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6 Best Auto Top-off System for Aquarium


auto top off system

Fish-keeping is a fun-filled activity but without the necessary accouterments, the level of inconvenience could be on the high side. It is for the sake of convenience most aquarists often make it a point of duty to incorporate a feature like the auto top-off system in their aquarium.

Having to check if the level of water has dropped as the evaporative tendency of water takes its toll could add to an aquarist’s burden and makes the whole (fish-keeping) exercise somewhat tiresome. But with an auto top-off system affixed to your aquarium, checking the water level and filling (when necessary) will be done automatically – with little or no interference.

An auto top-off system is indeed a handy tool for an aquarium hobbyist; it is available in a wide variety and you will definitely find one that is suited for your aquarium model. Nonetheless, I will be discussing six of the best auto top-off systems for aquariums in the review. So, I urge you to continue reading to find more about these products.

Best Auto Top-off System Reviews

1. AutoAqua “Smart ATO Micro’ Auto Top-off System

AutoAqua "Smart ATO Micro' Auto Top-off System


The AutoAqua auto top-off system is a simple but highly effective product that has been specifically designed for nano tanks. It is one of the smallest auto top-off systems in the market today. Despite its size, however, it comes with virtually everything that makes an auto top-off system work.

The AutoAqua ‘smart ATO Micro’ auto top-off system is equipped with a pump and a 198cm tubing – which plays a significant role in directing water to the right place – that is securely held in position with the aid of a magnetic mounts holder. Additionally, it features a sensor and an in-built Quick Security Technology that impacts a fail-safe capability. But peradventure the pump fails to function, there is a siphon-break included to put flooding in check.

It is worth noting that apart from regulating water level, this very auto top-off system also functions to keep salinity level stable in tanks housing Marine species. Most aquarists, that have at one point or the other, used the AutoAqua ‘smart ATO Micro’ auto top-off system, have attested to the fact that it is a well-made product with impressive reliability.

Plus, they also score it highly for how easy it is to install, and it is yet affordable – making it an auto top-off system that is worth recommending for any aquarist looking for a minimalist option.


  • Easy to install
  • Simple design but highly functional
  • Reasonably priced
  • Neat and compact


  • Alarm malfunctions in some instances
  • Rust issue may evolve with time

2. Hydor Auto Top-off System 

Hydor Auto Top-off System 


This is another auto top-off system that will serve the aquarium’s water level regulation need to a satisfactory end. It is a high-quality piece that is wholly electronic and equipped with features that would alert you when the water level either drops (below) or rises (above) the preset range. It is compatible with both freshwater and marine aquariums.

Furthermore, the Hydor auto top-off system kit has, components such as a 200cm sensor cord and a magnetic suction cup that is required for securely fixing the sensor in place. There are two different alarms with the LED light to trigger warning signs in case things are not going as expected within the aquarium. The in-built smart level technology in this auto top-off system contributes, in no small manner to the healthy condition of the water in the tank.

    The Hydor auto top-off system is presently enjoying rave reviews for two major reasons. One is its versatility as it is said to be able to function under varying conditions and can perfectly fit into a wide spectrum of tank sizes. The accuracy of this very product in carrying out its primary assignment has also been found to be explicit.


    • Operates with commendable precision
    • Easy to install
    • Versatile
    • Highly affordable with Smart level technology


    • The flow rate supply pump is not included.

    3. Tunze USA 3155.000 Auto Top-off System

    Tunze USA 3155.000 Auto Top-off System


    Arguably the best you will find in the store, the 3155.000 auto top-off system functions optimally to give aquarists a great deal of security, particularly as regards ensuring that their aquatic pets do not suffer dehydration. The auto top-off system is equipped with essential features/components that do not only enhance functionality but also make it a durable piece.

    Amongst these features are sensors – an optical infrared sensor (that ensures that the water level is appropriately regulated) and a float sensor that is Incorporated to serve as a backup in case the first one fails. These two sensors alone make the Tunze 3155. 00 auto top-off system highly reliable.

    However, should the two sensors eventually malfunction, there is a timer that shuts off the pump to prevent the water from overflowing. This timer, in a way, also serves to notify you of the need to take urgent steps towards fixing the issue. Generally, this auto top-off system qualifies as an all-in-one piece as it also comes with some other valuable items – like power supply, magnetic mounts, tubing, and pump – that is needful for installation and overall functioning.

    Over and again, aquarists that have utilized this auto top-off have often commented positively about its design and quality; with some of them particularly talking about the fail-safe property – as imposed by this set of sensors on the piece – which ensures reliability.


    • Optimal functionality
    • Precise regulation of water level
    • Easy to install
    • Fail-safe feature
    • Highly secure and reliable


    • The price is somewhat on the high side
    • Its controller is not resistant to water.

    4. Tunze USA Auto Top-off System

    Tunze USA Auto Top-off System


    I won’t be in the wrong to say having just one product from Tunze USA on this review is an aberration; plus, why should one leave out a top-quality auto top-off system like this 3152.000 model. It’s one made for nano tanks – tanks with a carrying capacity below 208 liters to be more specific – and it is definitely less expensive than the one previously discussed from the same manufacturer.

    The Tunze USA 3152.000 auto top-off system possesses a single sensor that works to keep track of the water level. Additionally, it includes items that ensure the ease of installation: first, an instruction guide, a 300cm hose, power supply, and magnetic holder. It is also integrated with an alarm system that is meant to alert you when things turn suddenly awry.

    Most of the aquarists that have had to purchase this product for use in the aquarium never stop speaking glowingly about its efficiency in keeping the level of water in their nano tank stable. Besides the design of the Tunze USA 3152.000 auto top-off system and its ease of installation are described to be nothing short of the top mark  – an auto top-off system worth being recommended, no doubt.


    • Highly efficient
    • Very affordable
    • Great design
    • Top-quality


    • The pump is a bit noisy when in operation.

    5. Ultralife Mechanical Float Switch

    Now, I present the Ultralife mechanical float switch which can help to keep the level of water in your fish tank within the normal range and can be customized/adjusted to work under low-water or high-water settings. Invariably, it is beneficial for ensuring that the pumps do not burn out as a result of water drying out.

    The package features a 182cm grounded power cord [for connectivity purpose] and two suction cups that will be used for mounting the device. An instruction manual has been included to help you go through the installation process without much stress. The Ultralifemechanical float switch is capable of handling a series of pumps with a maximum current load of 10 amps.

    One aspect that seems to thrill users of the Ultralifemechanical float switch is the excellent manner in which it performs the function it is intended for; this has often left them satisfied. Again, a couple of those that have purchased it see it as a good value for money.


    • Highly functional
    • Durable
    • Good value for money


    • Somewhat noisy
    • Does not come with any pump.

    6. XP Aqua Ultimate Auto Top-off System

    XP Aqua Ultimate Auto Top-off System


    I have decided to save the very best auto top-off system for last as I discuss a unique piece that appears to be in a class of its own. The XP Aqua ultimate auto top-off system has been intricately made with tremendous technical depth. So, what makes this product tick?

    Firstly, it is integrated with four sensors which serve varying purposes: one sensor aids in protecting from complete drying up of the sump; another takes care of the topping off of water while a set of two (sensors) is in place to curtail the incidence of water overflowing from the tank.

    Other accessories that you will find in the package containing the XP Aqua ultimate top-off system include the solenoid valve, direct current pump, socket switch, etc.; you will find all these to be very useful during installation. It is rare to see or hear negative reviews about this auto top-off system from XP Aqua; this is only a testament to the immense quality it exudes. Aquarists that have tried it do talk about its precision in maintaining the appropriate water level in their tank; its sound build and its ease of installation.


    • Very easy to install
    • Versatile
    • Sound quality
    • Four sensors Incorporated
    • Good value for money


    • None


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