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5 Best Aquarium Wave Maker Reviews – A Buyer’s Guide for 2023


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Do you want your favorite fishes to enjoy living in the aquarium? Do you want them to be free of any fatty buildups and also prevent your fish tank from dead pockets? If your answer to both the questions is “yes,” then it is time for you to bring a Wavemaker for your aquarium.

Maintaining the aquarium, especially keeping it clean and hygienic for the fishes is a mammoth task. Wave maker is among the useful accessories that also help you maintain the cleanliness of the aquarium.

These current maker for aquarium mimics the water currents of the ocean. It ensures that the water is circulated, which also helps the even distribution of oxygen, making the fishes more active and lively. It helps in food circulation also and delivers the food to the corals, which are not mobile.

The water circulation pumps also avoids the concentration of poisonous substances that are produced due to some reactions within the aquarium. Therefore, the circulation keeps the water clean for a longer duration.

This article is all about 5 hand-picked wavemakers, which will really help you understand and choose the best one that suits your aquarium.

5 Aquarium Wave Maker Reviews 2023

1) Freesea Aquarium Wavemaker

Freesea Aquarium Wavemaker


Do you have an aquarium that is around 20 to 100 gallons of capacity? In that case, Freesea Wavemaker is apt for it. It is a 100% submersible pump that has all those features you would want in an ideal Wavemaker ensuring a constant flow of water.

This nano wavemaker consumes 6W of power to run the motor. Once installed, you can rotate the motor in any direction enabling you to direct the waves to any direction of your choice.

If you want to move it, it is easy, as the motor is fixed by a powerful magnet. So it is quite easy to remove and place it in a new place.

Do you think the wave is too forceful for the fish? Don’t you worry! It is easy to adjust the flow if you feel so. Make sure you keep the right water flow so that the fishes do not find difficulty in swimming.

This Wavemaker is made from high-quality ABS plastic that ensures the durability of the pump. The pump is designed to work properly when completely submerged in water. Otherwise, you might face issues of motor failure when used outside water.

As it is made of high-quality materials, it is also corrosion-resistant. The copper used in the motor is of high quality enabling long-lasting usage.

User experience

Users have given good comments and feedback on this Wavemaker. One of the reasons is the magnet that holds the pump on the inner wall. This method makes the installation very easy. Users also talked about its water flow adjustment.

    It was so convenient for them to ensure the right flow of the water so that the fishes do not get scared. The motor also has very little noise, and hence no one realized if it is switched on or not.


    • Made of high-quality ABS plastic ensuring durability.
    • The magnet holder is an added advantage.
    • The adjustable water flow gives a convenient adjustment.


    • Few customers received a faulty or dead product.
    • In some cases, the product stopped working very soon after the purchase.

    2) Jebao OW Wavemaker

    Jebao OW Wavemaker


    Jebao has introduced this Wavemaker, which is similar to the last one. However, it is a bit more convenient as there is a controller provided along with it for easy usage.

    The similarity is that Jebao has a powerful magnet to hold the pump to the wall of the aquarium. It is the most convenient way for installation, and anyone can do it without any hassle.

    The water flow rate can easily be adjusted to decide the size of the waves, and it has a wavemaker controller. A one-touch feeding mode slows the flow down to enable you to feed the fishes. The controller has all these adjustments inbuilt.

    The pump is built with anti-reverse technology, which ensures the pump is protected. The controller is quite easy to handle. On the top, there is a speed indicator that lets you know what the current rate of flow is. There is a single touch button that enables the feed mode.

    In addition to that, you will find a red button that starts the night mode with a single press. There is a control lock button also that locks the controller for any accidental presses.

    To control the speed, Jebao has a round knob that can be rotated either clockwise or anti-clockwise. It is, therefore, very simple to use a controller. The controller lock also avoids handling by children. The knob has 8 different speeds for the water flow, which can also be adjusted as per your requirement.

    User experience

    Users expressed their satisfaction with the availability of the controller. The controller made the usage of the pump easier. They have also experienced it to be a noiseless device that ensures you are not disturbed by it.

    The controller also enabled slow flow for small fishes, which is difficult to get in many other devices.


    • Easy installation with the magnetic fix.
    • The controller, which enables multiple options is handy.
    • A controller lock is also available.
    • 8 levels of water flow adjustment.


    • Users complained that the device stopped working after 2 months.
    • Some users experienced an electrical shock.

    3) Super Aquatic JVP -Wavemaker

    Super Aquatic JVP -Wavemaker


    Another good product that made it to our list is the Super Aquatic JVP. The body of water circulation pump is made with high-quality plastic and is designed to make waves underwater.

    The output is 1300 Gph for the pump and fits very well with the aquarium capacity of up to 100 gallons. Fixing it is also easy. There is a suction cup provided which can be used to fix the device onto the inner wall of the aquarium. It can be installed by anyone. However, the magnetic fixture would have been better.

    The reef tank wavemaker is designed to give out very low vibrations while making waves and hence does not disturb the surroundings with the sound. As mentioned earlier, it has an output rate of 1300 Gph, which is very good for an aquarium with 100 gallons of capacity.

    The motor is made of high-quality copper known for providing long usage. There is no oil or grease usage or leakage for the smooth operation of the motor. With always being submerged in water, it is important that there is no leakage into the motor, and hence it is built with the same durability.

    The company advises not to connect it to any motor as some customers do that even though they are not compatible. The usage of Alexa also can be avoided.

    User experience

    Users with varying tank capacity have given feedback that the pump works just fine and does not cause any issue. Multiple customers are satisfied with the performance of the device and have been happy with its durability and non-stop running without any problem.

    They have also expressed that this is the best one available in this price range.


    • 1400 Gph works beautifully up to 100 gallons of aquarium
    • No oil or grease in the motor.
    • There is minimum vibration, hence less noise.


    • No magnetic cups for allowing easy installation.
    • Users found the device stopped working in a span of 4 months.

    4) Uniclife Wavemaker

    Uniclife Wavemaker


    The next wavemaker on our list is strong and sturdy. It is one of the many reasons why we have included this wavemaker in our list. Uniclife has managed to pull out this aquarium water circulation pump, which has a powerful motor with a capacity of 3400 Gph. It also comes with a controller.

    Installation with many of the products on our list is through a powerful magnet. No efforts needed in the installation. Indeed, it’s a very simple but most effective thought of the creator who has come up with that idea.

    The motor, though it looks small, is a powerful one and hence capable of a maximum of 3400 Gph output. The device, once installed, has a very easy option to rotate the direction of the water flow. The turbine is made of high-quality plastic, and the blades are designed to give out a powerful surge of water.

    The controller has the option to adjust the flow of water with 40 levels. It also has a one-touch feed option, which, like on the other device, ensures that the turbine is at the lowest so that u can put the feed to the fishes.

    The controller comes with a knob to adjust the speed of the turbine. Besides, the light indicators help visually understand the settings on the device. You will also find night mode on which slows down the turbine to enable easy or lesser movement for the fishes.

    User experience

    Users have compared this device to a high-end expensive one and said that it has lived up to expectations like that of the expensive ones. Users also found it to be very powerful when set at maximum speed.


    • 3400 Gph motor works in almost any type of aquarium.
    • 360-degree rotatable head, ensuring you can change the direction anytime.
    • Powerful Magnet cupping.
    • A very detailed controller.


    • Users complained of the device suddenly stopping.
    • Some devices stopped working within a month or so.

    5) Upettools – Wavemaker Pump

    Upettools - Wavemaker Pump


    Uppettoos is a dual-headed pump, and the one we are talking about here has an output of 24000 liters per hour. It is a submersible pump and works like a charm.

    The package comes with all the installation and setup manuals and instructions. It sticks onto the wall with a vacuum suction cup and hence easy to install and can be done by anyone without any difficulty.

    The head is designed to be 360 degrees rotatable to enable different kinds of circulation within the aquarium. The circulations can be combined together to give a better ecological system for the fishes.

    Upettools comes with a pump that runs on 24-watt voltage as it is a powerful motor and also for the fact that it has dual heads. Yes, pump is compatible with both sweet and salt water and works well on both types. There is no separate controller to adjust the speed; hence it will run at a full 100% speed whenever it is on.

    User experience

    Users found the pump to be very powerful, and therefore they felt this fits in better in a bigger aquarium. Users found the product to add good looks to the aquarium.

    The circulation can be changed very easily with 2 heads available. Most of the users could not stop talking about the great power it has.


    • Very powerful pump
    • Can create different types of circulation to mimicking a near-natural ecosystem.
    • Comes with manuals to make it easy to setup.


    • The controller would have made it better in managing the speed.
    • Some users complained of poor quality.


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