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As you likely know, it is March, which means that our aquarium suppliers are having their annual SUPER BLITZ. The majority of non-mass-produced aquaria, including columns, cubes, hexes, bowfronts, etc, as well as fancy STANDS and XXLg Glass tanks (200, 250, 300, etc) are all priced at the LOWEST PRICES of the YEAR. Nevertheless, we will not be devoting a lot of real estate to stocking these popular items. As such, if you expect to even CONSIDER purchasing such items this year, you should call and get a quote as soon as possible, as doing so could save you SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS!!

Mandarin and Corals

Inland Aquatics has been around since 1993 and is responsible for introducing refugia, deep sand beds, detritivores and Algal Turf Scrubbing to the hobby.

Our systems utilize ATScrubbers, which grow algae, remove wastes, oxygenate the system, and eliminate the need for monthly water exchanges!

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