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Top Biology and Biochemistry Universities in the US


If you’re a high school student, or perhaps you’re looking to go back to college, you are likely in the midst of your college research. We are here to help you out! In this article, we will be reviewing the top educational institutions that will help you with your Biology and Biochemistry studies.

If this is something you wish to pursue, you’ll find many universities to consider for your goal. However, it can be a hassle to try and figure out which institution is the best for you. In this article, we’ll go over four of the top biology and biochemistry universities in the US.

4 Top Biology and Biochemistry Universities in the US

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1.  Harvard University

To no one’s surprise, at the very top of our list is Harvard University. It’s a private educational institution that was founded in 1636. It’s located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the Boston Area. Home to over 7,000 undergraduate students, it’s by no means a small school.

With an acceptance rate of 5%, you would need to put in a very strong application essay, which is why many students rely on Pro Essays Service for affordable and high-quality writing. Before submitting your essay to Harvard, make sure that it’s well-researched, qualitative, and inspired.

The application fee is about $75, and if you do manage to get in, you can expect to pay about $18,000 in tuition fees after financial aid. Graduates of this amazing school tend to reap the benefits of their labor, as most graduates earn about $70,000 as their starting salaries.

2. Yale University

This private university was founded in 1701 and has managed to remain at the forefront of innovations in biology for a long time.

Yale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut. Like Harvard, Yale is a prestigious school, and with an acceptance rate of 7%, you would have to work especially hard to get in.

About 98% of students are able to graduate on time. If you do get into Yale, you would need to follow time management tips for students for the best results. Tuition costs about $18,000 after financial aid for most students, so you might need to make some financial plans ahead of schedule.

As most of their graduates get a job within the first two years of their graduation, you won’t have to search for employment for too long. Also, you can expect a starting salary of about $83,000.

3. University of Pennsylvania

This private university was established in 1740 and is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Despite an acceptance rate of 8%, the University of Pennsylvania is home to over 10,000 undergraduate students. The application fee is about $75.

Also, more than half of their student population gets some kind of financial aid, with the average student paying $24,000 in tuition after aid. About 96% of their students graduate on time, with the average graduate earning about $80,000 as their starting salary.

4. Princeton University

This private educational institution was founded in 1746 and is considered one of the best destinations to study biology and biochemistry in the US and worldwide. It’s located in Princeton, New Jersey, and is home to about 5,000 undergraduate students.

Princeton University has a 6% acceptance rate. AS we all know, it’s also incredibly prestigious. Tuition costs about $11,000 after financial aid, with 98% of students graduating on time, against the national average of 49%. Once you graduate from this fine university, you can expect an average salary of about $76,000.

In Conclusion

The biology and biochemistry universities list is long, but to keep things short, we’ve only gone over four of the most well-known, prestigious, and worthwhile options. We considered factors such as quality of education and employment chances for graduates, as these are some of the most critical factors most college applicants look for. At this point in the article, we hope you have an idea of where you would like to study next!

Author’s Bio

Charlotte Banks is a freelance writer and education council. She worked on the campus of a prestigious university for 5 years, helping students with their career options. Combined with her talent for writing, Charlotte today uses her articles to help students make better decisions regarding their future.


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