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Matt hook has been a passionate aquarist since he was 5 and now he is professional aquarist. Through this blog he plans share his knowledge to beginners. Feel free to contact him if you have any queries.

How to grow your Aquarium Business in 2020

The modern business demands that you be organized and have meticulous planning about everything, including updated technology in your industry. For instance, the aquarium business industry is evolving, and most national suppliers prefer selling fresh aquarium fishes and plants commercially to local aquarium shops instead of end-users. That includes using the best conventional reel for […]

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What fish can live with Goldfish? 15 Goldfish tank mates

Goldfish are one of the most loved aquarium pets and that is probably due to their captivating appearance. They are available in several colorful varieties – from the fantails to black moors, comets, lion head, and so on – that will delightfully grace every tank they inhabit. While goldfish do not have any problem staying […]

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Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light Review

LED lights are essential in every aquarium set-up. If I may chip in; an aquarium without one is not far from being boring or unattractive. Having a good LED light like the Current USA Orbit LED Light will, however, give the aquarium space a great lift. The device under review is specifically designed for marine […]

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Cascade 1000 Canister Filter Review – Inlandaquatics

Any functional aquarium with its fish inhabitants is a beehive of activities, and these activities lead to the generation of substances that may eventually cause the water to get cloudy. This is why it is recommended that filters like this Cascade 1000 canister Filter be installed unto the aquarium. It is an established reality that […]

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SunSun External canister filter Review – Is this the right choice?

sunsun 304b review

Every aquarium serving as an abode for pets or plants ought to be a system, and as we have come to understand, any functional system must have several components/accessories integrated into it. For the aquarium, accessories like the filter are unputdownable. Shedding some light on selecting the right canister filter that would efficiently serve your […]

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Best RO-DI systems for reef tanks

RO is the term for reverse osmosis, and the RO-DI system means reverse osmosis by deionization. RO or reverse osmosis is the potential purification process for a reef tank that utilizes a multistage filtration process. Thus the R0-DI system involves osmosis with an extra stage of deionization, providing the best results for your reef tanks. […]

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Best Driftwood for Aquarium Buyer’s Guide 2020

Driftwood for aquariums is in high-demand as they are wonderful additions in any fish tank and the reasons are not far-fetched. For one, they are valuable in creating an appealing internal aquarium space; you can use them, along with some other items, to decorate the aquarium. Besides this, driftwoods also contribute to the growth of […]

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