Nano fish


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The Nano fish are small fish and their maximum size is less than 2 inches. They are a great choice for small aquariums. They are a shoaling and schooling species. Nano fish is a trade name that is associated with the smaller species of fish. The size of the species like Boraras or Rasboras is manageable, but you still need to maintain 20 litres of water in the aquarium.

Even if you already have a Nano aquarium, you need an ecosystem in place to make the inhabitants comfortable and help them thrive. You need the best equipment, especially for filtration. The Nano fish also need aquatic plants and a substrate. You should also include decorations like driftwood and stones. Having all the extra things in the aquarium male it possible for bacteria to grow. The bacteria contribute to the degradation of pollutants.

You also need to change the water on a weekly basis. By so doing, you remove all substances that may have accumulated in the water and supply with fresh water. You should always replace half the water in the tank.

Nano fish come in a different color. The color may depend on different factors including where they originate from or the breeding mechanism that was applied in the first place.