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6 Best Aquarium thermometers 2019 Reviews

Choosing the best aquairum thermometer to know the temperature of water in fish tank

Imagine a cold winter day, and suddenly your heater broke. How long would it take before you start struggling with the cold? Now consider the case of aquariums. Fish are sensitive creatures and a suitable temperature must be maintained inside aquariums. An aquarium thermometer is a must-have to have a thriving marine environment. It’s as […]

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6 Best Auto Top off System for Aquarium

Choosign the best auto top off sytem to ensure water level in aquarium

Fish-keeping is a fun-filled activity but without the necessary accoutrements, the level of inconvenience could be on the high side. It is for the sake of convenience most aquarists often make it a point of duty to incorporate a feature like the auto top-off system in their aquarium. Having to check if the level of […]

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10 Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews 2020

Best 55 gallon fish tank

Fishes come in different sizes so do their lifestyle vary. This statement sounds quite familiar and may be generic to everyone but to an aquarist, it is one (statement or factor) that cannot be overlooked. While a small fish tank may work in certain instances, a larger one like a 55 gallon fish tank could […]

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7 Best CO2 Diffusers for Aquarium 2019

The health and life of every creature in the home aquarium matter to any dedicated aquarium hobbyist a great deal and this is one of the reasons it is important to invest in the right set of devices. One of such devices is the CO2 diffuser which I seek to shed some light on in […]

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Best Aquarium Dosing Pumps to buy in 2019

best dosing pump

Whether you’ve got a freshwater or marine tank, you must look into aquarium automation to control certain parameters, which is exactly what a Dosing Pump does. It’s function is to simply monitor the aquatic conditions persistently so as to maintain a consistent and stable environment for the marine life. A dosing pump is a comprehensive […]

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11 Best Aquarium Chillers to maintain water temperature

aquarium chiller reviews

Aquarium chillers are one of the basic requirements that every tank needs to regulate the temperature of aquarium water. Various brands manufacture ultimate products that help the tank water to maintain an optimum temperature in which your aquatic plants and creatures stay healthy. In an indoor aquarium, people often place lights that hang from the […]

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10 Best Self Cleaning Fish Tanks – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Hey dude! Have you been hunting for quality self-cleaning fish tanks to start up with your fish venture? Kids and adults who are beginners in the art of fish keeping lookout for self-cleaning aquariums as they are an excellent way to start and demand less time and effort for maintenance when compared to the other […]

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12 Best Aquarium Power Filters Reviews

aquarium power filter reviews

Not many people understand the importance of a good-quality aquarium power filter and more often than not, a filter is essential for the fishes to live happily and healthily. These power filters not only keep the water clean and aerated, but also remove all traces of bacteria, algae, toxic ammonia, nitrate and other elements to […]

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10 Best Aquarium Controllers to Buy in 2019 

best aquarium controller

Aquarium controllers are essential for those looking to keep their aquarium running flawlessly. Easy to use, these are available in do-it-yourself kits to monitor the ambient temperature, pH level, and CO2 levels and several other parameters inside the fish tank. From maintaining the ambient temperature of aquarium or water levels in tank, doing these functions […]

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