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Top 15 Easy to Care Aquarium plants for Beginners

large size aquarium plant

Having a complete aquarium means you have to set up the space to a taste that not only simulates an aquatic creature’s natural environment but also adds some explicit colour to the home’s interior. This is where decorating the aquarium with different items, among which aquarium plants are highly significant, becomes crucial.Aquarium plants come in […]

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Java Moss: Aquarium Care Guide | Inlandaquatics

If you are a great fish-watcher, you certainly would have noticed Java moss cultured widely in most of the domestic aquariums.  Java moss will liven up your aquarium or tank with a bright splash of colour. The scientific binomial of Java Moss is Taxiphyllum Barbieri. The common names of this plant are mini moss, Christmas […]

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How to Clean a Fish Tank- Step by Step Guide

To keep your fishes active and delighted, it is necessary to maintain and change the water regularly. The upkeep of your Aquarium requires continual scrutiny. No matter how good your filter is, it is still imperative to clean the tank on your own or you can get low maintenance fish tank if you don’t get […]

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How do fish mate and how to breed fish in the aquarium

Every life form can only sustain its population by reproducing its kind and different organisms have developed various means of doing this. Fish mating is one phenomenon that had been extensively studied by a host of scientists, and this has broadened our knowledge about how fish bring forth their young ones. More so, aquarists/breeders may […]

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