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7 Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner Reviews


magnetic fish tank cleaner

Cleaning aquariums and getting rid of algae on a regular basis without disturbing the aquatic life is a daily chore that everybody hates. It keeps coming back no matter how many times you fix them or remove them. It sometimes becomes a daunting task if you do not have the proper tools for it. But, you can enjoy it as the work becomes simplified with the magnetic aquarium cleaners.

Magnetic aquarium cleaners are your best bet when it comes to cleaning your aquarium from outside without getting your hands dirty and wet.

The magnetic cleaner is specially designed for extra durability and convenient usage. It delivers an efficient cleaning with high durability and incredible strength and is a must-have for maintenance professionals and daily cleaning of aquariums at home or offices.

Here is a list of some of the best aquarium magnet cleaner:

1. 2-in-1 Magnetic Aquarium Tank Algae Cleaner

2-in-1 Magnetic Aquarium Tank Algae Cleaner

This Flipper 2-in-1 magnetic Aquarium tank cleaner is easy to use and cleans the tank in half time. The unique design of a dual-sided cleaner with a polishing pad and scrapper gives better efficiency as it reduces the chances of trapping sand particles while cleaning.

The rare earth magnet provides durability and the strength to clean stubborn coralline algae. The cleaner is held upright for easy retrieval due to the unique buoyancy orientation as it does not sink when the magnets are not in use.

The patented unique design supports both glass and acrylic tanks with up to 12mm thickness. It can reach the toughest spots and unreachable areas, thanks to the specially designed safety gap. It reduces the chances of sands getting trapped while cleaning, thus eliminating the chances of getting scratches.

The stainless steel scraper is best for cleaning hard algae deposits, and it is a significant time-saver due to its dual usage.


  • It comes with replaceable blades for optimal scraping.
  • It can be used for both glass and acrylic tanks.


  • The exterior pads need to be changed regularly; otherwise, they can scratch the glasses.

User Experience:

This is the best aquarium cleaner cum scraper in the market. However, I do recommend removing it from the aquarium tank after use so that it lasts longer. Also, make sure that the side with the blade is not pressed up against the wall; otherwise, this will lessen the pressure applied in due course of time.

2. KEDSUM Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner

KEDSUM Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner

    It is a compact cleaner and is ideal for glasses with a medium thickness. The floating function of this magnetic cleaner is easy to use and can touch tight corners without sinking. It has a convenient handle with a user-friendly design.

    The magnetic feature keeps the inside cleaner following the outside part while cleaning the interior glass. It can be easily guided around the corners while it stays free from sands and prevents scratches during the cleaning process.


    • It is easy to use and keeps the aquarium clean in a few minutes of use.
    • The magnet is strong enough to hold the cleaner while cleaning tight corners.
    • Effective algae cleaning product with high durability.


    • It is difficult to move the cleaner for moderate-sized or smaller tanks due to a strong magnetic function.

    User Experience:

    It cleans the algae growth with ease and cleans the aquarium glass leaving the aquarium tank almost spotless. It takes very little effort without wetting your hands shoulders deep. If the inside cleaner gets disconnected, it floats, and it is easily recoverable.

    It is good at removing stubborn stains and not advisable to use for daily use due to its strong magnetic function. I was able to clean the tank glass within minutes without any hassles, and I’m quite impressed with the magnet and scrubber quality.

    3. KASAN Algae Scrapers Aquarium Brush

    KASAN Algae Scrapers Aquarium Brush

    This Kasan algae scraper for small fish tanks works effectively in cleaning the algae deposits without soiling your hands.

    It protects the interior glass of the fish tank without making any scratches. It is easy to use and is very effective. It provides a comfortable aquatic environment for your fishes. You can use the RO DI system for the reef tanks as they perform osmosis for the purification of tank water making the aquarium clean completely.


    • The magnet is very durable and is made from rare earth magnets.
    • The soft and clean fabric is suitable for acrylic and glasses.
    • It is perfect for cleaning smaller fish tanks.


    • The magnet is so powerful it might leave some hairline scratches if you are not careful with the selection of your glass thickness.

    Use Experience:

    This aquarium cleaner does wonder for my small fish tanks. It is compact and is effective for removing stubborn algae build-up. It is strong enough and doesn’t fall off while moving from one corner to another without having to remove the cleaner or adjusting it.

    4. Gulfstream Tropical Mag-Float Acrylic Aquarium Cleaner

    Gulfstream Tropical Mag-Float Acrylic Aquarium Cleaner

    It is a unique magnetic aquarium cleaner because it floats and makes it easy to operate while it is easily guided around the tough corners without sinking. The brush is of good quality and is free of sand and gravel, which prevents the glasses from getting scratched. The strong and powerful magnets work efficiently in removing the algae.


    • There are no scratches in the acrylic tank after multiple usages.
    • It is very effective against stubborn algae.
    • Magnet is very strong and sturdy with good quality cleaner material.


    • It works perfectly on some acrylic glasses but not all.

    User Experience: 

    The sand particles from the aquarium don’t get stuck in between the acrylic and the cleaner, thus leaving no scratches in the acrylic glass. You can even use it on a glass tank besides working wonders on acrylic glasses. It is one of the best cleaners that we can use for maintaining aquarium glasses. You no longer have to reach the bottom of the tanks with your hands wet. It is easy to operate and cleans your aquarium in a few minutes.

    5. Aqueon Algae Magnetic Fishtank Cleaner

    Aqueon Algae Magnetic Fishtank Cleaner

    This aquarium algae magnetic cleaner from Aqueon can remove algae stains from glasses and acrylic easily. The ergonomically designed handles offer a much better grip and easy maneuverability while cleaning.

    Apart from this, it provides one pad with each for acrylic and glass aquariums which is simple to install. This cleaner is recommended for glasses with ¼” thickness or 20 gallons tank.


    • Magnet function makes it easy to clean from the aquarium walls.
    • The scrubber will not fall off; instead, it will float for easy retrieval.
    • It has pads for both glass and acrylic aquariums.
    • The algae cleaner has an excellent grip with a strong magnet.


    • The cleaner may fall off the interior glass if the thickness is more.

    User Experience:

    It has always been a tedious task to clean the interior glasses of my aquarium before I purchased this magnetic algae cleaner from Aqueon. It smoothly cleans the interior glass without any hassles, and I have been missing this for maintaining the fish tank for the past many years. Within minutes the tank will get cleaned without scratches, thanks to the quality material and the ergonomic design for ease of use.

    6. Stainless Steel Algae Scraper Magnetic fish tank Cleaner

    Stainless Steel Algae Scraper Magnetic fish tank Cleaner

    It is a well-built, heavy-duty, stainless steel and anti-rust algae scraper ideal for cleaning any types of algae in fish tanks. This magnetic fish tank cleaner also comes with an extension rod to reach every nook and corner of the aquarium tank. It is also very convenient to install or to change blades.

    The right-angle design helps to clean the corner pockets of the fish tank with ease and simplicity.


    • It is incredibly fast and effective in cleaning stubborn algae stains.
    • The angled head makes it easier to clean corners with less effort.
    • It is durable, stainless, and cheap besides offering the support rod to reach far corners.
    •  It is well built, and it is a quality product designed to last longer.


    • It tends to chatter away while scraping downwards.
    • You need to wipe it dry after every use to reduce rusting.

    User Experience:

    This is a durable and quality scraper with the capacity to shorten or lengthen the rod. It uses razor blades that are easy to use and change without any hassles. It is easy to use and removes very stubborn algae of all kinds effortlessly within a few minutes. It is a must-have for aquarium owners as it is a durable and robust product. It is a very efficient way of removing algae from the fish tank, and it makes the cleaning process more fun.

    7. QANVEE Aluminium Magnesium Alloy Scraper Cleaner

    QANVEE Aluminium Magnesium Alloy Scraper Cleaner

    It is a professional aquarium scraper with soft and sharp razor blades. It has an aluminum-magnesium alloy handle with an ABS plastic head for durability and strength. It is very easy and handy to use with a comfortable grip.

    The best thing is the length is adjustable for use in smaller and large tanks. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater tank and can be used along with protein HOB skimmer. The razor has a stainless steel blade which is softer than the glass, thereby leaving no scratches while cleaning.


    • The blades come with a protective cover.
    • The blades are only half the weight of the same size stainless steel.


    • It has very sharp blades which may cause accidental injury.
    • Installation of the blades and replacement should be done after reading the manual; otherwise, it is cumbersome.

    User Experience:

    This scraper is a lightweight, quality product and easy to use. It comes with ten blades and is very effective in cleaning all sorts of algae deposits in your aquarium. The gadget is convenient to use and is sturdy in construction. It is easy to assemble and removes the algae effortlessly within a few minutes. The brush attachment is of great use while the long handle allows reaching the corners easily.


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