willing to keep your aquatic friend in this CNZ Acrylic Wall mount tank.


    • The fishbowls are very durable and come with all-weather protection.
    • Can be easily installed on any type of wall.


    • No external pump fitted.
    • Space adequate for two small-sized fishes.

     3. Fish Bubbles – Wall Mounted Acrylic Fish Aquarium

    Fish Bubbles - Wall Mounted Acrylic Fish Aquarium

    Fish Bubbles Wall Mounted Acrylic Fish aquarium is meant for aquarists who like to witness the live activity of the aquatic friends from any eye level. These wall fish tanks are easy to install and is made of excellent quality acrylic sheet that can withstand the seasonal temperature change.

    You can set up this fishbowl on indoor walls as well as on outdoor walls. It usually gets installed in any solid plain that can bear and support the particular amount of weight exerted on the surface.

    The bowls can be decorated with colorful pebbles and live aquatic plants. It helps to create a natural surrounding for your living area. Not only for houses but this wall-mounted fishbowl also can be installed in your office or showrooms.

    Fishes like juvenile goldfishes, guppies, betta, and green neon tetras can survive perfectly in this small aquarium setup. You can keep a betta with a snail. This will help to keep your tank water clear and clean for days as the snail seems to consume the waste decomposition that usually sets at the bottom. How you combine the setup determines how much care your wall mount fish bowl will require.

    User Experience: People using this tank have advised that individuals should select live plants while decorating the tank as it will provide both oxygen and food sources for their fish. In this type of tank, there is a shortage of surface space which makes the source of natural oxygen low, and no external pumps are attached in this setup. So, it is necessary to create a natural environment for your fish to stay healthy. Moreover, the sturdy tank can hold up to 1 gallon of water capacity and is available for $15.


    • Easy to install on any hard surface.
    • You can use it only for keeping live plants.


    • Requires occasional cleaning as the tank lacks a filter or pump.
    • Restricted for keeping a limited number and small-sized fishes.

    4. Fish Bubble – Deluxe Acrylic Wall Mounted Fish Tank

    Fish Bubble - Deluxe Acrylic Wall Mounted Fish Tank

    This product is from the manufacturers of China and has been a popular choice for individuals searching for wall-mounted acrylic fish tanks. You can hang this small aquarium in any strongly built walls which can hold its mounts.

    The easy-to-install aquarium brings a natural aura with its presence. The bowl shape helps the aquarium to be the focal point of the room which never misses any individual’s sight who is present in that space.

    Fish bubble tank can be cleaned without any hassle, and moreover, when you are decorating it with live plants and feeding accurate dietary supplements, your wall-mounted setup will require just once a month cleaning.

    User Experience: Aquarium hobbyists owning this tank explain the number and type of fishes that can be accommodated. The list included small varieties of tropical fishes like juvenile goldfishes, neon tetras, guppies, and bettas.

    You need to select from the hardy variety, especially those which can survive with a limited and natural oxygen supply. And, the sizes should be maximum of 3 to 4 inches. You can set multiple tanks and keep different colorful Bettas which can give a feel of nature within your living area.


    • Durable and long-lasting product.
    • Easy installation on both indoor and outdoor walls.


    • No filters or pumps attached to the tank.
    • May require a weekly change of a two-thirds portion of tank water.

    5. PRUGNA Wall-Mounted Fishtank Acrylic 

    PRUGNA Wall-mounted Fishtank Acrylic 

    PRUGNA wall fish tanks are made of the best quality acrylic sheets that provide years of durability. The opening of the fishbowl is sized 6 x 3.5 inches that allow any standard hands to easily clean the tank and it is priced around $27.

    These fishbowls come with artificial plants and small stones, but you can also install live aquatic plants. The water capacity is 1 gallon, and there is enough room for two small-sized fishes in this wall-mounted fishbowl.

    The easy-to-install feature allows you to set up the tank in any of your desired locations. You can install multiple fish bowls with different plant and fish species that can fill the living space with the essence of nature.


    • The acrylics are very tough and do not get damaged if accidentally your children or pet grab them.
    • Easy to screw on any hard surface.


    • No external pumps or filters installed.
    • Change of water is advised once monthly.

    6.  Reflection Fish Bubble Deluxe Mirrored Wall Mounted Aquarium Tank

    Reflection Fish Bubble Deluxe Mirrored Wall Mounted Aquarium Tank

    Reflection Fish Bubble Deluxe Mirrored Wall Mounted Fish Tank can hold around 3.6 liters of water, and its easy-to-install feature allows the user to install the tank in any of his favorite walls. It is sturdy enough to withstand the weather changes and can be hung on the exterior walls as well.

    These wall-mounted fish tanks come with a blue background that makes the bowl look larger when filled with water. The tank is well suited for small tropical fishes like guppies and solitary betta fishes. You can decorate the bowl with natural aquatic floras.


    • Can be installed on any wall.
    •  Also used as plant pots.


    • Room for only small breeds.
    • No supply of external pumps or oxygen.


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