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Benefits of keeping Tropical Fish in Aquarium



 Every person strives to surround themselves with things that provide spiritual harmony and help to maintain excellent health in any life situation. Such things undoubtedly include an aquarium; after all, a small piece of the vast underwater world does not just decorate the interior.


Creating a fantastic atmosphere in which a person feels refreshed and calm, aquariums, regardless of their size and style, help people become happier and healthier – scientists have long proved this fact. In addition, if you still doubt whether you need an aquarium, this article will help you make the right choice.


Many people set up aquariums in offices, in classrooms, in residential areas. In any space, a tropical aquarium is a great way to create a pleasant atmosphere of wildlife with its unique colors and shapes. According to Feng Shui’s principles, an aquarium in your home is a symbol of wealth and good luck. 


What are the advantages of an aquarium?

From a scientific point of view, aquariums have proven their health benefits. Beautifully colored fish and the elegant way they move are incredibly pleasing to the human eye and have many positive effects. According to guide on ThePets, proper placement of the aquarium in your home or office can bring the perfect combination of balance and harmony to space.


There are many advantages of installing an aquarium: 

1. Humidification of the air.

Gradually evaporating, the water gently humidifies the air in the room. This is quite favorable for the respiratory tract, especially during warm weather, when the air becomes particularly dry. During sleep, there is no feeling of dryness.

Many people are afraid of the appearance of mold on the mills due to high humidity. However, this applies only to aquariums with a volume of more than 100 liters. Smaller aquariums will not make significant changes.


2. Relaxes and soothes.

Contemplation of flowing water, smooth movements of fish and the movement of algae set up a favorable mood. The underwater world is beneficial for children’s psyches. Scientists have proven that watching aquarium inhabitants helps relieve stress and provides tranquility and calm – a plus for families with active children, as you can have the child look at the aquarium inhabitants to calm him/her down a little while relaxing at the same time.


An aquarium in residential areas or in public places significantly improves the spiritual state and brightens the mood of people who live/work there. For the most part, aquarium lovers are successful in their profession, family life, and creativity. Watching the fish before going to bed relaxes and distracts from the surrounding bustle and gives you a reserve of strength for the next day. An aquarium is a source of harmony, balance, and material well-being.


    The opinion that it takes a long time to clean the water and glass and feed fish is a stereotype. The water in the aquarium does not need to be changed if you have the right cleaner. All you need is to add water to the aquarium. If you can get a fish called two, you can forget about cleaning the glass – it will do it. You need to feed the fish once a day, but even if you forget, nothing terrible will happen (but this does not mean that the fish do not need to be fed at all).


    3. Fish do not cause allergies.

    You cannot be allergic to aquarium fish. Human contact with fish is almost non-existent as they are always in the water.

    The allergen is dry food, which includes the smallest crustaceans. You will protect yourself from an allergen by buying live food or special combined feeds in the form of flakes and chips.


    4. The perfect pet.

    When a child’s pet dies, the child gets very upset. However, buying a new fish to replace the one that retired will not, most likely, be noticed.

    The aquarium helps to establish relationships between parents and children. Observing the life of the aquarium has a positive effect on restless children who have problems with concentration. Caring for fish instills a sense of responsibility and self-importance in a child.

    Many children like to feed their pets. Fish do not feel full, so if you pour a lot of food, your fish will likely overeat, and the next morning they will be belly-up. By showing your child the maximum amount of food, you will prevent this from happening.

    How to choose fish for a tropical aquarium?

    For several reasons, experienced aquarists advise you to start with unpretentious types of fish. Aquariumistics is a versatile hobby, which requires specific knowledge of biology, hydrochemistry, and microbiology; otherwise, some mistakes can lead to fish’s death. 

    We offer you the top five most unpretentious tropical species that are perfect as the first aquarium pets.

     1. Guppies

    Guppies take first place for the majority of fans. Guppies have a vast variety of colors and can survive in almost any aquarium. Guppies are peaceful and perfectly suitable for public aquariums. However, it is not recommended to put guppies with species that can bite the fins of other fish so that the male guppies do not lose their main advantage – the veil tail.


    2. Danio rerio

    The fish is gregarious, so you need to keep at least six of them. Danio is a very mobile fish and needs space to swim. Despite the high activity, the fish are incredibly calm and do not bother with other fish. In addition, an aquarium with Danio will be useful for plants to live and thrive.


    3. Swordfish

    Swordfish are great fish for beginners. These are relatively large representatives of the viviparous group. A characteristic feature of the “classic” shape is the xiphoid process’s presence on the caudal fin. Currently, a large number of breeding forms differ both in color and body shape. In general, swordfish are peaceful fish and are compatible with most species, but sometimes they can be quite pugnacious.


    4. Mollinesia

    Mollinesia is a relatively large fish. The most popular are the mollies with all-black body color. However, breeders have produced a large number of color variations. Mollinesia will be good neighbors for many fish. Only a few sometimes show aggression in a general aquarium.


    5. Betta fish

    Because of males’ intolerance to each other, the betta fish is also called a “fighting fish.” It belongs to the group of labyrinth fish. Betta fish have a unique respiratory organ – a labyrinth that allows them to use atmospheric air for breathing. For this, the fish must periodically float to the surface. Thanks to this feature, roosters can live in small aquariums without forced aeration.


    Tropical fish in the aquarium is a fascinating and unforgettable sight due to its exotic beauty and bright colors. An aquarium with tropical fish will become a unique interior decoration, as an independent ecosystem in the house.



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