November 18

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Owning an Aquarium


Are you excited about trying out your new-found aquarist hobby? Having an aquarium at home is a dream come true that adds aesthetic beauty to your home. However, if you aren’t too careful, the idea might be short-lived as the fish might get ill and sadly pass away. When you acquire an aquarium, you need to take fish caring, slow, and easy. Here are the mistakes that you certainly don’t want to make when you own an aquarium.


  • Overcrowding

It’s quite reasonable to get carried away while on the pet store and desire to have more fish species in your aquarium. However, be prepared to feed them more. That’s not the only challenge you’ll get to face. There will also be more waste generated in the process. The outcome isn’t suitable for the fish.

It’d help if you use the right fish to water ratio for any given aquarium. It would help if you also kept compatible fish species to avoid aggressive fighting among them. You also need to know that different fish species have various water requirements that you ought to adhere to at all times.

  • Excessive feeding

Having live fish at home is exciting, and one gets tempted to feed them almost any time of day or night. However, that is disastrous. If you keep stuffing your fish, you’ll have too many leftover pellets floating in your aquarium.

In the process, the fish will excrete more, thus causing the water to become dirty rather swiftly. These combinations of organic matters can ultimately poison the fish’s water.

It would be best to adhere to the feeding instruction of each fish type. Thus, you will exercise the right feeding moderation.

  • Obsessiveness

Various pets ignite a sparkle of joy to their owners. When you are attracted to the chirping of birds, you will aim to have awesome hummingbird feeders at your pouch or the garden.

However, when it comes to fish caring, you need not give them obsessive attention. You only need to ensure that they have a stable biological environment where the fish can be themselves.

  • Failing to quarantine new fish

As you get your fish aquarium, it’s exciting to add fresh fish as days pass by. However, you need to proceed with the utmost caution as some fresh fish might be carrying parasites as well as other diseases from the pet store due to poor maintenance or negligence. Once you get home, you need to isolate the fish from other fish species and observe it’s behavioral characteristics for a while. Thus, you can relieve it from the stress of habit changes as well as transport disorientation. It’s also a chance that the fish gets to assimilate in the new-found environment.

  • Using the wrong substrates

Any fish hobbyist would want nothing but the best kinds of gravel in their aquarium. However, in the process of looking for these gravels, one may get carried away.

You ought to be vigilant and only select the right gravel that has zero artificial colors. It’d help if you also steer away from coarse gravel, which might accumulate the fish waste products, thus contaminating the aquarium.

  • Failing to use a tank lid

Various fish are always curious and often jump or leap out of the water. Some might escape the tank and land on the flow and may sustain injuries. Thus, you need to ensure you have a robust reinforced tank lid slightly above the water surface.

  • Not adding live flora

To most individuals, adding plants seems like a whole lot of work that doesn’t seem necessary. However, that isn’t entirely true.

It would be best to add live plants to inhibit any algae. The live plants are excellent in oxygenating the water. These plants also prevent any excess nitrate, which isn’t suitable for the fish.

    • Lack of a proper lighting mechanism

    Live fish are very delicate creatures that have different lighting needs. While some fish species delight in having bright lighting in their environment, others like it dim. You need to have a profound understanding of both the plant and the fish’s lighting requirement to have an intelligent lighting system.

    If you have fish species with poor eyesight, you need to offer a proper lighting mechanism so that they can feed adequately. You can opt for an automated lighting system so that both plant and fish species thrive well.

    Avoid unnecessary frustration while buying any equipment that you love. If you are out buying awesome hummingbird feeders or aquarium, take a deep breath and buy what you need. Always aim to keep the well-being of your aquarium top-priority by avoiding the mistakes stated above.


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