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Albino Bristlenose Pleco Feeding, Breeding and Care Guide

Albino bristlenose pleco Albino bristlenosepleco is a small freshwater catfish with a relatively large head, and it also possesses an ample of whiskers. It is peaceful, nocturnal, and can adapt to widely varying water parameters. FISH SIZE7 – 12 cms TANK SIZE25 Gallons LIFE SPAN5 years DEPTHDeep CAREMedium DIETHerbivorous     Albino Bristlenose Plecos are not typically large […]

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Bloodfin Tetra: Care, Feed, Breeding, Diseases

Bloodfin tetras are ray-finned schooling fish that are found in abundant supply in South American waters. Their body has green coloration while the fins are red. They are very active and peaceful freshwater fish. They enjoy swimming at the middle and top levels of the tank and may even attempt to jump out which is […]

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Amano shrimp Feeding,Breeding and Behaviour information

Amano shrimp is a freshwater invertebrate with grey or translucent body. This species is native to Taiwan, China and Japan where it can be found inhabiting swamps and marshlands. It is easy to care for and has got a friendly behavior. It is a very active aquatic creature that is capable of swimming at all […]

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Neon Tetra Care, Breeding and Habitat guide

Neon tetra is a small, vibrantly colored freshwater fish that is widely distributed in South American waters. It is quite peaceful and has not been found to portray any form of aggression. Its body has a shape like that of a spindle. It can only grow to a maximum size of about 6cm meaning a […]

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