Cholla wood

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When a cholla plant dies, we are left with a skeleton. This is what we call cholla wood. This wood is made of holes and its center is hollow. This offers shrimps quite a natural place where they can hide. One of the main benefits of the wood is that a biofilm grows and it serves as a source of food for the shrimp. Just like almond leaves, the wood releases tannins, which are beneficial to water.

This is softwood and it does break down within your aquarium. However, this does not happen immediately and it can last for 2 years, but the time depends on its thickness and size. When the wood is added to the aquarium, it will float and will remain like that for a day or two before sinking. If you want the cholla wood to sink immediately, then you may have to boil it for a couple of minutes and then cool it.

Cholla wood shelters baby shrimp and adult shrimp. The bio-film that grows on it encourages bacteria, which serves as food. The tannin that it releases stimulates the shrimp habitat and makes it a great place for all types of shrimps. Because of its hollow features, it is very attractive and therefore can serve as a natural form of decoration.