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Matt hook has been a passionate aquarist since he was 5 and now he is professional aquarist. Through this blog he plans share his knowledge to beginners. Feel free to contact him if you have any queries.

7 Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner Reviews

magnetic fish tank cleaner

Cleaning aquariums and getting rid of algae on a regular basis without disturbing the aquatic life is a daily chore that everybody hates. It keeps coming back no matter how many times you fix them or remove them. It sometimes becomes a daunting task if you do not have the proper tools for it. But, […]

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Best Filter for 5 Gallon Fish Tank

best 5 filter for 5 gallon fish tank

A 5 gallon fish tank has just the right volume for some basic but elegant aquascaping making it popular among many beginners and enthusiasts. Being at the threshold of the smallest size which can hold any fish, these aquariums can do quite well with a good 5 gallon fish tank filter. Power filters or hang-on-back […]

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14 Best Aquarium Hoods of All Sizes 2020

Aquarium hoods are more than just a decorative part of the tank and serve several different purposes. Anybody who has owned an aquarium will know that many fish species tend to jump out of the tank and end up on the floor surprisingly often. That in itself is a good reason to buy a hood […]

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15 Best 5 gallon Fish Tanks | Inlandaquatics

best 5 gallon fish tank

Are you an aquarium hobbyist? Are you planning to pet some vibrant fishes? Well, keeping, observing, and rearing fishes can be a great stress buster for you. There is nothing compared to watching these lively creatures move inside the glass box while you take a back seat after completing a hectic day. When it comes […]

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6 Best Acrylic Fish Tanks 2019

Buying an aquarium for your home is a time of excitement and great fun. After all, you’re welcoming new pets into your home. Before you invest in a fish tank, the first thing to decide is the type of material to go for. You can either choose a glass or acrylic variant. Many are of […]

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Best Carpet Aquarium Plants with low maintenance

  If you are fond of maintaining beautiful aquariums at home, then you need to work on more than just placing fish in them. Having carpet plants in your aquarium will accentuate the overall look of your marine setup. Installing live plants in the fish tank not just makes it more attractive but also acts […]

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Owning an Aquarium

Are you excited about trying out your new-found aquarist hobby? Having an aquarium at home is a dream come true that adds aesthetic beauty to your home. However, if you aren’t too careful, the idea might be short-lived as the fish might get ill and sadly pass away. When you acquire an aquarium, you need […]

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7 Best Rimless Aquariums to Choose from in 2020

Rimless aquariums are definitely a must-have if you are obsessed with the outlook of your house or office decoration. They are the best option because of the high-quality transparent glass or acrylic material[which lets you see the fishes, plants in detail] used in making them. Amazingly, rimless fish tanks do not form hues, which can […]

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10 Best Aquarium Air Pumps 2019

Oh, look who’s here exploring for the quietest air pump for your aquarium. Hello, may you find the air pump that will do wonders in your tank by pumping oxygenated magic spells for your lovelies through this article? Fishkeeping looks like a cakewalk or just a part of interior decoration to dumb people. All of […]

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7 Best UV Sterilizer for Aquarium

UV sterilizer for Aquarium

Things can get messy within the aquarium if the right set of accessories is not installed, and this is where a piece of equipment like the UV sterilizer gets to be appreciated. The sight of a lively fish within the aquarium somewhat calms your mind, isn’t it? We’ve been there and we know how it […]

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