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8 Best Automatic Fish Feeders – A Buyer’s Guide for 2023


automatic fish feeder

Keeping fish and feeding them in the home aquarium appears to be getting easier by the day and that’s thanks to the ample of devices available for use. It is with this in mind that we have elected to discuss automatic fish feeders in this article.

Automatic Fish feeders are very useful for providing your aquarium pets with their food at regular intervals without the need for human involvement. With one of such devices linked to the tank, you can be sure that your fish get to feed on time while you are away for office or vacation and also ensures that they are get overfed.

Aquarium fish feeders can be set up to meet the daily feeding needs of your fish without you interfering time and again. Besides, the fish feeder helps to minimize the incidence of having an overload of leftover feeds in the tank thus the quality of water in the tank is sustained over a considerable period [of time] – a fish feeder will certainly make a great addition to your aquarium set-up.

So, without further ado, let’s see a list of automatic fish feeders you may find at the pet store.

1. Eheim Automatic Fish Feeder
Eheim Automatic Fish Feeder

When the technologists at Eheim were going into production to design this feeding unit, they had one thing in mind: to bring out an automatic fish feeder that will enable aquarists with a busy schedule to effectively supply their pets with the needed quantity of feed without missing out on their appointments. And this very feeder has got the relevant features to make this happen.

It has an adjustable slider that allows you to set the desired portion of feed that should be released to the fish in the tank. This feeder seems perfect for fish species with a rapacious appetite as it can serve up to eight feedings in a day. More so, the feed bucket can hold up to 100ml of feed; with the feed lasting for 6 weeks as it is kept dry by the feeder’s inbuilt ventilation system. So, you can be sure about the feed being preserved for the duration it is in the feeding unit.

The manual release button will come in handy in case you desire to feed your fish without following the preset timing. It is powered by two AA batteries and there is an integrated indicator to tell you when the battery’s power is low.

Based on the customer’s review; the Eheim fish feeder is very easy to use and operate, and its simple design is another thing that fascinates those that have had to use this to complement their tank setup. Users also have positive comments about how dependable this particular equipment is.


  • Integrated ventilation system to keep food dry.
  • Manual release button for feeding aquarium pets outside preset feeding times.
  • Easy to set up and use.


  • May not always deliver the right portion of food to the fish.

2. Torlam Automatic Fish Feeder

Torlam Automatic Fish Feeder

The Torlam fish feeder has been intricately designed for the aquarium space. This feeding unit which has a water-resistant hopper to ensure that the feed remains dry can be used for dishing out different kinds of fish food – from pellets to crumbles and flakes.

It can be set to feed your fish four times every day using the unique AquaBlue timer that has been incorporated into it, and feeding can be served between 1 – 3 time(s) at every instance. This feeding unit is capable of holding feed as much as 200ml – making it another priceless fish species with high nutritional demand – and it can preserve the feed for up to 21 days.

Besides the features mentioned above, it also has an adjustable hatch-style feed door that allows you to supply the specific amount of feed you wish to dispense at every given time. This Automatic fish feeder can be rotated to the tune of 3600; making it possible to select the feeding position that you desire.

You can install this feeder using any of two means; one of these is by pasting the feeder on the tank cover with the aid of a double-side sticker while the other (way) is by placing the edge of the stent [provided in the package] in the tank and then fasten the feeder with the plastic screws. It is also possible to set the device manually, and it is usually powered by two AA batteries.

    Aquarists that have used the Torlam fish feeder are often heard speaking highly about its reliability and how easy it is to set it up. Furthermore, the features on the device seem to excite customers greatly, and there is a consensus that the Torlam fish feeder is truly a good value for money.


    • Easy to set up.
    • Manual discharge button
    • Very reliable
    • Moisture-resistant hopper to help keep food fresh
    • Good value for money


    • The amount of feed delivered may not always be consistent

    3. Zacro Fish Feeder

    Zacro Fish Feeder


    Here is another Automatic fish feeder that can be used in supplying feed to large fish species as well as small ones. The feeder will hold feeds in granulated, powdered, and flaky forms, and has the capacity to store 200ml of feeds. You can program it to deliver four separate feedings every day; serving 1-3 time(s) at every point in time.

    Aquarists keeping aquarium species such as Koi, Goldfish, tropical fish, and turtles will find the Zacro fish feeder very useful. Apart from the timer and clear LCD screen, this feeder is also equipped with a discharge hole that can be adjusted based on the feeding requirement of your aquarium pet. The feeder can be powered by using a highly efficient lithium battery which can be recharged through the USB port. The battery’s life is commendably impressive as it can hold up for between 3-6 months after a single full charge. Also, the feeder can rotate on the screw attachment at the base yet making it easy to position the feed bucket as you may desire while adding the feed.

    If there are two major reasons aquarium hobbyists have been drawn to the Zacro fish feeder then that would be how easy the device is to operate and the fact that it can be recharged via USB. The features and energy-efficient nature of the Zacro fish feeder are some of the other reasons aquarists have come to cherish it a great deal.


    • USB Charging
    • Simple to set up
    • Can be used to store/supply a large quantity of feed.
    • Adjustable discharge hole


    • Not suitable for small tanks
    • May dispense more than required in some instances

    4. TOPBRY Automatic Fish Feeder

    TOPBRY Automatic Fish Feeder


    The TOPBRY fish feeder is a top-quality product that will give you the best result when it comes to feeding your fish or turtles. It has four different feeding times and will deliver the precise quantity of feed needed by the inhabitants of the aquarium. You can use this feeder to provide feed in the form of strips, pellets, powder, and flakes.

    The manual discharge button on the TOPBRY fish feeder enables you to optionally feed our aquarium pets outside the pre-programmed times. Plus, it has a 200ml-capacity drum where the feed will be stored – but as it does not have any ventilation system, it is pertinent that you do not overstock the drum with feed.

    Refilling the feed in the drum is quite easy as you do not have to bring the feeder down from the top. More so, it can rotate extensively to 3600, meaning you can have it at an angle that will enable you to add feed without any discomfort. This feeder can be installed along with turtle tank filters using the double-side sticker included in it or with the aid of its pedestal.

    This device is powered by an inbuilt large-capacity lithium battery that can be recharged through USB charging. The battery is energy-efficient and can be used for close to 3-6 months upon being fully charged.

    Customers have time and again raved about how functional the TOPBRY automatic fish feeder has been in supplying food to their pets in the aquarium. The features and design, as well as the dependability of this piece, also makes it appealing to many aquarium hobbyists. Additionally, from the comments of a couple of them, this appears to be a steal since it costs less than they would have imagined.


    •  Very reliable
    • Good value for money
    • Easy to use
    • USB charging
    • Long battery life


    • None

    5. Bedee Automatic Fish Feeder

    Bedee Automatic Fish Feeder


    Looking for a fish feeder that ticks the right boxes in terms of functionality, ease of use, and design? Then the Bedee electric fish feeder is what you might be looking out for. It is also a 200ml-capacity feeder that can be used to hold and supply different types of food – from flakes to pellets, strips, and crumbles.

    The feeder has a drum where the feed can be stored and it is capable of being set to four different feeding times. It also features a moisture-resistant hopper which is essential for ensuring that the feed does not get wet while in the drum. Like the previously discussed ones, this feeding unit can be installed using any of the two possible methods – with the aid of the double-sided sticker or with the pedestal.

    For the convenience of adding food, it has been designed in such a way that you don’t have to bring it down from the top and it can be rotated to a degree of 360. It also possesses the manual discharge button to help you feed your pet at any time you may choose – with automation.

    The quality wrought into the Bedee fish feeder speaks for itself and it is even well attested to by aquarists that have employed the feeder in their tank set-up. The users of this piece, have at various times, given their words – positive ones at that – on the reliability of the feeder; emphasizing that it is a product worth every penny spent on it and one that they would recommend to anyone looking out for a functional feeding unit for the aquarium.


    • Easy to use
    • Highly functional
    • Accurate supply of feed
    • Reasonably priced


    • None

    6. Flexzion Automatic Fish Feeder

    Flexzion Automatic Digit Fish Pond Food Feeder


    This is one uniquely made feeder that would serve the feeding needs of your fish with great aplomb. It is made from plastic and has a capacity of 4.25 liters. The clock display on the feeder can be set to a 12-hour or 24-hour mode, and the feeding can be programmed up to four times daily.

    You can vary the size of the portion [of the food] to be delivered with the aid of a button present on the feeder’s panel. Furthermore, it has a clear LCD display which also features an indicator that tells you whenever the battery is low. The equipment is powered by 4 “C-sized” batteries – these are not usually included in the package.

    You can mount the feeder on a base or leave it to exist as a free-standing piece. The Flexzion fish feeder also features a removable lid for the purpose of safely storing the feed in the (feed) bucket.

    Over and again, customers have made notable mention of how good this feeder is; with most of them expressing great confidence in it as it has not been known to fail even when they are out on vacation for weeks. Plus, the sturdy design of the feeder is another factor that has not escaped the consciousness of some aquarium hobbyists that have purchased it in the past. Those that keep ravenous fish or aquarium species also see this Flexzion feeding unit as the ‘perfect’ complement for their tank set-up.


    • Very reliable
    • Can be programmed to a maximum of 99 feeding days
    • Dispenses up to 4 servings [of feed] per day
    • Energy-efficient
    • The portion can be adjusted based on feeding needs


    • Not very easy to set up

    7. API Fish Feeder

    API Fish Feeder


    The API fish feeder is a product that is a bit different from the ones that have been discussed so far. It is designed in the shape of a pyramid and contains pellets that are slowly discharged into the aquarium water to feed your fish – it is effective for feeding all kinds of fish; betta, swordtails, plecos, tetras, discus, goldfish…you name it.

    This automatic feeder contains a supply that will be sufficient to feed between 5 – 10 fish for 14 days; dispensing the quantity that can be consumed within three minutes. This pyramid feeder gradually dissolves in the water with the passing of time. It is worth noting that the API feeder contains natural ingredients that will help meet the nutritional demand of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

    The API fish feeder is probably not in the class of electric feeders but it does serve a great purpose in the home aquarium, nonetheless. This is based on the submissions of aquarists that used it for feeding their pets at some point in time. They acknowledged the fact that the feeder adequately provides their fish with enough food to keep them (i.e., the fish) happy for days.

    Most of the users of this automatic feeding unit regard it to be one that is worth recommending for any aquarist going on vacation. And, some persons have even had to comment about the API fish feeder not having any ill-effect on their pets – this is significant considering that it dissolves in water.


    • Very reliable
    • Simple design but highly effective
    • Easy to install


    • May cause the water to become somewhat cloudy

    8. Decdeal Automatic Fish Feeder

    Decdeal Automatic Fish Feeder


    We are ending this review with a masterpiece from Decdeal; it is technologically advanced and in a class of its own. A Decdeal fish feeder is a large-capacity unit – with a storage capacity of between 165 – 175ml – that can be controlled with one’s voice – it can function with Amazon Alexa and Echo. It can be linked to your mobile device through Wi-Fi thus affecting the remote control capability.

    This device also features an adjustable feeding outlet that allows you to set the feeder according to the need of your aquarium pets. There is yet a timer and countdown function which is essential to ensure the flexible setting of feeding times.

    Another interesting aspect of the Decdeal fish feeder is the intelligent memory function that ensures the continuous discharge of feed based on the previous settings – even after the network connection has gone off. Additionally, there is a manual release button for dispensing the feed outside the preset times.

    The technological input that has gone into the Decdeal fish feeder is vastly acknowledged by aquarists as they have come to love how it can be voice-controlled, and the fact that it has been integrated with relevant features that advance its usability. That it can be used for providing virtually all forms of feeds from strips, pellets, flakes, crumbles, and microbial feed – is also seen as a plus by aquarists that have utilized it.


    • Voice control function
    • Intelligent memory setting
    • Adjustable feeding outlet
    • Large-capacity bucket


    • The food may get damp as the feeder could pick up moisture
    • It may be noisy on some occasions


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