Celestial pearl danio


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In the aquarium trade, the celestial pearl danio is often called galaxy Rasboras. This cyprinid originates from Myanmar. The species is found in a very small area with its habitat being a part of the Salween basin. The bright colours and size are what made it so famous in the aquarium trade.

The celestial pearl danio has a blunt stout that measures 2-2.5 centimetres. Its body is around three times in length as its height. The males are bright blue in the background while the females are a dull blue-green. The fins of the males are very bright. The body has pearly dots while the back is green. The bellies of the females are yellowish-white. Its gill cover happens to be transparent, which means you can see the red gills through here.

Celestial pearl danio is undemanding especially when all basic requirements are fulfilled making it some of the best species for aquarists. It thrives in water that is slightly alkaline and soft. It is not such an active swimmer so it does not require too much space. These fish are usually found in shallow ponds in Myanmar full of vegetation so to duplicate this you should include lots of plants in your aquarium.