Chili Rasboras


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Chili Rasboras are a group of small Nano fishes. They originate from the dark-water streams of Indonesia. The fishes form a group and even though they are small, they are very active and are low maintenance.

The size of the chili Rasboras can be a bit overwhelming at first as it is only 1.5 cm to 2 cm when they are fully adult but it is always an unforgettable feeling seeing them for the very first time. The lifespan of these fishes is 4-8 years meaning any aquarist can have a great relationship with them.

These fishes also come with unique features. One of the things about the chili Rasboras is that they have a colorful appearance. They are red in color and you will notice black stripes. This is a schooling species and so they tend to stay together.

They are also, what we call an egg-scattering species and they spawn eggs continuously. These fishes do not show any signs associated with parental care. This is because they tend to leave the eggs unattended. The fishes also tend to eat their eggs in some circumstances. This is something that every aquarist needs to note.

Chili Rasboras have a diet that is quite versatile as well. They can eat live food, dried food, and even frozen food.