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Best Automatic Pond Fish Feeder Reviews for 2023


auto fish feeder for pondYou are planning to go out on a weekend getaway. You got your luggage ready, the camera is all set, you have added in all the essentials, and just when you were making the final check on the checklist you realize, you don’t have an automatic fish feeder, and you have to rely on your neighbor to feed your pond fishes. That’s what happens with most of us! It is just then that you wish you had one with you to feed your loved fishes when you’re away from home.

An automatic Pond fish feeder makes your life a lot easier, especially if you love your fishes and want to take good care of them, even in your absence.

Well, that is just a scenario to make you understand how important the auto-fish feeders for ponds are. They are actually very helpful, even on a daily basis. Sometimes in a busy schedule, you might forget to feed the fish. In such cases, it will, no doubt, come in handy. It works on this simple concept.

Based on the number of fishes you have in the koi pond, you need to decide the amount of feed to be given. Then, you need to add it in different quantities in the feeder, and at a preset time, food keeps on getting dropped automatically into the pond.

In this article, we will be discussing the best 7 automatic pond fish feeders and help you choose the best one based on your requirement.

Automatic Pond Fish Feeders 2023 Reviewed

1) Ani Mate Inc P7000 Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

Ani Mate Inc P7000 Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

P7000 is designed to feed the fishes in a small pond and works automatically. It is an electronic device and has an LCD control and screen, which details out all the feed timings and the amount of feed.

The product is made of high-grade plastic and has good looks as well. In fact, it looks like a tiny toy basket. Right at the assigned time, the feed is let out of the outlet that looks like a tap.

This is compatible with dry pellets or also sticks. Please note that it is not a wet food dispenser.

The controller near the digital display has the required buttons, which you can use to set the timing and the feed amount. This pond feeder is easy to clean and can be used on a regular basis.

To make it work, you will need 4 C batteries to operate. At a single time, it can hold up to 3 kilos of dry food pellets or sticks.

User experience

Users were happy with the product, and they have also posted videos with the device at work. They have installed it in the outdoor ponds and were happy with the result.

Users found that you need to calibrate the clock on it, and then you need to do some setup work before you go ahead and start using it.


    • Works seamlessly both indoors and outdoors.
    • Accurate food dispenser.
    • Holds up to 3 kilos of food.


    • Needs a bit of understanding before using it completely.
    • Hard to program it.

    2) Flexzion Automatic Digit Fish Pond Food Feeder

    Flexzion Automatic Digit Fish Pond Food Feeder

    Flexzion is an automatic fish food feeder that is programmable. You can program it to dispense food up to 4 times a day and also with different dispense quantities. This is ideal for usage during your holidays when you are away from home for a long time.

    The base of the feeder has an LCD display and controller, which you can use to set up the timer and food quantity to be released into the pond. The top mount is transparent so that it allows you to assess how much food is left for a refill. The container is washable and also dishwasher compatible.

    The covering on top has an additional opening, which can be used to refill the food into the feeder. The food outlet is on the opposite side of the controller and is like a slide.

    All the given food just slides down at the right time. The product requires 4 C batteries to run. You will find the color of the feeder green, which blends beautifully into the garden environment.

    User experience

    Users have found this product easy to set up, unlike the previous one. Users, especially those going on long holidays up to 10 days, have really found it helpful, and the device lived up to the expectations. They have also found it useful both indoors and outdoors pond. That is the reason why this device has gained popularity.


    • Easy setup as per the instructions provided.
    • Runs smoothly without hiccups.
    • The transparent container helps you know when you need to refill it.


    • Not waterproof hence not much useful outdoor.
    • Poor quality as per some customer comments.

    3) Fish Mate P21 Automatic Fish Feeder for Pond

    Fish Mate P21 Automatic Fish Feeder for Pond

    Fish Mate, as the name suggests, is the automatic fish food feeder, which is unique in design when compared to our last 2 products. It looks like a DVD case with transparent sides that allow you to detect when the refill is required.

    The company boasts that it requires so little power that even 1 AA battery can run the machine for almost one year. The quartz timer ensures the food is dispensed into the pond at the right programmed time. It can dispense up to 21 times a day.

    This feeder is good for a small pond or a large indoor aquarium. The food quantity and time both are adjustable and hence become ideal for use.

    The usage can be a little tricky, though. As it is flat in its shape, you can either put it on the edge of the pond or hang it from the middle. It is also weatherproof, enabling it to beat some of the products mentioned on our list.

    User experience

    Users found it to be a beneficial and accurate device for feeding a small pond or indoor aquarium. They found it useful when adjusting the feed rate. It ensured the fishes were not overfed. They were also happy that it ran for months without any hassle or glitch.


    • Easy installation for indoors.
    • Adjustable quantity ensures fishes are not overfed.
    • Simple to set up.


    • Some users received a faulty product.
    • Some users found it to be not working within a week of purchase.

    4) AquaticHI Digital Automatic Fish Feeder

    AquaticHI Digital Automatic Fish Feeder

    The Automatic feeder from AquaticHI is the one that is more compatible with an indoor aquarium. It can be useful even in a pond, but for an aquarium, it fits the best. This runs on 2 AA-sized batteries.

    You can setup up to 4 meals a day on this feeder. Even you can feed just with the press of the button outside the usual schedule.

    For an aquarium, it fits on the side, which is pretty easy to fix. It is ideal for all types of dry food like pellets, flakes, sticks, and so on.

    The quantity of each feed can also be adjusted with the adjustment of the slider. It has an LCD display that displays the timer. There are various buttons that enable you to set up the device.

    The product also comes with a manual button, which, when pressed, releases the food on an ad-hoc basis. This feeder is also reliable for everyday use as you need to keep coming to feed the fishes.

    User experience

    Users have named it a perfect feeder. They were happy to see that even after 3 weeks of holidays they found it to be working and all the fishes were alive. The company did what it promised, and hence the users were quite happy with its performance.


    • Accurate feeding time as per settings.
    • Manual feeding also available.
    • Works without any hassle.


    • Some users did not find it working the first time itself.

    5) Alician Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

    Alician Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

    The automatic fish feeder from Alician is one of a standard style type for the feeder. This is compatible with the outdoor ponds and runs on 4 AA-size alkaline batteries, which run for a few months.

    The capacity of the container is around 4.65 liter, which is around 1.5 kilos of fish food.

    You can use a variety of food such as pellets, grains, flakes, and any other small-sized dry food.

    However, no wet food can be added. The top container can be removed and washed when it needs cleaning. The cap of the container ensures the moisture does not get in, making the food stick to each other as that is a common problem found.

    The quality of the plastic is also durable, thereby making it one of the best and sturdy feeders.

    User experience

    Users have found this to be a useful feeder as it can feed fishes up to 90 days at a stretch. The quantity of the food is adjustable; hence it is easy to change frequently. Users found it not to be too compatible with the aquarium.


    • Runs for a longer time with 4AA batteries.
    • Can feed for 99 days at a stretch.
    • The quantity of the feed can be adjusted.


    • If moisture gets in, the food may mold up.

    6) TOPINCN Automatic Feeder Outdoor

    TOPINCN Automatic Feeder Outdoor

    TOPINCN has this unique-looking feeder, which is specially designed for outdoor purposes. It has a large 10 liters of capacity that ensures a longer duration of the feed to the fishes in the pond.

    With the availability of multiple gears within the device, it is set to be intelligently automatic. It has an inbuilt timer, which will ensure the feed is dispensed at the right time.

    This Auto Pond feeder is designed to feed the fishes in the outdoor pond and is more suitable for a pond instead of an aquarium.

    The uniqueness of this feeder is that it throws the food 120 degrees ahead. This ensures the food reaches a wider area of the pond.

    User experience

    Users have found the feeder to work great while also ensuring the fishes are fed on time. It can be easily used in the large pond due to its capacity and ability to SWIVEL the food across the pond. The diet of the fishes was managed very well as per the user’s comments.


    • The capacity of the feeder is quite big; hence it is easy to leave it for months together.
    • Can feed a large number of fishes at the same time.
    • SWIVELs the food to reach a larger area.


    • Users complained of raccoons eating up all the food. The plastic can be sturdier.

    7) Super Automatic Fish Feeder for Pond

    Super Automatic Fish Feeder

    The company boasts itself to have made it in the US and also assures the spare parts are easily available. It is their USP. This device is quite different from all the other products we discussed above. That is due to the fact that the product uses power from an external power source.

    Hence it needs a power source when using it outdoor. This can hang or also can be attached to the edge of the pond. It works great for the pellets but advisable not to use for flakes as they might get wet due to moisture.

    You can mount the product by yourself with many other possibilities available.

    Besides, you will have to take care of how you would want to connect it to the power supply. The power supply kit is waterproof; hence there is not much to worry about.

    User experience

    Users have found this to be very useful in cases of long-term or permanent use. It is made of hard material. They also found the option to expand the storage part to be very helpful, especially when users went on long leaves.


    • It is made in the US itself; hence the spares are readily available without much wait.
    • It can feed the fish up to 24 times a day.
    • It can be mounted as per requirement.


    • The installation process can be a bit hectic.


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