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Sometimes referred to as electric blue crayfish, the blue crayfish is a freshwater crayfish species. It is common in Florida, USA. The blue crabs are sensitive to changes in the environment. You can find them in the lowlands in water concentrations like reservoirs, swamps, wells, streams, and dykes.

While in the wild, the color of the fish may vary from blue to brown-tan. However, the strain used for aquariums is bred selectively to come up with cobalt blue.

The body of the blue crayfish is elongated, something that makes it stand out from, all other crabs. It also makes it look like a lobster. When it is in a friendly environment, its measurements can be between 25 -30 centimetres. It can also grow to around 250 grams. Growth usually depends on water temperature, population density, and the availability of food.

The internal organs and the head are all protected by a shell while the abdomen is covered by a flexible membrane, which makes it convenient to move. It uses the front clamps to dig and to feed.

Blue crayfish are omnivorous, scavenger, and detrivore species, meaning that they can eat other fish food remains, plants, dead fish, and even other crabs. While in captivity, they are opportunistic feeders and can feed on fresh food, seafood, bottom food, and fish. They can also feed on veggies.

These are some of the things that aquarists should be aware of should they decide to choose this colourful species.

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