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7 Best Rimless Aquariums to Choose From in 2023


Rimless Aquarium

Rimless aquariums are definitely a must-have if you are obsessed with the outlook of your house or office decoration. They are the best option because of the high-quality transparent glass or acrylic material[which lets you see the fishes, plants in detail] used in making them. Amazingly, rimless fish tanks do not form hues, which can result in the development of eyesores. More so, they give a fresh view of the room, making it livelier because of the clear visibility of the fishes in the aquarium.

Choosing a good frameless aquarium can however be a difficult task since there is a wide range of them to select from. But if you are one of those who love to give a lift to their home appearance by installing a rimless aquarium therein, you do not have to worry since I will be guiding you through the best 9 rimless aquariums to choose from in this very article.

Best Rimless Aquarium Reviews 2023

1. Penn Plax Vertex Rimless Aquarium

Penn Plax Vertex Rimless Aquarium


The Penn Plax Vertex rimless Aquarium is a wonderful aquarium kit for everybody from beginners to experienced aquarists who are well-equipped with the knowledge of running a fish tank. Actually, it is best for someone who is looking for a one-in-all solution.

This rimless aquarium from Penn Plax measures 20.3 X 22.9 X 25.4cm in dimension and would sit safely, on its flat surface, on a firm and appropriately sized stand. It carries 10.2 liters of water and has a hang-on quiet power filter system, which has a piece of equipment to keep it stable.

A nylon ‘mesh’ fishnet is added to allow you to catch the fish safely. The thermometer readings are clear and it is pressure sensitive.

Furthermore, this particular rimless tank has a frameless design for clear visibility and has a unique glass bent making it one of the best in the aquarium business. The fish are kept safe with a plastic hinged lid, which can be removed for feeding and cleaning the tank.

The Penn Plax vertex rimless aquarium, with the aid of its highly efficient filtration system, will ensure the cleanliness of the water in the tank. Furthermore, the thermometer, which can be placed on one side of the fish tank, allows you to check on the temperature of the water and lets you regulate it.

Aquarists who are interested in keeping small fish species will find the Penn Plax vertex rimless aquarium very useful. Moreover, customers who have had the chance to use this fish tank, believe that it is a perfect choice as it creates almost no noise and the design is very aesthetic.

The adjustable flow setting of the Penn Plax vertex rimless aquarium also makes it easy for you to customize the circulation of water according to your fish’s need.

2. Marineland Portrait Rimless Aquarium

Marineland Portrait Rimless Aquarium


The Marine land portrait rimless aquarium creates a unique feature for any home and is one of the most recognized fish tanks in the market. It is developed with LED lighting technology that has a natural light and moonlight setting which brings an intriguing view of the aquarium.

A beautiful view of the fish is delivered by the rounded corners of this rimless aquarium and due to the small size of the aquarium, it’s also referred to as the desktop fish tank for offices and homes.

    The aquarium kit consists of an adjustable floating filter pump, a 3 stage hidden filtration with Rite Z- sized Cartridge, a MarineLand Bio-foam, a hinged blue, a bright LED light, and also a three-way switch to adjust the lights.

    The blue LED light in the MarineLand portrait rimless cube tank produces a calming moonlight effect while the white LEDs create an underwater sunlight effect. A perfect unique canopy glass is added and can slide to the back to aid in easy feeding of the fish and cleaning of the aquarium.

    Interestingly, this rimless reef tank kit comes with assorted marine plants to save you on purchasing decorative. It is beautifully designed and easy to maintain. Furthermore, there is a manual that guides you on how to manage and use the Marine Land rimless aquarium.

    Most of the customers feel that this rimless aquarium goes for a price that is quite inexpensive for a tank of its quality. They think the filters are nicely hidden to provide space to submerge heaters.


    • Portrait ornamentation design provides space for you to put tall plants and does not take ample space
    • The light is constructed in a way that it flips up for easy access
    • Filter mortars are virtually silent


    • The LED lights are very bright
    • The glass lid leaves small gaps on the edges which gives space for crafty little critters to escape
    • The separate areas for filters have sharp edges and are narrow which makes it hard for one to clean.

    3. Penn Plax Curved Corner Rimless Aquarium

    Penn Plax Curved Corner Rimless Aquarium


    The Penn Plax curved corner rimless aquarium is one kind of a modern tank that provides a perfect view – with no obstruction – and is designed in a radius curved cornered shape measuring 43.8 X 28.6 X 30.5cm in dimension. It can contain up to 45 liters of water. The glass is of high quality, durable and transparent.

    The Penn Plax curved corner rimless aquarium bears a host of functional features; among which is the Cascade internal filter that ensures that the water is healthy for your fish to live in.

    Additionally, there is an energy-efficient LED light that will not only work to illuminate the aquarium space but also add some aesthetic value to your home on the whole.

    The hinges affixed to the lid of this glass aquarium make it easy to feed your fish and do the cleaning of the tank when need be. Additionally, the LED light can be clipped on the edge of the tub to provide a scenic view.

    Most of the customers find the Penn Plax curved corner rimless aquarium to be well-suited for their fish-keeping. Though the filter is cheaply made, they are glad it works perfectly. Also, the top is made of flimsy plastic but serves its purpose correctly. Despite the reason that the light is not bright enough, it works quite well.


    • It is durable due to the thick and high-quality glass
    • It comes with a closed-cell foam mat to place the tank on it.
    • Hinges are mounted securely and nicely


    • The LED light does not have an on/off switch
    • The lid is light enough for a pet to open it with its paws

    4. SeaClear Acrylic Rimless Aquarium

    SeaClear Acrylic Rimless Aquarium


    SeaClear is renowned for the quality products it produces, and the list of high-quality devices – of which this acrylic rimless aquarium is one – from their stable does justice to this assertion. This particular rimless fish tank is unique for the invisible seams it portrays.

    Without mincing words, beginners and experienced aquarists who yearn for nothing but the best will find the SeaClear acrylic rimless aquarium kit as a dream come true.

    This frameless aquarium kit consists of an ultraclear fish tank that would let you have an unobstructed view of the aquarium’s inhabitants and the tank also features a reflector that adds some degree of beauty to it.

    Furthermore, there is a 24-inches light fixture to serve as a viable source of illumination included in the kit. Plus, this light, coupled with the reflector will provide you with a scenic view that would make you appreciate the aquarium’s internal environment all the more.

    Additionally, the SeaClear acrylic rimless aquarium is resistant to impact hence making it safe around children and pets – this level of resistance is impacted by its material composition. And, by the way; this rimless aquarium can be used for keeping both freshwater and saltwater fish species.

    Many of the customers who have purchased the SeaClear rimless aquarium are blown away by the strength of the acrylic material. It does not bow out when filled with water. Furthermore, the beauty of the fish tank is highly praised.

    Its ease of cleaning has impressed the users and they are willing to purchase many SeaClear aquaria. Even though the light does not have an on/off switch, it has served the clients perfectly. Moreover, the lid is unexpectedly made of plastic rather than acrylic, but it protects the fish.


    • The absence of edges makes it look modern, cleaner, and very aesthetic
    • It weighs lighter than a glass fish tank
    • The acrylic material makes it durable and stronger
    • Temperature is stable and is opposed to fluctuations.


    • The tank cannot be topped off since its middle bows inward before the water reaches the top, it overflows!
    • To feed your fish, one has to remove the lights and lid.

    5. Landen 60P Rimless Aquarium

    Landen 60P Rimless Aquarium


    The Landen 60P rimless aquarium should be your top pick if you care for a simple, affordable, and functional piece to keep your aquatic pet.

    The craftsmen at Landen did put their technical prowess to great use in making this seamless aquarium. It is made from A-grade glass, which gives you an impressively clear view of your aquatic pets, as well as, every other thing in the tank.

    The rimless aquarium is sealed with silicone to make it firm and watertight hence you can be certain that your pet will be saved from getting dehydrated. It has a dimension of 60 X 30 X 36cm, with a carrying capacity of approximately 65 liters.

    Also, included in the package is a black nanofoam leveling mat to ensure that it stays securely in place – either on a countertop, desktop, or whichever stand you may choose – after installation.

    Most users familiarize themselves with the aquarium with ADA ones, but Landen fish tanks are cheaper. The set-up of the Landen 60P rimless aquarium has amazed the customers thus far, and they are putting it on their office desk and living room. Furthermore, the impressive clarity of the glass has attracted users, and they feel somewhat fulfilled owning the Landen 60P rimless aquarium.


    • The glass is almost 100 percent clear, and you do not have to put your face against the glass to see the ecosystem.
    • It is easy to clean due to its simplicity.
    • It is made of good quality
    • The thickness of the glass makes it durable.


    • Conventional lids do not fit on the tank.

    6. Deep Blue Rimless Aquarium

    Deep Blue Rimless Aquarium


    The Deep Blue rimless aquarium is simply economical. It is designed with different features that can match the price you can afford. Believe it or not, the fish tank gives you a full range of selections to choose from and satisfies your urge to purchase one. It is made of glass and measures 30.5 X 30.5 X 30.5cm in dimension.

    Most of the customers believe this rimless tank is worth the price due to its wide range of features to choose from. Though the tank is gorgeous, the clients feel that it cannot accommodate much fish due to its 28.4-liters capacity.

    Apart from that, the piece of foam that accompanies it has helped the clients a lot in surfacing the tank.


    • The glass is thick and makes it durable.
    • Water can be filled to the top quickly.
    • The eyes have ease of view due to the almost 100 percent clear appearance
    • It comes with a piece of foam for surfacing the tank


    • It is not fitted with a lid hence exposing your fish

    7. SCA Starfire Rimless Fishtank

    SCA Starfire Rimless Fishtank


    The SCA Starfire rimless fish tank is another great choice for anyone who wishes to fulfill his/her aquarium hobby adventure. It is also made from top-quality glass and has been designed in such a way that it promotes its functionality and ease of use.

    This rimless aquarium kit features a highly functional filtration system that consists of a Durso standpipe, return T pipe, tubing, and a power filter to guarantee the healthy state of the aquarium water. Furthermore, a sump with three chambers is present in the kit.

    The kit also features a heavy-duty cabinet, with two doors, where you can securely place this rimless aquarium; there is also styrofoam which you can place on the cabinet to steady the tank thereon.

    The SCA Starfire rimless aquarium is primarily made for saltwater applications. Notwithstanding, with a little variation [to the original design], you can also use it under the freshwater setting.

    Those who have used the tank find it durable and beautifully finished. Users are impressed with the clear glass on every side. Furthermore, it has become resourceful to the clients as it has a mark to indicate overflow. Even though the overflow marks are not bulky, they work pretty well.


    • All sides of the glass are clear and visible.
    • It is stable since it consists of Styrofoam placed between the tank and cabinet to level it.
    • Has overflow marks


    • The heads are bulk, and one has to look for the right fitting.

    The perfectly elaborated review will equip you with the knowledge of the best aquaria to choose from. Get the best rimless aquarium to have an amazing transformative environment!


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