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6 Best Small Fish Tank Heaters : Buyer’s Guide 2021

heaters for 1 to 5 gallon aquariums

The need for a small aquarium tank heater in your aquarium is informed by the fact that fish species do not have an internal mechanism to maintain their body temperature – they depend on the heat generated from the outside, the environment around their habitat. However, since there is a tendency for the external temperature […]

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10 Best LED Refugium Lights : 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Led refugium light

There is a variety of lights available to aquarium hobbyists, and these (lights) often vary in their capabilities. While some just serve as a source of illumination, others do much more, and an example of such is the refugium light. The refugium, being a place where macroalgae are grown for the purpose of filtration, requires […]

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Best 20 gallon Aquarium Filter Reviews

A 20-gallon fish tank can easily accommodate 15 to small fishes which makes it essential to clean the aquarium regularly. Without the right filtration system and maintenance, the water quickly becomes dirty and the aquatic ecosystem cannot thrive properly.A rightly chosen 20 gallon fish tank filter can keep the water clear for weeks on end. […]

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9 Best 48 Inch Lights For 55 Gallon Aquariums

A 48 inch Aquarium light is an suitable for tanks with 55 gallon tank capacity. The fish and other aquatic animals in these large aquariums usually come from a place such as lakes ponds and rivers, where they are exposed to natural light. These beings need light for their survival, and it stimulates other aspects […]

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Best Filter for 55 Gallon Fish Tank 2021

A filter system for 55 gallon aquarium

A 55 gallon fish tank filter is at the starting equipment required for large fish tank, and as large tanks go, everything grows in size, including the filtration system you would need to keep the water spotlessly clear. If you’re upgrading from a smaller tank and already have a small filter, you could get another […]

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Best Filter for 75 gallon fish tank

75 gallon filter for aquarium

Upgrading to a large tank or buying one straight off the bat brings with it filtration challenges that need to be met with the rightly matched filtering unit. An ideal filter for 75-gallon fish tank can keep the aquarium spotlessly clean and avoid frequent water replacements. Big tanks mean more water to clean to keep […]

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Best 20 gallon aquarium stands : Wood, Metal and Long

A 20 gallon aquarium stand should be able to add aesthetics to your home or office, and also support the heavy tank. So, what does a tank stand do for your aquarium? Why not some regular stand or table for the aquarium? Well many of us underestimate the weight of the tank with water in […]

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Best Aquarium Water Changer – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Aquarium water changing equipment

An Aquarium water changer is needed for routine change of water and easy care in large aquariums. There are many responsibilities to fulfil for a healthy aquarium, and changing the water periodically is one of them. As simple as it sounds, this job can get tedious with some heavy lifting if you don’t use an […]

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7 Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner Reviews

magnetic fish tank cleaner

Cleaning aquariums and getting rid of algae on a regular basis without disturbing the aquatic life is a daily chore that everybody hates. It keeps coming back no matter how many times you fix them or remove them. It sometimes becomes a daunting task if you do not have the proper tools for it. But, […]

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